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Faulty top drawer on fp dishdraw can I disconnect powet to top unit to disable it

Unfortunately the power is distributed from the inside to the two drawers. You will have to address the cause of the problem in the top drawer. If you are good at electric repairs you could disconnect the power from the dishwasher power board itself, but this is not for the faint hearted (no offence). Might be helpful if you can provide a little details about the problem with top drawer. Generally if you are getting F1 message on the panel on bottom drawer and top drawer display is blank (ie no power), then the power board at the base of dishwasher is blown and needs to be replaced. Please clarify model number as the one you provided is for single drawer unit. Make sure the mains power is turned off when you work inside the diswasher.
2/7/2013 9:29:51 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Feb 07, 2013

Tub doesnt drain

Click on : Filters
1/22/2013 11:57:21 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Jan 22, 2013

Often water left in base of drawer upper and or

Assuming you are using the correct rinse aid and detergent, my opinion is that there is muck in the drain hoses.

If you have cleaned the area under the filter plate and there is no difference, then I suggest you buy two Finish dishwasher cleaner kits from the super market.

Follow instructions on the kit and run empty drawer (one at a time) with the kit in it and at the longest cycle which will ensure a temperature of atleast 60deg.

See if there is any difference.
3/16/2011 11:41:48 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Mar 16, 2011

7 year old two

Dishwasher not draining issue usually occurs due to kinked drain pipe, clogged drain filter or drain pump. Check the drain hose for any visible clogging, remove if present. If no visible lint is present then remove then turn off the dishwasher and remove the drain hose and check for any visible clogging. If still not visible then the drain filter or drain pump is clogged and you'll need to clean the drain filter and drain pump. Also, check for any food pieces stuck near the pump impeller. Please note that dishwashers don't drain out the complete water such that heating element doesn't overheat. Hope this helps... Please post back for any further assistance.
3/13/2011 11:58:21 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Mar 13, 2011

Greetings. I have a Fisher & Paykel dishdrawer

Describethe inside of unit,any wear on it anywhere, the rack the dishes go on is it plastic coated? is it wore with rust comeing though on tips here and there?
3/8/2011 10:39:28 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Mar 08, 2011

Dish powder buildup. Can I use liquid? I use

Check your heating element..

A bad heating element causes many problems in dishwashers…

Dishwasher Problems The Heating Element not Working

Dishwasher Maintenance


Asker's Testimonial " expanation very clear. will give it a go and see how simple it was. thanks Ronnie " - ronnieshomes

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Hey got a set of

F1 Error is the Flood Switch. This Usualy mens there is a leak that has Triped the flote switch.

There are many things that could be leaking to cause this.

You should have a pro look at this machine.
8/11/2010 7:53:46 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Aug 11, 2010

Our F & P dishdrawer keeps coming up with f1

Water has collected at the base of the dishwasher under the drawer.
This triggers a flood switch and causes the F1 error.

Turn the mains power off and extend the drawer out as much as possible. Take towels to dry the base from inside. Also use hair dryer ot dry out the flood switch mounted at the base.

Turn the power on and see if there is any difference. The cause of water collection could be many. Foam in detergent or kink in drain hose or drawer door gasket leaking etc.
7/8/2010 12:47:42 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Jul 08, 2010

The upper and lower dish drawers leaves a puddle

The drawers slide on a pair of rails on each side of the housing.

see installation manual page 7 to find out what you need to do to get the drawers out. The instructions are for an older model but it should be similar setup for your model.
7/8/2010 12:43:01 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Jul 08, 2010

U3 error code

I believe U3 error on your model of dishwasher could also mean a couple of other things like either the drain hose has an obstruction (kink) or the inlet water pressure is not correct.

Hope this helps in finding out what could be the actual reason. T

o find the kink if any, pull the drawer out as much as possible and feel the hose. Might be better if you took the bottom drawer out from the casing and inspect the hose completely. As the problem is limited to upper drawer you do not have to worry about what is under the bottom drawer. Check the water pressure setting is same for both drawers. If so then that is not an issue as bottom drawer is working ok according to your description. See your manual for instruction on how to check the water supply pressure setting on your dishwasher.

