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no PC stated full model number
no OS stated. XP?
ASAP only works for paid service, this is free advice. not paid.
so no ASAP.
we are not HP either why not ask on their forum>?
never post emails. unless endless SPAM for 100 years is fun?

my wild guess.
running XP
and infected,

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the cause is using the mixer incorrectly, or mixer is junk, IDK,
now idea at all what system parts are there, not a clue here.
in the mixer, uncheck microphone.
Computers can be set up 1000s of ways, you know?
Not even a clue at all what PC< desktop or laptpo
no clue at all. just vague DJ bla bla....
answer is so will pure generic electronics (im certified tech. retired)
Most PCs of all kinds have sound card, or built in. (or just 1 chip)
be it a destop or lap top,
my PC has a sound card, (fancy,) DTop,
with 7 channels and all that stuff.with matching powerful software.

on a real desktop with a real sound card it has many jacks there
not just 2, (mic/speaker.,)
mine has line in, and line out. and many others for speakers,

there are 2 ways to record
1: using and external , say Mp3 recorder. (and 100 other ways )
2: and using the built in sound recorder in windows, do you have windows. you never said that nor which windows

the 1st choice is hardware, pure electronics, in fact tape recorders worked there for since first one made, using line in. to recorders.

choice 2, is software, you can buy a APP to do that, that is better than what Windoz offeres.

see here?

see that lime green wire?

the top sound cards all have special softeware
that has a super fancy MIXER, the mixer allows you to mix
anything you want. with a click of a button
if you dont have good sound card or matching software
all you get is windows basic crippleware. weak and very limited.
so next time tell the helper what you have.
fully and get 10x better answers.

here ill wet your whistle, on what can be done.
you want 2 CHANNEL STEREO recorders.
or even TOSLINK connections.?
How good is your source music, ? if poor then use cheap hard/software but don;t expect windows to do this well.
if running windows 10 go to the MS windows, STORE,
and buy a better audio software package.

ideas, are endless in recording
hardware super good. or better,

last is fancy app software like this.
I use this
it does it all. for near nutt'n.
GOLDWAVE (ive had it for 20 years too)

the word Disk Jock is a persons or is one of many hardware products, not stated by you.
is it this. old box? by maker NUMARK?

in the above jack 15 line out goes to sound card, LINE IN.
then in the PC you play or record off of LINE -in in the PC.
if you dont have a real PC with a Real sound card
this can be hard, using the MIC as a line input will cause
huge overload saturation of the mic amps, and sound like H3LL..

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a notebook
well take out the battery , large one
run ok now/.
if bios does dead, that is POWER iSSUES.
BIOS never goes dead unless
1: POWER LOSS. (battery it does, try a new power pack )
2: OVERHEATED. clean out the dust lint yet?
3: Or far worse... (lots)

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What operating system OS? XP><? WHAT OS?
what is full model number or this 15- "????
the HP suport page shows 63 different model 15s , hark.
ok, did you try a store bought CD firs. CD-CA?
not copies or burned CD-r.
CD's come in 2 size, normal 800MB sizes and 200MB tiny.

many CD players not do the tiny ones, lacking spot there to hold it in place. (do find a pC that can copy this tiny CD to USB stick)

first try a real CD, say an install disk full size, CD (not dvd)
or a store bought CD-DA,compact disk digital Audio, say with
songs from say, Johnny Cash. (#1) then click the disk. in explorer.

the PC to AUTOplay a disks takes 3 things
1: autoplay turned on,
2: CD drive must work and be GOOD.
3: and real CD in the tray , closed. (real means with valid content)

#3 is easy no, use a real CD to test the CD, from store in the music department. (reading CD-r can fail on many older CD drives)
tests , many; , ill do some. now. (for sure a year 2000 PC)
then if say its a program disk, say you put in the HP install disk.
called the media kit, disk from HP, or from microsoft. (a real CD)
real means not CD-R , (recordables)
go to explorer, in windows 10 its now called, "THIS PC"
does the the CD show up in this true name Explorer.?
does the CD drive show up in Disk manager, in CP?>control panel..
does the CD drive show up in device manager>?
all those are a YES,
if all shows up, then look for program files on the disk using explorer.
do you see files, thre, (install disks)
one FILE might be setup.exe, can you run that.? double click it?

if yes, then autoplay is turned off in your unstated OS.
if not the CD drive is bad or the CD is not any good.

