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Machine sews with huge loops on bottom and top of fabric

This is why I think sewing machines should be bought from a local dealer who knows 98% of the time this is operator error and will take the time to show the customer the proper way to thread the machine. The other 2% of the time they could fix it or exchange for the customer. The problem is in the threading of the top thread, refer to the manual. No one on the phone or in an email can guide one to thread a machine. Diagram in the book is a poor second to hands on instructions given by most independent sewing machine dealers
8/12/2022 11:53:47 AM • Brother LS-2125... • Answered on Aug 12, 2022

Bobbin case is disassembled. how do I put it back together?

It should be in your manual.... but if you don't have one, I'm gonna try this out. I don't know the official names, so bear with me.


There should be two plastic arm-lookin things that are turnable. Make sure these are turned outwards.


You should have three silver pieces. The one you need first is a half-moon looking thing with a knob comin out of the middle. (it also has some holes in it)


If you turn the big knob on the right hand side, there should be a moving piece on the inside of the bobbin case.


The half moon needs to fit in with that piece. Don't force anything cause we don't want the machine to break. >< The knob thing needs to be facing the outside, otherwise it's not gonna go in at all.


Once you get the half-moon thing in there, you have two more left. There's a big circle. WOO! CIRCLES! ANYWHO, The big silvery circle.. it has a knotch in it, and a little pokey-outie thing comin' out of it.


It needs to be positioned so that the knotch (on the inside of the circle) is up and the pokey-outie piece (on the outer side of the circle) is on the bottom. On your machine, there should be a place where the pokey-outie piece would fit perfectly into a little hole-type-thing. Put it in. :O


Now it's time to move those little black plastic arms towards the center. On your circle, there should be little grooves that they fit right on top of. ^_^


The only silver piece left should be the actual bobbin case deal. This should be a smaller circle with a movable arm and a silver thing pokin' out of it. (I told you, I'm bad at names!) Before you put this guy in, we need to have your plastic bobbin threaded. (I'm assuming this has already been done, correct me if I'm wrong.... they also have pre-threaded bobbins for sale, but hey, whatever works.)


Your bobbin needs to fit inside this last piece. (my first bobbin didn't, and I freaked out and ran to my dad... LOL) You need to make sure there is a trail of thread coming out of your bobbin that's about two to three inches long. Place your bobbin in the silver guy and there /should/ be a little niche where you can play with the thread and pull it through the silver guy's parts. (Your thread may break, don't worry, just try again)


When you move the thread around, it should come out where the little arm that sticks out is. Keep the 2-3 inch trail goin' on, you'll need it. Remember that first half-moon silver guy? Well, we're gonna stick our little assembly onto his pokey-outie piece.


The silver arm-thing on our assembly needs to go into the knotch that's in our circle, and push in so it clicks. (Sometimes mine clicks twice...) Make sure you have that trail of thread, and go ahead and flip the white plastic up, because you're DONE assembling it.


I'm going to assume you have your top thread in already (again, correct me if I'm wrong..) make sure that your top thread is through the hole in the needle, otherwise we're thoroughly screwed. Pull that thread until you have another 2-3 inch tail, and twist the big white knob on the right side of your machine (same one as before...) TOWARDS you. KEEP HOLDING your top thread, otherwise it'll disappear into the abyss that is your bobbin assembly.


When you turn the knob towards you, your needle should dip down into the abyss and come back up- with your bottom thread! HUZZAH! it SHOULD be a loop around your top thread. (I'd use contrasting colors for practice.. so you know what it'll look like)


The manual says to "grab the bottom thread" but seriously, I can't get me fingers down in there, so I just slide some scissors under the foot and between the two sides of the loop, and just slide 'em left. usually works just fine. Unless my tail for the bottom thread is too short, cause then it'll be hard to grab. You should be good to go!