7/8/2010 12:37:22 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Jul 08, 2010

Fisher Paykal DD60 dishwasher - strange issue - beeping when needs to drain

If your Fisher Paykel DD60 dishwasher is beeping when it needs to drain, it may be experiencing a drainage issue. Here are some steps you can try to diagnose and fix the problem:
  1. Check for Blockages: Make sure that there are no blockages in the drainage hose or filter. A blocked drainage hose or filter can prevent the dishwasher from draining properly, which can trigger the beeping sound. Remove any blockages that you find.
  2. Check the Drain Pump: The drain pump may be faulty, which can prevent the dishwasher from draining properly. Check the pump to ensure that it is functioning correctly. If the pump is not working, it may need to be replaced.
  3. Check the Drain Valve: The drain valve may be faulty, which can prevent the dishwasher from draining properly. Check the valve to ensure that it is functioning correctly. If the valve is not working, it may need to be replaced.
  4. Check the Control Board: The control board is the brain of the dishwasher and controls all the functions. If it is faulty, it can cause the dishwasher to not operate correctly. Try resetting the control board or replacing it if it is faulty.
  5. Check the Sensor: The sensor may be faulty, which can cause the dishwasher to beep when it needs to drain. Try cleaning the sensor or replacing it if it is faulty.
If none of the above steps work, it may be best to contact a professional technician for further diagnosis and repair. They can inspect the dishwasher thoroughly and ensure that it is working correctly and safely.
3/9/2023 3:09:36 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Mar 09, 2023

What error code is on Fisher and Paykel dishdrawer DD60DDFX9 flashing leds

About the F4 error code on the Fisher and Paykel DD60DDFX9 dishwasher: The F4 error code on your DD60DDFX9 dishwasher indicates a fault with the heating element or the temperature sensor. When the dishwasher encounters a heating fault, it is unable to heat the water to the correct temperature required for the wash and rinse cycles. This can result in poor cleaning performance and may also affect the dishwasher's ability to sanitize the dishes. To troubleshoot the F4 error code, you can try the following:
  1. Check the heating element: Use a multimeter to test the heating element for continuity. If the heating element is faulty, it will need to be replaced.
  2. Check the temperature sensor: Test the temperature sensor using a multimeter. The sensor should show a resistance value of between 10,000 and 12,000 ohms at room temperature. If the resistance value is outside of this range, the sensor may need to be replaced.
  3. Check the wiring and connections: Inspect the wiring and connections between the heating element and the control board. Make sure all connections are secure and free of damage or corrosion.
  4. Check the control board: If the heating element and temperature sensor are both working properly, the issue may be with the control board. A certified repair technician will need to diagnose and replace the control board if necessary.
2/26/2023 10:32:57 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Feb 26, 2023

Dishwasher Fisher and Paykel DD24SCTW9 dishdrawer LCD display is out

If there is no light or display on the LCD and the buttons are not functioning on your washing machine, and you have verified that there is power to the motor controller module and the wash controller module, it is possible that the issue is with the LCD or the ribbon cable that connects the LCD to the control board. To narrow down the location of the fault, you can try the following steps:
  1. Check the ribbon cable: Inspect the ribbon cable for any visible damage or loose connections. You can also try gently wiggling the cable to see if this affects the display.
  2. Check the control board: The control board is responsible for controlling the various functions of the washing machine, including the LCD. If the control board is faulty, it can cause issues with the LCD.
  3. Check the LCD: The LCD itself may be faulty and not functioning properly.
If you are unable to diagnose and fix the problem on your own, it is recommended to have a mechanic or appliance repair technician take a look at the washing machine. They will have the necessary tools and expertise to properly diagnose and repair the issue.
1/11/2023 6:02:07 AM • Fisher and... • Answered on Jan 11, 2023

Fisher & Paykel dishwasher top drawer is filling up with water when bottom drawer is ran.

It is the drain water from bottom drawer that is finding its way to the top drawer. This could be due to incorrect drain hose height. Check in installation manual. Alternatively you will have to buy an air gap kit and connect the two drain hoses separately to the kitchen sink. http://www.genuineapplianceparts.net/ecart/item.php?item_id=250&category_id=58
10/1/2022 9:10:04 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Oct 01, 2022

I don't know where to put the new Finish tablet in the Fisher and Paykel dishwasher. Where or what is the Dry Dispenser ?

Hello Susanna Davies, Generally a round cap immediately next to the washing powder dispenser... Known as "FINISH" or "Jet Dry"... as it really does keep spot off of your dishes & especially glassware. Amazon com ishwasher dry agent Tools Home Improvement I tried to look up Fisher & Paykel... but without a specific MODEL NUMBER I could not pull an OWNERS MANUAL to demonstrate. look here for FREE documentation ManualsLib Makes it easy to find manuals online SEARS is the last place I would recommend buying parts (but that has more to do with integrity & respect)... Their parts, guarantees & prices are suddenly competitie Dishwasher Detergent Dispenser Part Number 526860 Sears PartsDirect Hope this helps Carnac the Magnificent
9/19/2022 2:17:52 PM • Fisher and... • Answered on Sep 19, 2022
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