I have My Autoplay off since it was invented so viruses on said disks
can not autolaunch, a not so good thing.-

now 1 example (not XP,vista , w7,w8,w8.1 )
in windows 10, to turn on this autorun ( horror)
click settings in the run menu. w10
click devices
click autoplay on left side.
behold. turn it on or off, and blow the on button, pick a rule.
or turn it on and pick "ask me every time.".. for safety.
under removable drive.

tell OS , tell what PC this is, 15 does not answer that question
please. for 10x better help.
PS; click HP15 here and see all 63 models.


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what PC full name? what OS?
so are you saying you want both screens the same time.?
the operators guide answer this.
dV7, what, you didnt post the full model. ,
lots of DV7 made. 1000 to 6000 series. sorry cant guess.
is sleep mode off
and screen saver off/ hibenate off.
id read the users guide first, see what options are featured, on YOUR PC. 29 classes of dv7 and subclasses.

read your service tag to learn what you have.
then go here
WHAT OS came with your PC day1 new.,
is the current OS same as DAY1.? or upgraded some why..
if upgraded, to what?

all the 1000 series book says is this, "says it alternates"
page 17

or ask on the real forum HP?

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there are many LEVELS of OS repair modes.
one is startup files bad, and fix that.
others are refresh.
and last full install.
the HP site covers how to do all that.
HDD not found is usual just that. bad HDD.
ever listen to one, if silent its DEAD, HDD, not SSDs.
One can remove the HDD, and put it in a eSATA enclosure
and plug it in to any PC modern has eSata, and see if data can be recovered. this is best way 1. or just plug it in to a good system.
Best is Desktop as those can have up to 8 drives installed ,
like my ASUS has. (actually more on mine)
That covers the topic DATA, recovery, 101.
now the cure.
buy a new SSD and then do a fresh install with HP media kit
then copy data from old drive, (if not dead) to new drive.
SOP, standard op. procedures. all.

Windows scans the HDD< for the DRIVER busy line to be not busy
if the drive is dead , it can set this line (all do dead) to true,.
busy forever, (aka READY) and is NOT ready.

when THE OS sees it in that logic state, it can not access it at all.
all it can do in that state is see name of HDD and model.
if super dead, it reads nothing... no Pnp DATA, zero.
and that is a totally dead drive.

one way to prove this is put the HDD in another system.
or run a live linux boot CD and see , yup its dead
or run linux partition tools, yup dead.
or windows 10 PE, boot CD
links to all that are here.

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We are here to help. Contact +1-800-204-4427 HP® for Consumer, Business and Enterprise technical support for HP products and services.

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you will fail to get the OS healthy, I can and on many but took
days to do and paid me $$$$ to do it ,due to very important data on said systems! I'm real good at hard surgical virus extractions..)
NO HP system stated, just Pavilion.

here is the only solution 10 years and newer Pavilion
go to
the put your service tag data in the box when asked.
then get the HP, media recovery disks.
end problem.

Today we back up, so the OS is 100%^ expendable.
and reload it. at (infection time)
but if you have data. that is not backed up say so
What Id do, if that data is important
is to put in a new SSD
and do a fresh load
then connect the old HDD<using say a external driver enclusure.,
(have many here , in lab)
and the get your old data that way,
even scanning it from virus first. as a slave drive, never as boot.
data recovery 101.end. a long topic in its own right.

and stop reading email attachments or pornn

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NO operating system stated, sounds W7 like.?
there is no lifetime anything, SORRY!
my guess is some kind of marketing Hype,?
what do you expect for QVC, (avoid like the plunge, me)

that warning is , Microsoft, ant- malware engine protecting you.
(and anti-virus too)
it will see vast errors, cruising THE world wide web of infections.
for SURE.

