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Kenmore dishwasher 665.16034401 no water pressure to top rack.

there is a blockage in the tube riser or tube arm.......... cheers
7/30/2017 1:51:04 PM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 515 views • 0 helpful votes

Kenmore dishwasher 665 Lock on light

You may have a stuck button as this will cause flashing of lights, try pushing button and see if it returns if not strike lightly above it with plastic spoon etc. If this does not work u can buy the control panel from Sears for 190.00 but first go to then type your model no. In required space click on shop parts on appropriate model, then go to troubleshooting then to won't start, then go down to how to replace control panel. According to instructions you will only need torx screwdriver and less than 30 minutes to replace.
7/13/2017 10:45:02 PM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 409 views • 0 helpful votes

Locked light is stuck on

Are you pushing the button repeatedly or pushing it once and and holding it on for 4-5 seconds? Just push and hold it on for a few seconds till the lock light goes off.
5/25/2014 11:56:00 PM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 108 views • 0 helpful votes

Now the lucked light is stuck on

You might be refering to the locked light. Refer answer to your other post on the same topic.
5/25/2014 11:51:22 PM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 36 views • 0 helpful votes

How to install pump on kenmore dishwasher

There is a great video on youtube showing how this procedure is done. Good luck with your repair.
12/16/2013 2:10:05 AM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 648 views • 0 helpful votes

Water was pouring from the bottom of the diswasher, a white part, appears to be a pump is hanging and touching the floor, water pouring from there

un plug it from the power, for your safety. flip it on its back and look at the hanging part. Has tube become disconnected from it?
12/16/2013 1:30:47 AM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 105 views • 1 helpful votes

Kenmore dishwasher fills but does not drain

May be clogged?
8/5/2013 10:46:30 PM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 176 views • 1 helpful votes

Kenmore model 587 top rack not cleaning

The belt may have just come off. You may be able to get to it from the back or by removing the very top.
12/15/2012 3:27:15 AM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 195 views • 0 helpful votes

Built-in dishwasher. dishes not clean,


The white residue is from the new environmentally safe soap. Check your soap and see if it is phosphate free soap and that will be your issue. Also either you have hard water or you're seeing either calcium or lime deposits. You should use the jet dry for every load. There should never be any suds in a dishwasher. Do not use liquid dish detergent for the dishwasher.Try running a load without dishes, using vinegar, or a bottle of Dishwasher Magic. Another possibility could be you're not getting enough water. The level should be close to the heater(check your tech sheet to be sure). The water temp should be at least 140 deg.F (no matter what the box says) Also, use a good brand of detergent (Cascade) and be sure your wetting Agent dispenser is full. (jet dry)You should not have to pre-wash your dishes..just scrape them well.The detergent actually needs some dirty dishes to work properly..fats, protien, etc. to make up 1 more chemical for the detergent.Another important step is to run the hot water faucet before running your d/w to "purge" the cold water out of the line. Also check this links for some helpful information:-

Please get back to us if you have further query else please accept this particular suggestion.

Thanks for contacting

8/23/2011 11:55:25 AM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 266 views • 0 helpful votes

My KIenmore dishwasher is not

Here is a tip that I wrote that will help you with your dishwasher not drainingproblem...

Dishwasher Problems - Waterwill not drain out


8/28/2011 12:51:15 AM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 55 views • 0 helpful votes

Ishes don't come clean in dishwasher


If the water inlet valve is fine and it fills with water then the issue seems to be with the float switch assembly that is bad and should be replaced. Float assembly is found inside the dishwasher's tub, on the bottom. The water that fills the dishwasher lifts the float, and when it reaches a certain level, it acts as a trigger for the float switch. The float triggers the float switch to shut off, thereby shutting off the flow of water into the dishwasher. A defective switch may interfere with dishwasher's filling and/or draining ability. Use voltmeter to test the switch. Set the device to the ohms setting x 1. Take each probe and touch them to one switch terminal each. This should produce a reading of either zero or infinity. Continue to touch the probes to the terminals, and press down on the switch's button. The reading should change to the opposite extreme. If the switch fails either of these tests, you should replace it. Hope this helps...please post back for further assistance.


