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Husqvarna Viking Designer Jade 35 Sewing and Embroidery Machine keeps saying rest. I can't get rid of it hit ok and it comes right back.

Our sewing Expert Cindy Wells posted this https://www.fixya.com/support/t26809599-machine_needs_rest_message In the manual for yours as well. If you can't clear it, you will need dealer service. It may need cleaning and lubrication to reduce strain. Machine Needs to Rest If you are sewing on very heavy fabric or if the machine is blocked when sewing, the main motor can get overloaded. The pop-up message will close when the main motor and power supply is secure.

designer_jade_35_manual_EN.pdf - Husqvarna Viking

https://www.husqvarnaviking.com > Manual > des... PDF 35 machine is adjusted to provide the best stitch result at normal room temperature. ... HUSQVARNAVIKING® DESIGNER JADE™ 35 sewing ... Machine Needs to Rest. 84 pages
4/8/2022 11:07:46 PM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on Apr 08, 2022

Pressure foot too high cannot be lowered

sounds like the pressure foot lifter is stuck. Usually the height of the pressure foot is a manual adjustment done by a service technician. Suggest that it be serviced by an authorized Husqvarna Viking Dealer. You can find the nearest dealer by click on the "Dealer" link at http://www.husqvarnaviking.com
Good luck.
2/15/2022 9:45:56 AM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on Feb 15, 2022

Changing light bulb on viking designer 1

when one faulty, both do not work. replace faulty one & both will then work.
1/25/2022 7:11:51 PM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on Jan 25, 2022

What is the symptom of a broken hoop?

Sounds like you might be having problems with the machine not wanting to start sewing an embroidery pattern or not recognizing the hoop size. If the former, and the embroidery is full size (say 100x100mm), try reducing the embroidery slightly (say 98x98mm). If the latter, your embroidery unit may need slight adjustment to correctly identify the hoop. Its not an elaborate adjustment but you will probably need a profession to accomplish it.
12/2/2021 10:49:22 AM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on Dec 02, 2021

Husqvarna classica 100 stuck in reverse

I found a Classica 90 that wouldnt reverse. When I took it apart I realized the stitch width mechanism was stuck.
The reversing mechanism manipulated that part to reverse. Problem- mechanism and shaft super stuck. I took it out and forced the shaft to turn and lubed it with a general thin oil. I didn’t know the mechanism; or anything about sewing machines. The give-away was a spring connected to the mechanism. Since it was stuck the spring didn’t seem to have any function..... until I realized it had to be moving. Hope it makes sense.
One screw top back to removed cover. It glides up.
1 screen behind reverse button removes front cover. Also slides up. You reach from behind to get the mechanism out( 2 screws holding small shaft. 2 springs off also. )
Front cover needs to come off to dissemble stitch width turning nob. Has to come of to release the reversing/stitch width mechanism.
It’s not as difficult as it look. You might need a small plier to put springs back in place
Foto shows the stitch width mechanism. The front spring is attached to the part that was stuck.
11/7/2021 8:41:59 PM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on Nov 07, 2021

Husqvarna 2000 series (64 40) How to remove

Hi, to remove the handwheel on a Viking 6440 you just need to take two screw drivers, one on each side, and gently pry the handwheel off. Nothing else is keeping it attached. Many of these are just stuck a bit and need gentle prying.
Good luck.
8/6/2021 1:17:03 AM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on Aug 06, 2021

My Husqvarna Prism 990 only sews in reverse.

You could have an electronic problem on the main printed circuit board or in the feed length stepper motor. You may also just have a bound section in the feed mechanism. I don't think there is a cure all answer for this problem.
A 1/2 second hesitation between depressing the foot control and motor response is very common in these machines
If your husband lubricated the bushings on the upper and lower shafts of your 990 I recommend that you have him remove all of the lubricant possible and keep your fingers crossed. The 990 is a self-lubricating machine and applying machine oil to these bushing will probably cause them to seize. The 990 should never be lubricated in many of the places you would lubricate many machines. Hopefully, you haven't done irreparable damage.
3/28/2021 2:55:20 AM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on Mar 28, 2021

The 3-D embroidery system seems

USB Designer 1s use Disk Manager, just like their floppy disk sisters, but it needs to be Disk Manager USB. New USB Des1s came with this program on a CD, and this software was also included free when a floppy disk Des1 was converted to USB. If you bought your D1 USB new, check the disks that came with it - one should be Disk Manager USB. If you purchased the machine second hand, contact the seller and ask for the program. It is a free standing program and you don't need a dongle. Check your 3D software - you might already have what you need. Open 3D, click down arrow for Accessories (far right-hand side) - what does your Disk Manager say? If it says Disk Manager USB you are okay to go.