Its ok, dont panic yet
run the clean,
let them both runs, 1 at a time, never both same time.
on Windows 10 its called Defender
click the tray icon and do a full scan
scans are NEVER risky .
scan it every day.
if kids use internet scan hourly (LOL)

think of the internet as a huge garbage can. (it's 10000x worse)
think of the scans like Shower and 3 doses of Penicillin

if confused
post here
on the real forum

All versions if windows are a virus magnet
XP is worst
gets better every release.
W10 is the most safe! but has other issues, (spying that is easy to turn off ,ask)
and Linux vastly better, (search linux virus in the wild)
the most safe of all is booting running from CDROM or flash stick
running say windows 10 PE live CD
where nothing gets saved! ever.
or running a Virtual OS. ( i offered things to learn )

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Yes it does! Most desk top units do need external speakers. Your computer has integrated audio on the motherboard and a speaker output jack.

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is it the same size hard drive? You may have a problem with what is called the branding of the main board. What that means is the mother board has information programmed into it that tells the restore disk that it belongs to that system and what it needs to load on to that system for a factory restore. Most of the disks have programs the go to other systems of the same series so they make 1 disk for the series and then program it to only load the programs that came on that system. You would need to take it to someone who can get the program to see if that is the problem after they rebrand the system.

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Looks like you have Malware /

REBOOT / tapping the F8 key on the keyboard... / Select Boot into "SAFE MODE"

Then browse to C:/Users/jlfig224/AppData/Roaming/

DELETE folder : 58922d0/ (and everything in it)

REBOOT ..and reply back with results.


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Google Plasytore is currently unavailable on Windows, but you could try the official website if thats comes in handy
(Btw you cannot download android applications on your pc except through the use of Bluestacks or such)

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try when starting the laptop, hold delete or alt+del down to open in the bios section
go to the section that allows you to select the boot able devices
change from first hard drive to second hard drive or external disc drive or what ever you have that you can boot from and make that first boot
if you get it right then the message insert boot disc will go and the unit will boot up from that device
best use an external hard drive that you can put the disc in and make that your first boot up
by getting the computer to boot up you can repair any mistakes or circumvent any failed internal hard drive
only thing is , if your hard drive is shot , you will loose all files , folders and data unless you have it backed up on another device

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You can install or reinstall DVD driver onto your laptop.
1. Open Device Manager using devmgmt.msc command and enable "View -> Show hidden devices" option. Now locate the DVD/CD-ROM drives and IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers items.
2. Right-click on each entry present under both "DVD/CD-ROM drives" and "IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers" sections one bye one and select Uninstall.
3. Once all have been removed, right-click again and select Scan for hardware changes.
The drives will be rediscovered and when the drivers are loaded back, the drives will re-appear in My Computer window.
You can also try to restart your computer.
Then you should also have a DVD player program on your laptop. You can try Leawo Blu-ray Player which can play both Blu-ray and DVD movies.

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That question is not relevant to HP Pavilion PC laptop.

What email system gmail, yahoo, hotmail, aol ?
What browser do you use. like chrome, safari, explorer or firefox
See if you have stored the password on the browser

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Pavilion is a laptop, it had to work at some point. If the computer can't see it, it is not connected, probably'll have to remove it to check the connections, and most likely replace it if you can't light it up with external 5V...

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Hi Patricia,
Windows Games are turned off. By default, the games that come with Windows are turned off, in some editions. To turn them back on:
  1. Click the Start button , click Control Panel, click Programs, and then under Programs and Features, click Turn Windows features on or off.
  2. Select the Games check box, and then click OK.
Hope this helps!,
Please rate!


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To help you troubleshoot the wireless connection problem through laptop, please follow the steps given below:
- Make sure you turn ON WiFi button from the laptop itself.
- Make sure if the WLAN AutoConfig service is set to automatic.
- Click on start button, type 'services.msc' and press Enter.
- Scroll down to the WLAN AutoConfig service, right click on it and select Properties
- Click on General tab, select Automatic for startup type.
- Click on Dependences tab and make sure that all the dependences services are set to Automatic. Then click on OK button.
If issue persists, please check if network drivers are installed in the laptop. Please find the link given below which will be more helpful to troubleshoot further:

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