8/5/2011 2:03:00 PM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 54 views • 0 helpful votes

After every wash all my

We had same problem. Try adding Lemi Shine, ( also Jet Dri
1/31/2011 5:54:28 PM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 308 views • 1 helpful votes

I have a model 665.1664993

ok couple things that you can check pull you unit out and first check the drain line disconnect it from where it goes into your sink and run the drain line into a bucket check where the drain plugs in most of the time it is into the garbage disposal or drain it gets gunked up with stuff at the end of the drain line now if the drain line is closed do this put the drain hose back into the bucket turn on the dishwasher then cancel your setting this will make the drain pump kick on listen to hear if you can hear the drain pump working this is a diagram of the sump and outlet pump is located at number 14 on this diagram this drain pump is found under your unit hooked onto the sump assembly if you have any further questions message me back also check to assure that the float switch is working properly as well float assembly is noted as part number 32 on this diagram as well once again any further questions message me back and Thanks again Rick
1/13/2011 4:51:25 AM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 188 views • 0 helpful votes

Hello, the normal wash light keeps flashing. i

when the normal light on your LED touch pad panel is flashing, that means that your LED panel is defective. Check in your owners manual to find out if there is any limited warranty on the part. The LED (depending on the model nmbr) is covered with full warrranty within 1 year of purchase and again depending on the model numbr, there are limited warranties for up to 5 years.
12/8/2010 3:36:54 PM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 128 views • 0 helpful votes

I purchase a house

Usually the knob can be pulled out to shut the machine off. Then you can rotate it to the off position.
Also opening the door will shut it off. Try these things. It does not sound like it is broken.
Best, Mark
12/28/2010 3:56:57 AM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 56 views • 0 helpful votes

Thed dishwasher goes through the


Welcome to FixYa.

With the symptom you`ve described, "The dishwasher goes through the wash cycle but doesn't wash No water sprays at all"
this is most likely a plugged up sump or a worn chopper/impeller...but likely just clogged.

The first place to look for a remedy is the sump-well, wash pump area. You`ll need to remove the lower spray arm and then the filter below it.

1 ) Remove the turbo wash tube if applicable to your model, it pulls off, i.e.


2 ) Spray arm removal. hold the center nut and spin the arm.

3 ) Now you can remove the upper spray arm supply tub or referred to sometimes as "rear feed cap".

a ) lift to depress the rear tab, i.e.

b ) Then twist the feeder to the right ( clockwise ), i.e.

4 ) Now you can remove the center nut...


Then remove the four # 20 torx head screws holding the filter in place, and lift the filter out.

Below the filter you`ll find either alot of food debris, garbage etc. , but also a cover with either a single #15 torx head screw or it will simply be held with a lock tab which must be pushed to one side and the cover will pull straight up and out. ( I haven`t gathered my own photo`s of this area yet, soon to come )

Now you should see the chopper and screen assembly, it to can be clogged up pretty bad, clean it best you don`t really want to remove this part.

If my explanation is not clear enough, here`s a link which provides a pretty good video of how to do this, these guys aren`t pro`s but the "how to" video is pretty thorough nonetheless.

Let me know how you make out, please keep me informed if you need further assistance or anything is unclear.

Thank you for choosing FixYa and good luck.


Macmarkus :)

11/21/2010 1:10:14 AM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 100 views • 0 helpful votes

It not clean disheswell

It may not be your dishwasher, it may be your water! I had the same problem with my Kenmore,only it was a Stainless Steele. Try the Dishwasher Filtertraion System, It has helped ememsly. Look it up at;
12/10/2010 6:52:48 AM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 43 views • 0 helpful votes

Leaking water out of bottom

the bottom of the door is not actually sealed, look for incorrect soap.
10/7/2010 3:06:56 AM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 192 views • 1 helpful votes

My Kenmore built-in dishwasher is

Sound like the inlet water valve is to blame here - or else the main controller board relay is not telling it to open. Further testing will be necessary to determine which is the cause.

If it is the board - you are better off getting a new machine.

The valve can be had for around $25.

go to and enter in your exact model number for replacement parts.

Thanks for using FixYa - a 4 THUMBS rating is appreciated for answering your FREE question.
9/5/2010 6:35:58 PM • Kenmore 16602 /... • 428 views • 4 helpful votes
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