I know this is pic heavy and kind of long, but I like to provide as much info as possible! Let me know if it helped!!
5/15/2019 3:41:53 AM • Brother LS-2125... • Answered on May 15, 2019

Brother LOCK-523N overlocker threading

Looking for the manual for the brother lock-523
4/19/2019 3:12:28 AM • Brother LS-2125... • Answered on Apr 19, 2019

Zig-zag stitch setting 5 is skipping stitches..

Make sure you are using a brand new needle--a dull/damaged needle will skip stitches. As for the feed dogs, if it is a mechanical machine it's possible the machine is seizing from old dried oil. Wheel on right side that controls the needle up and down is very tight... ...
2/9/2018 6:33:12 PM • Brother LS-2125... • Answered on Feb 09, 2018

My Brother SP53 mechanical Sewing

hi sometime tread or bits can get caught around the button there might be a screw on the side of your button if there is see if its tight take a torch and shine it down around your button to see if any thing is stuck around it gently take a pair of tweezer and remove the obstruction then tighten the button if you have you manual take a look and it will show you a picture of the works this may help you i hope this i of some help to you
2/7/2018 4:51:10 PM • Brother LS-2125... • Answered on Feb 07, 2018

I need a walking foot for my Brother LS2125. Can you help

4/30/2017 10:03:14 PM • Brother LS-2125... • Answered on Apr 30, 2017

How do I raise the feed dogs in a Brother LS2125 sewing machine as they seem to be lowered?

Perhaps you will find the answer here: LS 2125 2125i 2129 United States Brother Solutions Center FWIW, the manual indicates that your feed dogs do not lower. Instead, you are provided with an accessory that covers the feed dogs when you wish to use the machine without feed dogs.......
1/15/2017 11:15:12 PM • Brother LS-2125... • Answered on Jan 15, 2017

The machine stops working and the handle will not

make sure you have properly lubed the machine ... your trouble is likely lint buildup or a scrap of cloth blocking the rotation of the mechanism under the machine ... you will have to take off the sole plate and remove anything that shouldnt belong there .. if that is not enough you may have to remove the bottom and check ... make sure the needle is going thru the sole plate hole and clearing the foot ... if its not then check for a bent needle or one that is in backwards (with respect to the flat side) .. you can check the motor to make sure its working ok by putting the machine in the bobin winding mode .. that disconnects the motor from the internal mechinism ... only the handle should turn in that mode ..
8/4/2016 1:55:21 PM • Brother LS-2125... • Answered on Aug 04, 2016

I have a LS-2125 brother

make sure that it is threaded right, and that you do not have your needle inserted backwards, flat side should face rear of machine, read your manual carefully. If you do not have one, go to www.brother-usa.com and you download one for free.
6/29/2016 2:45:57 PM • Brother LS-2125... • Answered on Jun 29, 2016

Why isn't the needle moving on my sewing machine?

Did you wind a bobbin recently? If so please return the machine to sewing mode
4/7/2016 11:41:04 PM • Brother LS-2125... • Answered on Apr 07, 2016

Need help with seam guide? there are no numbers, how do i know what each line measures?

Firstly you need to ensure your needle is centred, remove the presser foot for a bit of room, lower the needle down into the needle plate, and then measure from the needle to the right to each marking on your needle plate. If you are in the USA, then I'd guess there would be three markings at 1/4" 1/2" and 5/8". Quarter inch is your narrow seam for quilting but if you are sewing garments, then the seam allowance is usually 5/8", it would be marked on your paper pattern though. Some patterns such as Burda came with no allowance and you need to add them on, again it would be marked on the pattern though.If you are in a metric country, then it will probably have 10mm, 15mm and 20mm marked. Normal seam allowance is 15mm.If you have trouble remembering which marking to use, you could always stick a strip of masking tape onto your plate along the line you use for seams until you get some sewing experience.You might like to visit www.sewing.about.com, Debbie Cosgrove gives loads of very useful information there, a learn to sew page along with some free projects. At the tender age of 10 I recall sewing an apron and triangle scarf in home economics as my very first project on an Elna Star SU, simple projects are best when starting out. If you are going to sew garments, then you may also like to check out www.patternreview.com, I love this site as members share their experience with commercial sewing patterns, some very talented sewists there; many of them have their own blogs too.If you can find a sewing beginner class, take it, it will get you started with basic techniques that patterns don't really give you and help with that initial learning curve. And my last suggestion, invest in a good sewing textbook; I've got the Vogue Book of Sewing, and also the The Sewing Book by Alison Smith published by Doring Kindersley; I love this one, loads of great images and its a fresh publication. Bit pricey but if you could always ask a loved one to buy it for Christmas. Feel free to connect to me if you have any other sewing questions, I'd love to help. Happy sewing
1/4/2016 12:32:47 AM • Brother LS-2125... • Answered on Jan 04, 2016

