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Lanier 5618 is not a Network Copier. However, it may be installed on one PC and shared from there. Drivers are available from LANIER Official Support

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Ours Lanier 5618 has a network adapter , finally succeeded to setup via it by : "add printer wizard" , after choosing 'Standard TCP/IP Port' ; we choose " Ricoh Generic Network Printer " instead of "Generic Network Card" at 'Dvice Type' .......

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Why did you change the fotoconductor Unit???? This part of the machine is to create the image.
Your problem is in the tray. Meaby a broken switch. Take out the all tray and look inside to see if there is same obstruction.
If you do not see anything i advise you to call a Tech.

Dont waste more money if you dont know what your doing. This is the best advise i can give you.

See you!

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If you say that you see old ghodt copies the problem is with the Fuser Roller in the Fusing Unit.
If this is right i advise you to call a Tech (if you do not have the skills to change it)

See you!

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I am not 100% sure but i think you can calibrate your touch panel.
Follow this steps:
- Press yellow key.
- On the key pad press 1999.
- Press Red Key five times.

After that you will see the option to calibrate your panel. You just need to follow the wizard.

If you have any dought reply to me.

See you!

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Could be an error code, is there a number preceded by an sc displayed on the panel?

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For your in formation, the waste toner bottle locates at the back side of the printer. Just go to the back side of the then open the back panel of the printer and you will find the waste toner bottle there.

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I suppose that it is a printer.
In this printer the toner waste goes to the Transfer Unit.
Open the right door and you will see the trasfer unit. You have to take it out and open it. Then just empty it to a bag.
Take a look at this picture


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It is not seeing tray in the machine. Might be a piece of paper stuck behind the tray stopping it from going in and stopping it from detecting the tray?

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try this:

1. Press the clear mode key (yellow key)
2. Use the keypad to enter "107"
3. Old down clear/stop for at least 3 secunds. (red key)
4. Enter the service mode.

5. Exit all the way and turn off.

6. Turn ON

And thats it

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It could likely be the drum. Is the line on copies and prints, or just copies? If it's just on copies, it's not the drum.

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i'm very confused what is your model please

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Hi, you can turn off the key code management by going into User Tools. Press the User Tools/Counter button, then go to System Settings and then Admin Tools. There should be an option on the screen (you may have to scroll down) for key counter management -- turn this option off.
When you exit out of User Tools, you should be able to see the Copy screen just like you normally would, without having to enter a key code.
If the message on screen is asking you for a User Code rather than a key code or key counter, that option can also be disabled in User Tools. Go back into the Admin Tools and look for an option called User Authentication Management, or something similar, and either disable it completely or disable it for copying.

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This is a hot section problem, can be reset by entering service mode (pushing in sequence clear modes 1-0-7 hold stop button down for 5 seconds) but this is a bad code...service call? -Carl

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The developer is not a toner. It goes in the developer unit, it is installed by a service rep. You need to empty out the used developer & install the new bag of developer & rest the counter & set the developer up to add toner when needed. To make a long story on developer short > it is made up of iron filings & it holds the toner on the developer make roller to make a even coat of toner on your paper... Good Luck..... Just to let you know your copier is a Ricoh and it is a dul component copier

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exposure lamp open circuit replace or lamp regulator faulty also check thermo fuse 1st thing to check change auto exposure to manual this will tell you if regulator is faulty or not

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Zebra striping is typically caused by a bad development clutch. Most likely, the developer and the development clutch will need to be replaced, but the 7313 is so old you may have trouble finding parts, or finding a technician to work on the machine.

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This is probably because there is something that doesn't belong inside the printers paper path.

  1. Turn off the printer / copier.
  2. Remove any paper trays. Inspect them for wrinkled or damaged paper.
  3. Also open the back cover of the printer if this model has one.
  4. Open any other doors that give access to the printer's paper path and to the toner or ink cartridge.
  5. If necessary, remove the toner or ink cartridge. Place it away from light/ sun light to avoid damaging it.
  6. If you find a piece of jammed paper, remove it by holding it with both hands and pulling firmly. The goal is to keep the paper from tearing. If several pieces are jammed together, try pulling out the middle piece first to loosen the jam.
  7. If the paper does tear, try rotating the roller gears manually to free the paper. Don't force anything, though. Do this step especially if the jam message comes up repeatedly without any obvious paper jam, there may be a small tear of paper inside.
  8. Ones the printer is free of paper Replace the toner or ink cartridge and paper trays, close any doors you opened and turn the printer back on.
  9. If the printer paper jam message still appears, then there is still some paper in the printer. Reinspect the paper path.
  10. see alternative if the problem is still not solved.

alternative :
Load a piece of thick paper, for example photo paper and press the resume button (may be diffrent button on diffrent models) a few times to the printer picks up the paper and puts it through the machine.


If that doesn't help then you would have to start taking apart the machine to find the object or source of trouble inside. A service manual would be recommended as the paper path has alot of small moving parts and taking apart the whole printer will be very complex, it will turn into alot of small parts.

It may be best to get a professional to inspect the machine, if you can't find whats causing it by opening all the covers and looking closely with a flash light or similar. I would not recommend taking apart the printer yourself too much as if not put back together the right way it might make the problem worse.

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This is a fuser error code resetable by entering service mode. -Carl

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What kind of copier is it? On many of the Lanier color copiers, the waste toner bottle is located on the lower left side inside the front door.

Turn the copier off first. Pull the big front door open and turn the bottle with the oil to the left -- the waste toner bottle is the plastic gray tank behind that. Slide it out (carefully) and dump it in a plastic trash bag, then reinsert it.

If you have a different kind of copier, please specify the model and I'll tell you how to get to the waste toner bottle.

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