I am not 100% sure of this, but I think that maybe the last update for 3D software (version 7.25) might have included Disk Manager USB. Go to the Husqvarna website and make sure your 3D is updated to the latest version.

If none of the above helps you, there is always the cheap cost embroidery software alternatives: Embird or Sew What. I believe they can write to Designer 1 USB sticks now.
2/1/2021 6:53:02 AM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on Feb 01, 2021

When I try to start my 4D embroidery software for

The author is incorrect regarding all of the uses of the HASP software/drivers. In the case of the sewing/design software being at issue with this person, she is dealing with a HASP hardware dongle which is the license control mechanism of a software product which absolutely *MUST* be installed on the personal computer or they cannot use the software. At all times, when the software is used, the hardware key and the HASP software must be running and the HASP license manager must be running as a service under services.msc

For quiltin_mama:
I have been struggling with this issue for my mother as well and have not come up with a final solution but I believe ours is one of damaged dongle or erroneous registry entries. I suggest the following actions:
1) lauch services.msc (click Start -> Run -> and type services.msc <enter> in the box) and look down the list for HASPLM?.EXE (I don't recall the full name). Verify that it is set to start automatically (right click on the item, choose properties, set "Startup Type" to automatic.

2. If you are using Windows Firewall, you need to add exceptions to the firewall: Control Panel -> Windows Firewall -> Click the "Exceptions" tab at the top.

You will need to add an exception for some of the 4D software applications. Now, I don't know which ones actually talk to the HASP, so what I suggest is: Click Add to create a new exception, and then click the "Browse" button to the lower right. Navigate to c:4d embroider\ (assuming you have the default directory) and then select the first 4D***.exe you find on the list, and click done. As I recall, there are 4 of these apps and you need to do this for each of them. Down the road, if any of the other parts of the software suite fail because they can't communicate, come back here and add the *.exe to the exception list.
Next, you need to exempt certain TCP/IP ports from the control of the Windows Firewall. If you download and install the firmware update from Husqvarna's site which they say is included in the 8.1 upgrade, the very last screen of the process, after doing all the main work, it will tell you to open a specific software port. I can't remember which port that is, but as I recall it was 14xx. Run this update and write down that port.
Back to the firewall exceptions list, now create two entries for this port: the first is for TCP port of that number and the second is the UDP port for that same number. Don't worry about why, but both appear to be needed. When adding the exception to the port, there is a button at the bottom left which says "scope". Click that and make sure that the top radio button of the 3 choices is the one selected.

Second, I made an interesting discovery while searching and trying to find the port number I mention above. There is another port which is listed as the "default" port for the Alladdin HASP software/dongle we are dealing with, and that is port 475. Please add exceptions (both TCP and UDP) for that port as well.

Finally, make certain that you have the latest HASP drivers from the ! HUSQVARNA ! site for Windows Vista and then apply the various 8.x updates to the 4D Embroidery software ! IN ORDER!, starting with 8.1, then 8.2a, then the 8.2b, then the 8.3, and the second 8.3(b?). (The 8.2 version has a 1 either before or after the '2', I don't recall which, the important thing to remember is that there is a 2a and 2b version and to do the 2a version first)

As you install these updates, BE VERY CAREFULL to read any warnings. I am told that some of the updates do not work with/will break under different versions of Windows. I haven't seen this myself as I haven't run them, but a dealer told my mom that one of the updates was her problem and that the update specifically said not to install it if you had Windows version (X). Unfortunately, not have the software myself, I cannot confirm or deny this.

There you go, I hope these steps help. One other piece of information: when (re)installing the 4D software and/or the updates, disconnect the computer from the internet and shut down any antivirus, antispyware, antimalware, and firewall software you might have running. After completing the installation, be certain to *REBOOT* the computer and logging in so the AV software is running before you again connect to the internet. I hate to say it, but all it takes is a matter of seconds before a worm can find its way into an unprotected computer to infect it. A couple of years ago one of the test organizations did that with a PC and it was fully under the control of malicious people on the internet in less than 2 minutes.

