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GE Advantium SCA2000BAA

Excellent camera work! This is very helpful.

That door you mention is part of the "damper assembly".

In that damper assembly is a damper switch which detects the position of the damper door.

If the switch goes bad, or there's some kind of obstruction of the damper door, the control board will try to run the damper motor to close or open the door, as appropriate, depending on whether you're cooking in microwave mode or speedcook / convection mode.

It's not listed as a separate part, but that damper switch should be the same kind as the upper and lower door switches to the left of the control panel.

You can find helpful exploded view diagrams and order parts by entering your full model number here.

There should be a "mini-manual" (tech sheet) hidden inside the unit behind the control panel or hidden on the left side behind the grille, which is very helpful when troubleshooting, testing, and locating components.

At our Web site, we have a video available showing how to remove a typical over the range control panel assembly in under 5 minutes. Maybe you saw that already?

If you only need a switch, you can order a universal type here for $5 postpaid.

Feel free to contact me directly (and please remind me of your full model number) for more information & help.

We're happy to help you with free advice and we'd appreciate your thoughtful rating of our answer.

William E. Miller
[email protected]

12/26/2020 1:33:07 AM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Dec 26, 2020

Where can I download a manual for sca1001fss01

Try manuals on line .com or manufacturers website.
2/18/2015 11:30:03 PM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Feb 18, 2015

Location of fuse

The fuse should be on the right side of your microwave ,looking in front of the oven. You need to open it and you will see it.
9/7/2014 8:46:05 PM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Sep 07, 2014

Fuse location

Behine or part of control pannel.
9/7/2014 2:04:03 PM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Sep 07, 2014

Advantium handle snapped off

go to www.repairclinic.com and get it for replace.God bless you
11/8/2013 12:42:54 PM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Nov 08, 2013

The inside finish on the oven door is coming

its not harmful at all,,,it just dont look to nice,, the microwave will still work fine as any microwaves will just bounce off the inside of the door and be reflected back inside the oven just as they do on all the other sides of the oven,,, after all the door is only coverd in paint,, and that dont stop microwaves so dont worry about it,, all the paint has come off the inside of my microwave door,,, and its been working like this for years now
2/5/2011 6:07:40 PM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Feb 05, 2011

My GE Advantium sca2000bbb03 does dont heat

I had this same problem with no heat. I called the GE rep out and he replaced the magnetron thinking that was the problem and put back together and had the same problem. I just happened to press in on the door while he was studying his diagnostics and it started heating. He then replaced the door switch and all was well.
12/20/2010 4:01:14 PM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Dec 20, 2010

My GE Advantium Microwave first

In this case, you have to check the control panel. There might be wire connections and contacts that loosens. The bulbs inside the oven is connected to a switch that that only functions once the oven is in closed position.
11/5/2010 1:08:10 AM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Nov 05, 2010

Oven stopped working except for the


what is indicate i that there is a form of disconnection or loose of wire from the connection on the element i.e the heater it is silver in colour

what you have to do to fix up wave back to function is to (unscrew)open the wave then trace the wire down to the element to fine the loose wire then connecte it back to the element and then make sure there is no form of dirt or liquid form on the panel of the wave couple it back with this the problem is solve .

please when doing this put off all power supply connected to the wave.

than you and thanks for using fixa.
6/14/2010 9:47:41 PM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Jun 14, 2010

GE Advantium 120... the display wil not show. It

Its the problem of control panel board.The board is got shorted internally.If some of the board points are working then it will show some functions message.In any case it has to be checked and replaced.
In some cases it has noticed that if control board is got internally hanged then this type of problem occurs.Try to unplug the machine from wall outlet then reconnect it again.
Press all the control buttons on the touch pad together and check.If any of the button is got stuck then this happens.If still the same problem then Front control panel needs to be replaced.
TO get control panel replaced you will require the part.
 For getting required parts you can get it from the on-line site like www.repairclinic.com 
Thanks. keep updated for any more query.you can rate this solution and show your appreciation.
6/14/2010 8:14:53 PM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Jun 14, 2010

Everything works, but it has stopped heating.

