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when connecting a MOTOR to a DC to AC inverter the clipping sound comes from the fact that a inverter produces a switching voltage (Square wave) not a sine wave, than the motor's winding acts as a transponder and emits a clipping sound.... always check the specifications to see if you can plug any kind of motorised device to the inverter... electric motors have a different load ratings than other electric/electronic devices due to the mechanical impact (if it turns freely or has restriction) it affects the power rating...

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It would depend on what type of AC product you'r trying t operate. While your load maybe only 1,000 watts, the starting inrush current may be too much for your inverter. Try turning inverter on, and see if it powers up. Try pluggin in something very small. Another possibility is the 12V circuit you're plugging the unit into isn't large enough to carry the current, and the incoming voltage is dropping too low for the unit to operate. A 1000 watt inverter is too large to plug into your cigeratte lighter unless you're only operating a very small load. Usually they are connected right to the battery. If you do this be sure to fuse it there , and run large enough wire to the inverter. You should probably have about a #4-#6 copper wire for such a large inverter.

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Are you wanting to install circuit breakers on the DC (battery) side? If so, you won't need them to protect the unit as it is already fused. But, it would be a good idea to install them as close to the battery so that if a wiring fault develops in te cable going to the inverter, it would be protected as well.

For the AC side, breakers are sized according to the wire size, not the capacity of the inverter. But, you can always use a smaller size if you want to try and protect the inverter from overloads as well. Your inverter is rated at 1000 watts, which is a bit over 8 amps of AC current. Use a 10 amp circuit breaker, and don't use smaller than 16ga wire for short distances. Use larger guage wire (12ga is 20amp residential requirement, 14ga is 15amp residential requirement) for the longer runs.

This inverter is not designed for a permanent install, its not intended to be run continuously. There are inverters designed for this, you can find an idea of product selection at rv suppliers, alternative energy shops, etc.

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If it takes a charge and the current and voltage are ok while charging then the battery needs replacing.

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First, you should be aware that the exact inverter is available for under 40 dollars all over the US. Your model is sold under several names - check out .

I suspect that your INPUT power level is not adequate for the inverter to put out the 200W that the 150W charger needs. If you have low current and low voltage - then the inverter can only put out a proportionally smaller AC wattage level. You may also have a faulty voltage the input. Once the inverter sees a low level (even momentarily), it alarms and shuts down the output until the unit is reset (turned off/back on)

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Invertors do NOT like the load that a typical laptop switching supply presents to them.

You are MUCH better buying a direct convertor that converts the input voltage to that required by the laptop. It is more efficient and somewhat safer. (and usually cheaper)

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even the smallest inverter can run a laptop, something is wrong with this unit

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I can't answer your question but I strongly suggest you urgently contact the manufacturer or dealer in order to clarify this most important point as a 3kw inverter isn't cheap and shouldn't need replacing very often.

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Sure, you can find it on amazon... here: Amazon com Husky jump start adapter . I hope I have helped. Cheers

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well the yellow light indicates a fault, the 5 volt USB is independent of the invert-er function, you kneed your unit serviced or possibly you have a low voltage cutout or high voltage protect ,check you manual for led fault indicator descriptions, battery voltages should be between 10.9 volts and 13.8 volts this can cause a fault if outside this range.
best regards Falco

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Most power inverters supply a modified sine wave output. This is different from the true sine wave you get at home. It's close enough for many applications, but not close enough for many transformers, which is what your laptop power supply is. So the problem is that your laptop's power supply does not work with a modified sine wave input. Some will, some won't. Very common problem.

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Look on this site and see if yoou can find one with:

Correct dimensions
Correct voltage
Correct terminal connections

Don't worry if capacity is a few more amp hours. Some batteries have improved the capacity.

Use your measuring tape for size.

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sounds like my inverter im going to change the mofset or.triod it has 3 prongs.

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Purportedly pressing enter clears the error message.
The error means the "power circuit is not ready" according to the error code page.

The following page has the contact details for the company in the US as the last listing.

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The EKO 5000DB inverter is purportedly a rebranded 5KW Solis Ginlong inverter. Here is a YouTube regarding steps to take if an OV bus error message is encountered.

Additionally, a link to a Ginlong manual with a troubleshooting section follows:

Current Solis manuals may be downloaded from:

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You will have to buy a new ac adapter.

Electronics -... | Answered on Jan 11, 2021 | 169 views

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