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There is a thermostat on evaporator,that's not working
Try YouTube or repiar clinic for more information.

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It sounds like the cirulating fan between the freezer and the fridge is not operating. I have been successful in lubricating the bearings. It may need replacing. Available online

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Yes the double element will work. It is the new replacement part.

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If your ice maker is working your filter is fine. You need to check the solenoid valve that feeds the water dispenser. You should have 2 of them on the water line. One that feeds ice maker and one that feeds the water dispenser. That is most likely your problem

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i assume you leaking from the connections?

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sounds like you have a defrost problem,this is common,most likely you have a bad thermistor located on top of the evaporator coil,it's part wr55x10025,it looks like a white bullet,if you look at it and if it has a black ring around it where the wires connect to the bullet looking part these sensors or thermistor had problems and should be changed out,or you have a bad defrost heater part can check the heater for continuity with a meter or just look at the element in the glass of the heater,if it's all black looking replace it and the thermistor and you should be fine as long as you don't have a mother board problem but the heaters and thermistors do fail,so unplug the fridge or shut the breaker off so you don't have to pull out the fridge,remove the food from the freezer,get a hair dryer and melt off any ice on the back wall that's in your way,then remove the back inside wall of the freezer,get a towel and stick it under the coil and on the freezer floor,melt out all the ice with the hair dryer,if you don't use towels inside and you melt all the ice the pan will overflow onto the floor so you want to catch the water in towels,after you melt out the ice remove the heater two screws and look at it and check it with meter,if it looks black inside the glass replace it even if it reads good with meter,then cut out the thermistor on the top of coil,the new thermistor is just the bullet and two wires coming off of it,cut the old one out and leave enough room so you can connect the new one you have to buy some plastic nuts to connect each wire with,when you crimp the nuts or you can use regular wire nuts,but i use silicone sealer and cover the opening where the wires go into the nut or cap whatever you want to call them just so no water gets in there,the best way is say you cut 6 inches off of the wires on the old part try to leave the new part almost the same length or a little longer but it doesn't matter if it's not exact,this is used instead of thermostat because you have a mother board in this machine,there is also a t-stat on top of coil but not used like older machines so change out the thermistor and heater and you should be fine,put everything back the same more thing that should be done at least once a year is pull out the fridge from the wall,remove the bottom back panel and clean out the condenser coil and back wall cover,i use a shop vac i vac off the coil and then set the vac up to blow and blow the coil out,this is the best way to clean this coil,it's round and hard to clean,.if you still have an issue the only thing left is the mother board but this part costs some bucks change out the parts i told you and most of the time it's not the board.hope this helps you more thing make sure the evap fan is running and that ain't bad,just open the freezer door,you should hear the fan blowing in the freezer,that's the easiest way to check the fan motor.

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Lean it back slightly and the door will close itself.

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It's most likely a defrost issue. One or more of your defrost components have failed. Defrost components are defrost thermostat, defrost heater, and defrost timer or board depending on model

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It should just pull right off. Try downloading a manual from the makers website.

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Defrost heater and thermostat is located behind inside back freezer panel. That panel has to be removed.

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In this case just call the Service.
It's stocked just betwen Icemaker and Wather...
Better call them...

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Look for the information label inside the refrigerator side usually near the top of the box. It will have the model number and date of manufacture on it.

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Possible the defrost thermostat is bad and need to be replaced. Not allowing the evaporator coil ice buildup to melt , which acts like an insulation and restricts the air flow in the freezer compartment.

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There are all manner of sticky stuff available and many available only to trade and industry and these of course usually outperform what is available domestically.

Besides the above there is a wide variety of silicones, polyurethanes, and adhesives available from retailers or trade outlets but in quantities too great for your task to be economic. What many people do have in a kitchen drawer is a latex based contact adhesive or a general purpose impact adhesive and a few blobs of either will suffice if the hose is first retained with adhesive tape while the glue dries.

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Replace the damper assembly would most likely cure this. But this is of course a guess.

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Your main control board is defective...It is located in the back of the fridge.. Very common problem with this model..

Part #WR55X10942

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Looks like you have a defective defrost heaters..or defrost thermostat...
Here is what you need..

:Heater WR51X443 and thermostat WR50X122

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The defrost function on your refrigerator has malfunctioned. It is a possibility that That it could be the heating element, the temp sensor, or the main board. I am posting a couple of videos to help you out.
This next video will show you a defrost issue in a top bottom fridge and explain how a refrigerator functions. Now all fridges function on the same principle on cooling and defrosting however the only difference you will usually find is location of the coil whether it is a side by side or freezer on the bottom.

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They probably haven't got the infrastructure in place.

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