HI. Your symptoms are a strong indication of Magnetron failure. This is the principal heating device, that is used to produce microwaves that , essentially, excite the water molecules in the food, thus, producing the heating effect. When this device fails, generally, the unit will run, but not heat. This device is very fragile, and can injure you if you are not qualified to handle this type of component. There is a High Voltage Capacitor, that is used to help provide the necessary current for optimal Magnetron operation. This capacitor must be discharged correctly. If not, you could risk serious injury, during the repair, if it is accidental touched.

The Magnetron is linked to a cut-off fuse. If the magnetron becomes unstable, this fuse will shut the device down. It is standard procedure to have this fuse test for continuity. If the fuse has blown, this will be the culprit. Replace the fuse. Now, if the fuse continues to show continuity, this will confirm that the Magnetron has failed. I would advise to inspect the Capacitor, and HV diode for visible burn marks, or swollen top(Cap).

Access can be ac hived to these parts by removing the outside cabinet screws. Once the screws are removed, the cover can be removed, as well. Once the cover is removed, the internal components will be exposed for testing, and visual inspections.

4/22/2010 9:25:56 PM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Apr 22, 2010

Advantium 120 blew breaker when door was closed. I

I'd suspect the interlock monitor switch is stuck, or its mounting bracket is out of adjustment. This is designed to blow the fuse if you try to run the oven while the door is open. The switch is supposed to open when you close the door. This switch is replaceable, but you should have this oven repaired by a professional. There are lethal voltages present with the cover off, and the possibility of microwave leakage is the repairs aren't done correctly.
3/20/2010 11:52:44 PM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Mar 20, 2010

New but will not cook - clock works

If it's within the one year warranty, the manufacturer will normally fix it free.

You didn't mention your brand, so I can only refer you to your onwer's manual to look up their contact information to arrange a repair.
1/31/2010 6:08:05 PM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Jan 31, 2010

The door handle cracked from the door. The unit

Or, if the handle itself is the only piece damaged, you can simply replace the door handle.

On MOST microwave ovens, you just have to remove the inner door panel that goes around the perimeter of the glass. The panel is pressed in place and can be removed by using a small screwdriver or putty knife and carefully insert along the seam of the inner panel to pry the plastic up. Work your way slowly around the perimeter of the glass to pop the panel loose. Use care not to pry against the glass. The glass is tempered and also has an RF shield that shields you from harmful RF radiation.

With the inner panel removed, the door handle screws are visibile and can easily be accessed with a screwdriver. Simply remove the broken handle and install the new one. Re-insert the inner door panel, gradually working your way around the perimeter of the door glass to ensure it snaps back into place and seats properly.

This repair can be done with the door in place, or you can remove it for easier access. If you decide the remove the door, open it all the way and lift straight up at the hinges. The door will lift off of the hinge pins. On some microwaves, you may have to remove the upper grill cover over the door (if equipped) to accommodate door removal. Place on a hard flat surface with some towels under it for padding. This protects the door facing from scatches.

NOTE: Some doors have a hinge pin that needs to be removed, or screws holding the door in place at the hinge.

You can view an exploded view diagram of your microwave at any of the following websites for reference: searspartsdirect.com pcappliancerepair.com appliancepartspros.com Just type in your model number and locate the parts listing for the door. If you have any questions, or require additional assistance, please let me know. I hope this helps you.
12/23/2009 6:17:41 PM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Dec 23, 2009

I have a Advantium sca2000fww02

Hi there,

Well first of all you can purchase the screwdriver to open your microwave parts, please follow the below link -


This is only the way to change the shaft, just need to replace it with a new one...., You can orde your part from the below link -


If the part not find in the list then you just call 1-877-894-0035 to order the part.

Good Luck!!

12/16/2009 6:57:08 PM • GE Advantium... • Answered on Dec 16, 2009
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