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If the Evaporator fan is running this will not apply. Every so often your refrigerator automatically goes into Defrost mode. This is when the machine shuts down the motor, turns off the fans and kicks on a heater located inside the freezer. If the machine has entered defrost and the timer has malfunctioned this may be your issue. How to check this is going to depend on which type of timer you have. Most machines have a timer that looks like the one pictured here. They can be located anywhere from back behind the compressor to behind the controls where you set your temperature. To check this type of timer to see if it has entered defrost and got stuck is rather easy once you locate the timer on your machine. All you are going to need is a flat head screwdriver and all you need to do is advance the timer. To do this, turn the dial on the timer clockwise looking at it straight on. You will notice that as you spin the dial around it clicks. At a certain point you will hear a different distinct click. That is the timer going into defrost. If you turn the dial just a little bit further you will hear that distinct click again. That is the timer going out of defrost. Turn the dial to make sure it is just passed the second distinct click. At that point the freezer fan should be running. You will hear the fan shut off when the timer gets to the first "click" and come back on after the second one. If the timer is not in defrost and the relays are not getting voltage you need to do one more test to see which is the problem. From here you will need to locate the thermostat on your refrigerator.
Testing the Thermostat or "Cold Control"
Most older style refrigerators have a thermostat that controls the temperature of the refrigerator. The freezer has an air diverter that directs a portion of the air from the freezer to the fresh food section. Usually the only thing inside a refrigerator that detects temperature is the fresh food thermostat. The freezer stays frozen because of the amount of time the unit calls for cold inside the fresh food side. When it cools the fridge side, its also cooling the freezer. It basically will continue to freeze the freezer as long as the machine is not in temperature that is as cold as the fridge should be. Like your garage in the winter time.
To test this Cold Control you basically need to run a jumper wire between the two wires going to it. The contacts inside are either open or closed. If it needs to cool, they close. If it's happy with the temperature inside the fresh food side, it opens. You need to test it to make sure that it is not stuck "open". You can create a direct short between the two wires going to it. At this point, if the defrost timer is not in defrost mode and the compressor tested good, jumping the thermostat should start the compressor. If not, replace the defrost timer. If the compressor starts up, replace the fresh food cold control.

GE Profile¿... | Answered on Aug 09, 2010

look down at the bottom crisper and there should be an air control that lets more or less air in from the freezer section. close this control down so that most of the air stays in the freezer. some models may say meats(colder) and vegetables(warmer).

some models the control in the down position opens up the vent more allowing it to get colder and in the up position closes the vent down more allowing less cold air into the refrigerator. you can remove the crisper and experiment with the control.

GE Profile¿... | Answered on Jul 14, 2010

Hello. Hollow cubes is caused when there is not enough water going into the ice cube molds. That said, since you have too much water going into the water dispenser I would suspect that the valve needs to be cleaned or possibly replaced. Joe

GE Profile¿... | Answered on Mar 27, 2010

The bottom of the refrigerator and near compressor is where the condensate drains to. The condensate begins in freezer during defrost and collects in a collection tray behind rear wall of freezer and with a drain hole and pipe that feeds through the cabinet and down to drain pan where it is warmed by the compressor heat and returned to the air inside your home. The only way to really get a good look at pan is to pull the refrigerator away from wall and remove cover over the compressor are. I recommend unplugging first before placing hands inside.Thanks, Sea Breeze

GE Profile¿... | Answered on Dec 14, 2009

Your refrig display , has lost communication , with the main control board , located , behind the refrig , behind an 8 " X 10 " panel . The control board , is easily replaceable , with 7 or 8 plugs , attached to it . The part number , for your board , is WR55X10942 . It runs about $150.00 .

GE Profile¿... | Answered on Dec 09, 2009

I came across this problem recently , and found the main control board was bad . Check this site first , to see if it can be covered under warranty .
It was covered under warranty , at the previous customers residence .

GE Profile¿... | Answered on Nov 20, 2009

Unles this is a big change and is not affecting the fresh food sect temperatures.Those should be 38 degrees for food safety. As far as the temperatures measurements those are easily altered by placing articles of packages near the thermistors in freezer and fresh food compartment. There are many issues you need to consider with the model refrigerator Artic/Profile. They are very sensitive to power surge and simple failures. Hopefully your being only 2.5 years out GE has resolved the problems of the past.GE is a good company and they do support their customers through the 5 year sealed system replacement. There are very many models of your type. Could you send me the model number listed for example PSS26MRSS. If you could I will get you some information that can help you save you repair cost in the end, Now if there is a problem with the thermistors we will need to resolve that because it will cause more problems later. Thanks Sea Breeze

GE Profile¿... | Answered on Nov 11, 2009

There is a heater kit , pt # WR49X10173 , which can be installed . This part comes with instructions on how to install .

GE Profile¿... | Answered on Nov 08, 2009

Sounds to me that you need a new timer,the timer is responsible for All the functions of a cycle!!! if you remove the timer and take it to an appliance parts store(check the yellow pages) they should be able to supply you with a replacement.

GE Profile¿... | Answered on Nov 06, 2009

If the yuck is in the dispenser area pop off the bezel around the buttons very carefully and remove 4 small screws and clean with an old tooth brush. Install in reverse manner

GE Profile¿... | Answered on Oct 31, 2009


GE Profile¿... | Answered on Oct 25, 2009

You have a bad main control board . This is located behind the refrig , behind an 8" X 10 " panel . Either the compressor module , or fan module , is burnt out . Replace this electronic board , and I'm sure the problem will be solved .

GE Profile¿... | Answered on Sep 29, 2009

Sir, To solve this problem, you must open the compressor area at the back bottom of the refrigerator and chek the temperature of the pressure line. If the temperature is between 55celcius to 60 than its ok. Or else you need to change the refrigerant. I suggest you to contact the service authority.

Thanks for contacting Fixya.

GE Profile¿... | Answered on Sep 12, 2009

The profile uses the mother board to signal defrost. Most times the defrost heater is the problem. If your refrigerator is not defrosting it will cause ice to build up on the evaporator coil behind the rear panel of the freezer. If this is happening the rear panel will show a layer of frost building up on that rear panel. If you see this then unplug remove the rear panel and defrost with a hair dryer until you can have a look at the defrost heater located at the bottom of the evaporator coils. On your model the defrost heater is surrounded by a glass tube and will be easy to spot if burned out. Let me know what you find, Sea Breeze

GE Profile¿... | Answered on Aug 23, 2009

This is very possibly due to a defective water control valve and a fill tube being frozen over due to the constant flow of water to the ice maker when the water valve should be off. You will need to tun off the water supply before the valve behind the refrigerator before replacing the valve. If you could tell me which model number you have that will help us find the correct parts. Thanks, Sea Breeze

GE Profile¿... | Answered on Aug 23, 2009

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