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I had the same problem. Specifically, using a microUSB cable to charge the camera worked fine for a few uses. One time I let the battery go very, very dead. When that happened my camera would not charge when I plugged it into the computer or charger. The light on the power button never lit up either. I couldn't find a way to fix it until I tried this . . .

The fix I am about to describe is repeatable - works every time (for me). Unfortunately it is not easy for everybody to accomplish.

On the bright side, if you do this once and fix the problem then you should not have to do it again . . . well, unless you drain the camera battery too far again in the future.

Items needed:
1: A 3-terminal 3.6v battery charger for an external lithium battery pack. The unit must have clearly marked positive (+), negative (-) and temperature (T) terminals that allow alligator clips to be connected. I have such a charger for one of my old digital cameras. Remember to check that it charges 3.6v battery packs and has 3 accessible terminals that are clearly labeled.
2: Your camera's battery pack, removed from the camera.
3: Three wires with alligator clips on both ends. Ideally each would be a different color. Black, red and yellow will be used in this example.
4: A piece of stiff clay or similar substance that can be shaped.
5: I don't want to sound snippy, but you will need awareness of the risks and rules when dealing with electricity. For example, do not short the terminals of the charger. Do not use a charger that does not match the voltage of your camera battery. There are more "do not's" than I can list here. If you are unsure, "do not" do this.

1: If at any point the project starts getting hot, immediately unplug the charger and disconnect the wires. Do not apply power to the charger in until electrical connectons have been properly made. Consult a knowledgable person if you have any doubts. You might void your warranty if something goes wrong.
2: Place the camera battery into the clay to immobilize it. Shape the clay to allow the contact/charging terminals of the battery to be exposed. Save a spare piece of clay for later (read ahead to see how big).
3: Clip one end of your black wire to the negative terminal of the battery charger.
4: It is impossible to "clip" the other end of the wire to the battery. Instead, use the spare piece of clay to hold the wire in a position where the correct terminal of the battery can be "leaned" against the wire.
5: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the positive terminal of the charger and battery, using the red wire.
6: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the "T" terminal of the charger and battery using the yellow wire.
7: Inspect the product carefully. Your project must be able to sit still without shorting, etc for about 1/2 hour or so.
8: Carefully plug in your charger, and avoid disturbing your wires.
9: The charge indicator should illuminate on the charger. If all is well, monitor (I mean really watch) your battery for about 1/2 hour while it charges up. Carefully feel the charger and battery for heat, especially at the beginning.

I don't recommend allowing it to charge for any longer than 1/2 hour. The point is to allow your battery to be charged just enough to fix the problem. It could be risky to attempt a full charge.

Theory behind the idea: The software running within the camera is responsible for configuring the USB port and internal circuitry to enter a charge cycle. That software only runs properly after the camera "boots up." In order for the boot process to complete successfully the battery must have enough power to sustain the unit for a few seconds. When the battery is "very drained" it will not supply enough power to the camera long enough to allow a complete boot process, therefore charging does not occur. This leaves the camera in an unusable state where it cannot be charged or turned on in any way. In my opinion this is a design flaw that could be easily overcome via software by raising the minimum threshold before the camera ceases to allow recording/playback.

It is a shame that Kodak has not come clean about this. For affected individuals, they may do well to ship out a new charged battery and a software update.

Kodak PLAYSPORT... | Answered on Mar 09, 2018

Camera electronics are to fault .Might have to replace since repair is not cost effective unless the camera cost a bundle initially.

Kodak PLAYSPORT... | Answered on Aug 31, 2017

Mine worked for about a month. I never even got it wet. Two hundred bucks down the drain. I will never buy Kodak products again.

Kodak PLAYSPORT... | Answered on Jun 08, 2014

Use a paperclip in the hole next to the usb, presss for 1 second.

Kodak PLAYSPORT... | Answered on Feb 05, 2014

Take a paperclip and insert it into the small hole between the usb and hdmi connection for one second.

Kodak PLAYSPORT... | Answered on Oct 07, 2013

Your internal memory is corrupted. Formatting your internal memory should solve this problem. Remove your memory card. Click on "my computer," click on "removable disk," click on "format." After formatting, reinsert the memory card and your camera should work fine.

Kodak PLAYSPORT... | Answered on Nov 01, 2012


If KODAK says that the camera is waterproof, then they have to repair or replace the device at their cost.

This may take some time before you get your camera back, but if the camera is damaged due to water, then they should fix the problem for you.

The KODAK repair shop should have told you what policy they have as to repairs of this nature, because I would almost guarantee that others have had the exact same issue.

I hope you get your camera going, good luck to you.

Kodak PLAYSPORT... | Answered on Mar 14, 2011

If it is what happenned to me, it is a bad design flaw. First off, I dont know why anyone would NOT use the mini usb thing in their products...such as is the Kodak PLAY. The charger port has a ridiculously fragile "nub" that can snap off if the charger cord is not aligned precisely when inserting. Then you are basically, such as me, screwed. Atleast is was cheap enough. Shouldnt affect the card...take it out and back up the movies, return the product if you can or go buy another cheap but more reliable camera.

Kodak PLAYSPORT... | Answered on Dec 30, 2010

You'll find user guides on the Kodak website.user guide:
extended user guide:

Kodak Video... | Answered on Aug 22, 2012

Since you declined to specify the model of your Kodak video camera, enter it into the search box here to find the manual.

Kodak Video... | Answered on Dec 16, 2011

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