Sewing machine isn't sewing at all...got this 2 months ago, used it 4 times, began breaking thread..ready to sell.

Breaking thread could be caused by a couple of things: 1) top tension too tight 2) machine not threaded correctly 3) poor quality thread (don't use bargain thread) 4) needle not compatible with thread/fabric5) needle installed incorrectlyFirst thing to try is remove all the thread from the machine, RAISE the presser foot so the thread will seat properly in the tension disk, then re-thread from the beginning--make sure you do not miss any steps.Usually the factory standard tension setting is with the dial set at the mid-way point between the low and high number. The tension is correct when both the upper thread and the bobbin thread meet in the middle of the fabric.As a reminder, since your machine is a mechanical, be sure that you are cleaning and oiling on a regular basis. Use ONLY fresh good quality sewing machine oil (not 3-in-1, WD-40, cooking oil, or the old oil from grandma's sewing basket). Follow the instructions in the manual. If you want to do a thorough job, open the top and free arm cover. Slowly hand rotate the handwheel and apply 1-2 drops of oil every place that metal rubs on metal. Do NOT oil rubber, plastic parts or belts. Be sure to apply a drop on the shuttle race every time you begin a new project. Oiling according to the instruction manual should be done every 40 hours of sewing time. If in storage, oil every six months. Here's a web site that may be helpful: Sewing Machine Problem 1 Thread Breakage Here's a manual for your machine: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&ved=0ahUKEwjNgO6QxsDJAhXnjIMKHXzFABoQFggtMAI&url=http%3A%2F%2Fecx.images-amazon.com%2Fimages%2FI%2FB1dzfyluFLS.pdf&usg=AFQjCNEBTgKmXv2EyHiiw-px33CFogPHXA&cad=rja Here's information about needles:http://www.schmetzneedles.com/all-about-needles/ ...
12/3/2015 9:02:43 PM • Brother LS-2125... • Answered on Dec 03, 2015

It went into safe mode and then locked up. The wheel or nothing works

If it has gone into Safe Mode, then most likely something serious is amiss with your machine. Consult your owner's manual in the Troubleshooting Section for suggestions to resolve your problem. Short of resolving the problem yourself, it may be wise to take it in for service...
11/1/2015 3:41:31 AM • Brother LS-2125... • Answered on Nov 01, 2015

Bobbin case came out of my singer 9323 and I dont

The bobbin case should sit flat on the raceway and make sure the metal clip is pushed over to hold it in
10/22/2015 3:24:43 PM • Brother LS-2125... • Answered on Oct 22, 2015

How to correct tension on sewing machine

are the thread with loops?are the threads bird nesting?try changing the needle Correct needle insertion is mandatory for proper use of your sewing machine. Raise the needle bar to the highest point, then loosen the needle clamp screw to remove the old needle. Place the new needle in the needle clamp with the flat side of the needle facing the back, (round needle, the groove in the needle should face away from the shaft). Push the needle all the way up as far as it will go. Then tighten the needle clamp screw.rethread the machine top & bottom
7/1/2015 8:35:49 PM • Brother LS-2125... • Answered on Jul 01, 2015
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