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I think what you're actually seeing is an AS error. It's looks like A5 on the LED screen.
AS error means their is a sensor failure. So, before calling Frigidaire Tech Service
(800-444-4944), turn the Master On/Off Switch to OFF. Unplug the unit for 12 - 15 minutes.
This should give the unit ample time to reset itself. Plug the unit back in and turn the Master ON/Off Switch to ON. Now, set your controls as you normally do. If the unit starts up and runs as it should, the problem for now is solved. If it keeps re-occurring, contact Frigidaire Tech Service.

Frigidaire... | Answered on Feb 11, 2019

There are 5 basic, but solvable reasons for what you described. Please pay particular attention to numbers 1 & 2..

1. The humidity extraction level is set to HIGH. Lower it to 32-35%. If you have an analog unit
set the humidity extraction knob on Maximum.

2. Air intake filter is dirty or clogged. Turn unit OFF, & Unplug the
Unit, before removing to inspect & clean it, if necessary. If washed,
allow filter to completely dry before reinstalling. DO NOT operate
the unit without the filter.

3. Obstructed air flow. Maintain a minimum of 12 to 18" of clear air
space around the entire unit.

4. Cooling coils are dirty and need to be cleaned. Use warm water & dish washing liquid to
clean the coils. Rinse and wipe dry. Apply a light coating of WD40 to the coils.

5. Ambient air temperature at floor level is between 40 - 60 degrees.
dehumidifiers do not work well between those temperatures
(Unless, you have a Low Temp Unit). This applies mainly to
where the air temperature at floor level is colder than at shoulder level
in basement applications. Raising the unit up off the floor,
onto a sturdy table, counter top, etc, that can handle the weight
of the unit, plus a full tank of water, will usually resolve this

If none of the above solves the problem, it may be a case of the compressor needs to be recharged with refrigerant gas or that the humid-i-stat has failed. These things usually occur in units that are 5 years old or older. It's rare in a unit younger than that. But, it can happen.

I hope this helps you to troubleshoot and solve the problem. Thanks for choosing FixYa.

Frigidaire... | Answered on May 27, 2017

It may be too cool in the basement for it to work. Mine doesn't work if its 67 or below. Take it upstairs and see if it works there, where it is warmer.

Frigidaire... | Answered on Apr 21, 2016

before you scrap it , me id plug it into a regular circuit an try it and if it still trips breaker then yes dump it, IVE seen this happen plenty of times , really you shouldn't plug devices into a gfci that have motors in them , they will most times false trip and shut the device off , this is especially bad when its a freezer in a basement or something motor driven appliances and gfci's don't play well together .

Frigidaire... | Answered on Jan 20, 2016

Hey Art Miner, thank you for your post!

I understand that your dehumidifier is not operating properly. You should put it on a continuous drain mode to see if it will continue to pull moisture. Could you please provide feedback to what your appliance is doing once set to a continuous drain? -Matt

Frigidaire... | Answered on Sep 17, 2014

Hey friend, thanks for your post!

It sounds like your dehumidifier needs to be professionally cleaned. What could be causing the problem is a buildup on the inside of your dehumidifier where the water drains out and it is causing the water to not drain properly. Additionally, I would check to verify that the drain hole is tightly secured with the plug. I know you stated that the bucket is not leaking but have you removed it to verify? Please comment back if further assist is needed. -Matt

Frigidaire... | Answered on Sep 16, 2014

Good Afternoon Friend,

I understand your Frigidaire dehumidifier, model# FDF50S, is freezing up. I see that the compressor does not shut off, causing ice to build up on the coils, rather than water draining off. What can cause this is your dehumidifier has been turned on recently. This is normal due to refrigerant rushing through the coil. Frost will usually disappear within 60 minutes. Another cause is if the room temperature is too low or too high. Your appliance is designed to operate between 41 degrees F and 96 degrees F. I suggest resetting your appliance, by either unplugging it or shutting the power off at your home's circuit breaker, for 3-5 minutes. Restore power and start any cycle. I ask that you please follow up with a comment on the post, at your convenience, to advise if further troubleshooting is needed or if your appliances status has changed successfully. Hope this is helpful.

-Best Regards-

Frigidaire... | Answered on Jul 01, 2014

Good Afternoon Friend,

I understand your Frigidaire dehumidifier, model# FDF50S, is not removing moisture from the air, and you are wondering how to recharge it with refrigerant. First, I suggest making sure that there is a minimum of 12 inches clearance around your dehumidifier. This will help for the air flow. Secondly, make sure that the temperature where your appliance is located is between 41 degrees F and 96 degrees F. If it comes down to you having to recharge your dehumidifier, this is typically not a do it yourself fix, as there are no step by step instruction manuals for this. I suggest contacting your local authorized technician for further assistance. Hope this is helpful.

-Best Regards-

Frigidaire... | Answered on Jun 19, 2014

I had the same problem....raised the unit 3 feet off floor, the drain hose is 4feet long... But the secret to getting unit to drain into hose if unit is set to Continous is...... TILT the unit back about 5 degrees with a half inch piece of wood under front wheels and She will drain into hose instead of bucket.... [email protected]

Frigidaire... | Answered on Jun 11, 2014

Good Afternoon Friend,

I understand that you are hearing a high pitched noise coming from your Frigidaire dehumidifier, model# FDF50S, and want to know what it is. There are several possibilities that could be causing this high pitched sound. I suggest contacting either the manufacturer or your local authorized technician for further assistance. The technician will be able to diagnose your dehumidifier and determine exactly what the cause is. Hope this is helpful.

-Best Regards-

Frigidaire... | Answered on Jun 02, 2014

Good Afternoon Friend,

I see that you are having trouble with your Frigidaire dehumidifier, model# FDF50S, collecting water. First, make sure that there is 12 inches clearance around your dehumidifier. Secondly, the dehumidifier could have been installed recently or restarted recently or possibly there was a power surge. Lastly, check the room temperature. Your appliance will not operate satisfactorily if the room temperature is below 41F (5C) or above 96 F (35 C) degrees. If you are still having trouble, try unplugging your dehumidifier for 3-5 minutes. After plugging it back in, if your dehumidifier is still not collecting water, I suggest contacting your local authorized technician for further assistance. Hope this is helpful.

-Best Regards-

Frigidaire... | Answered on May 15, 2014

I have the same model in my basement.
it sticks. sometimes it sticks so much I have to whack the sides of the bucket to jar it loose.
There are 2 places to grab the bucket at the top. using the palms of both hands, gently tap (or maybe more than tap!) these two latches. you may need to pry one side loose then the other will come out. you'll get the hand of it!!

Frigidaire... | Answered on May 04, 2013

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