Best of Luck,
11/22/2020 11:51:25 PM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on Nov 22, 2020

I am trying to get

Hi Geoff, The H0033 error is a known issue, but it is nothing wrong with your software or the physical dongle !
The issue is related to the Anti-Virus/Firewall software settings in your computer. This is why it can work on one computer and doesn't work on another.
There are unfortunately a lot of different firewall software products available on the market, so it is not easy to give exact steps to correct this for each and every available product. You need to tell your Anti-Virus program to allow the software to open.

Herewith is a way to change the settings on Norton 2008. If your are using a different Anti-Virus and understand the logic behind it, you should be able to change the settings:

Norton Internet Security 2008
1. Open Norton Internet Security 2008
2. Click on the Options link on the bottom left of the screen.
3. Click on Norton Internet Security from the drop-down list.
4. The Norton Internet Security Option screen will open.
5. Click on the Personal Firewall link on the left of the screen.
6. Click on the Program Control link.
7. Select the hasplms entry.
8. Change the Access drop-down list from Custom to Allow.
9. Click Apply then click OK.

11/22/2020 11:48:13 PM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on Nov 22, 2020

I have a very old viking - feed dog problem

The older 6XXX series are the best machines Viking ever made. But they have one flaw - if the button hole mechanism is not regularly serviced and used, it will eventually stick and the machine will only sew in reverse. This can also happen if you turn the knob backwards when in button hole mode.

I always tell my customers to make a few button holes every time they use the machine. This helps to keep the mechanism free and working between servicing.

Unfortunately the fix is not a DIY consumer project. It requires knowledge and expertise in disassembling the machine and re-aligning the parts. Expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $75 in addition to the regular servicing fee.

Steve P
aka "The Bobbin Doctor"
11/13/2020 7:34:25 AM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on Nov 13, 2020

Has anyone had an issue with the husqvarna 600e continuously breaking needles?

Needle breaks 1.the needle is damaged 2.the needle is not correctly inserted 3.wrong size needle for the fabric 4.the wrong foot is attached 5.the needle clamp screw is loose 6. Top tension is too tight7. machine could also be out of time
7/11/2020 11:25:22 AM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on Jul 11, 2020

Bobbin Case Spins - in Huskystar C20

I had this problem when I first bought my machine. I took it in and they told me it was a recall problem. All the machines were having the same problem. They fixed it and I have not had the problem since. I bought mine at a Joanne fabrics. Hope this helps.
7/5/2020 9:23:00 PM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on Jul 05, 2020

Husqvarna viking scandinavia 400 sewing embroidery machine

Where can I buy a dongel and emb card for my Scandinavia 400? Thank you for your help Ruth [email protected]
5/16/2020 11:20:18 PM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on May 16, 2020

Husqvarna Viking Prisma 980 pop then smoke, but still works

Suggest that it be serviced by an authorized Husqvarna Viking Dealer. You can find the nearest dealer by click on the "Dealer" link at http://www.husqvarnaviking.com
Good luck.
5/11/2020 7:25:43 PM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on May 11, 2020

Needle doesn't move the problem isn't the foot pedal

I have a Husqvarna #1 that I also love. My needle stopped moving too. I was convinced it was the foot peddle but a repair person sais it was not. I discovered on my own that indeed it is the cord on the foot peddle. I suspect it has a loose wire because when I wiggle it where it connects to the machine it starts working again. Right now this is what I have to do because I can't find a replacement peddle. Can anybody help me find one?
4/26/2019 8:50:49 PM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on Apr 26, 2019

I have a Viking number 1+. The bobbin case broke and after it was replaced now the thread continually wraps around the part that sticks out any ideas I have re-threaded several times rewound the Bobben

Did you check to be sure you placed the bobbin back in the holder correctly? I think it might snap in. Also, is the bobbin holder clipped back in? Lastly, do you have the bobbin going in the correct direction when the thread comes out? Some go in clockwise and some counter-clockwise.
2/13/2019 4:08:45 AM • Husqvarna Viking... • Answered on Feb 13, 2019

Viking 1 Manual

Husqvarna Viking 1Uploaded on Aug 21, 2018


Viking 1 Manual

Husqvarna Viking 1Uploaded on Aug 21, 2018

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