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you can run a regular cycle with bleach as instructed in the manual. there may be mold on the rubber where the door closes. wash this with water and bleach. to avoid this problem in the future you can loosen the light bulb then you can leave the door open a little all the time with no light. press the off button when not in use.

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Hi, it sounds like you have a major problem with your washer. The inner steel basket has a shaft attached to the back of it that goes through the rear of the outer plastic tub and attaches to the drive pulley. More than likely the shaft has broken off, the basket alone is over $500.00. It will more than likely need the rear of the tub as well for the seal and bearing. I have seen this many times. I would recommend buying a new washer unless you have some sort of extended warranty.

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To unlock them press and hold the DRAIN/SPIN button for 10 seconds. Hope this helps....

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Check on the drain valve /drain pump and test if the voltage comes to the component. If so the drain pump is not working well. You can remove and test on bench, clean and back flush to remove dirt and see for a good flow. Once confirmed refit or else the pump must be replaced if the pump is not performing as required , the coil can be faulty.
However if voltage is not present on the pump after the wash cycle and during the rinse cycle, the controller can be defective.

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"FH" is a No Water Detect error.It is an indication that you either have no water coming into the washer, or very little water at all. Check whether the water taps are turned on sufficiently, the inlet hoses are not kinked, the water inlet valve is not clogged, you don't have a siphoning issue, and/or the drain pump is working.

Thank you !!

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Thanks for using FixYa. Error code F/H means no water was detected entering machine or Pressure switch trip not detected. If after 30 seconds the control does not detect water entering machine and then valves will be turned off and the error code will be displayed. It can also happen if the control has turned the water valves on and after 8 minutes the flow meter has detected 10.5 gallons of water passing through it, but has not detected the pressure switch trip, the valves will be turned off and the error code will flash. You’ll need to Press PAUSE/CANCEL twice to clear the display and then check:

• If there is no water in the unit:
• Make sure that both valves at the water source(s) are turned on all the way.
• Check for plugged or kinked inlet hoses or plugged screens in the inlet valves
• Verify inlet valve operation
• If there is water in the unit:
• Verify Drain pump operation
• Pressure Switch Hose is in good condition and properly connected to Tub and
Pressure switch
• Verify there is not a siphon problem
• Verify wire harness connections to; Inlet Valves, Pressure Switch, Drain Pump,
Flow Meter and Central Control Unit (CCU)
• Check all hoses for possible leaks
• Verify pressure switch operation
• Verify flow meter operation
• Verify CCU operation

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"F02" is a Long Drain error code. This is an indication of an obstruction somewhere in the drainage system. In most cases, the drain pump reservoir needs to be cleaned out. The following link explains how:

If you check the drain pump reservoir and the problem still persists, you may have a pump with a damaged motor/impeller, or something lodged in one of the drain lines. In particular, the drain line that runs from the bottom of the wash tub to the inlet side of the pump.

I recommend you remove the inlet hose, as well, and inspect for clogs. In is common for small garments to become lodged in this area and restrict water flow to the drain pump. Check the output drain line for obstructions as well.

It does not take much to damage this small drain pumps. The error code is generated if the drain cycle exceeds 8 minutes. So...if the impeller or motor become damaged, and the pump does not pull water at the correct volume, you may still experience the drain error. In this case, you will have to replace the pump in order to get the error to clear. The following link explains how:

Replacements can be purchased at any of the following websites:

Prices vary between sites, so shop and compare. the first three sites listed also have helpful exploded view parts illustrations to assist you with locating and properly identifying the parts you may need.

If you have any questions, please post back and let me know. I hope this helps you.

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All front loader have this problem. Use concentrated lemon juice to clean the boot and then you will have to leave the door ajar just a bit every time you finish washing. Sorry but this the nature of having a front loader. Also using powdered soap products will also almost completly do away with this problem.

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this is a drain problem.inspect the water pump, motor coupler and the drain hose for kinks.

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if softner has discharged it's probably working ok some water left behind is normal

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If this is a 417 model your problem might be the pump itself. There is a pressure switch that detects whether or not there is any water left in the tub. If so, it will not go into high spin. Remove the lower panel and check the pump on the lower right side. See if there is any gunk or coins in there by removing the hoses attached to it. Have a flat pan or a bunch of towells ready to catch the remaining water from the tub. If the pump checks ok, the next move would be to check the motor controller itself.

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possible debris stuck in water inlet valve. or just worn out maybe is replaceable

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motor hum can be nothing --worn bearings --debris build up would need to open up and test /inspect motor

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There are several possibilities. The belt between the motor and the tub could have broken or slipped off the pulley. Can you turn the tub by hand? Check your wiring for any damage. Each conductor and all connections should be checked closely. The motor coupling or rotor or stator assembly could be damaged. The motor could have failed. The control board could be having problems communicating with the motor electronics to tell it to enter the spin mode. Even the transmission could be faulty. There is a parts diagram available here: .

There should be a trouble-shooting guide inside the washer. Usually it's in an envelope taped to the wall of the washer near the access panel. This will tell you what the resistance should be across various points to determine the likely faulty part could be. Then replace the needed parts. For damaged wiring at a connecting harness, try using wire nuts to couple the wire to bypass the harness.

I hope this helps.

Cindy Wells

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could be either the pump or the tub seal. did you check the drain and water fill hoses??

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Try disconnecting the electricity to it for 10 minutes and try again. If it still doesn't work, the most likely failure is the water inlet valve which is an electrically operated tap.

That model number doesn't seem right for a Kenmore, but the link shows how to replace a water inlet valve.

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The water usage of High Efficiency washing machines is very low. A warm wash only uses about a gallon of hot water. You can use cold water and an HE detergent will still get clothes clean. This page is from Whirlpool but apples to all.

How Much Water Does A Washing Machine Use? ' Whirlpool > blog > washers-and-dryers > he-washing-machi...
Many HE washers are ENERGY STAR certified, which means they use about 25% less energy and 33% less water than regular washers. ENERGY STAR states that, on average, an ENERGY STAR certified washer uses 14 gallons of water per load, while a standard washing machine uses 20 gallons of water per load.

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To open the door: Disconnect the power cord from the power source. Remove the lower toe panel by removing the screws along the bottom edge. Reach up behind the front panel and pull down on a pull ring that is attached to the bottom of the door lock mechanism to manually unlock the door
The F indicates that the washer control detected a component problem. ... If the F code was caused by excessive suds preventing the washer from draining, you may be able to shut the door and run a drain/spin cycle to remove the water from the washer.

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