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Hi, 5,000 square feet.

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A wooden driveway gate needs to be supplemented with a steel frame to last since they will be opened much more frequently than an ordinary wood gate. The slide type gates will need the structural strength to resist the pulling of the chain. A swing gate, will be cantilevered since a wheel at the opposite end will trigger the obstruction reversing mechanism in the gate operator. This cantilevering over the long width of a driveway requires steel in the structure both to prevent sagging and to keep the gate looking good over time. Gaps and misalignment will occur naturally as the wood shrinks and expands in weather. The steel frame helps to hold everything together tightly.

We make our gates using wood cladding over a steel frame. If you like check out our link at the bottom for more information. Here are some projects we have completed.








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There are several ways a gate will open. You need to check each of them but the most common issue we find when repairing gates is the exiting vehicle detection device is opening the gate.

There are two main types. The best type will be a loop embedded in the driveway. These normally open the gate by driving over them. A sensor in the operator sends an electrical wave through the loop. A vehicle affects this wave and the sensor detects it, flips a switch and opens the gate.

If the installer used standard PVC wire, and the driveway cracks to let water sit on the wires, they could change the wave occasionally and open the gate. Water can take days to soak through and remain around for days. So while you do not have rain or sprinklers going the day the gate opens, it could still be the cause.

The sensor inside the operator could also be going out. Usually, they have lights showing when they are active. If you have one, and the detection light is on, turn off the machine, disconnect and reconnect the sensor and see if the detection light comes back on.

Next check the loop wires. Physically, look at the wires wherever you can. Check the driveway for exposed wires. If you find them, call a pro to replace them. Once this is done, you need an ohmmeter. Plunge a screwdriver deep in the ground. Set the dial on the ohmmeter to measure how much resistance there is between one wire in the loop and the screwdriver in the ground. Make sure you are not touching the leads or wires with both hands since you will be measuring your bodies resistance and not the short between the ground and the wires you are looking for.

If you find anything but an open circuit, there is a problem with the loop wires and you will need to replace them. If you have a completely open circuit, then change the detector. Ideally, you have another detector for the safety loops and can switch them to see if the problem moves to the safety loops. If it does, replace the detector.

The second type of exit device is called an exit wand or exit probe.

These are overly sensitive and don't last as long as the loop detector. Your dogs collar can set it off as can a bicycle or even a workers steel-toed boots. Add to this, the propensity to fail, and if you have one of these, you have likely found the problem.

The fix for these is to pull the probe up, look for nicks or cuts in the wire and fix them, dig a deeper trench, cover the wire with PVC pipe to prevent more cuts and finally bury the wand itself at least six inches deep. By the way, if the probe cable runs next to other electrical lines, they can make the probe react too. I have heard this can be prevented by using copper pipe instead of PVC pipe.

Other causes could be a remote in someones purse or pocket going off as it bumps around, a switch used to open the gate shorting out, a call box getting signals and in general anything used to open the gate breaking down or being set off inadvertently.

Rarely, and I mean very rarely, a control board, the big circuit board controlling the gate motor itself, will go out and cause this sort of problem. Out of everything, this is the least likely.

Good luck.

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How to Replace Double Glazing in uPVC WINDOWS Cheaply replace blown double glazed window panes in uPVC windows following this video. You just need to look for a local double glazing supplier. Look in local directories for uPVC or Glass manufacturers or suppliers, or use the Internet. Some also deliver to your door. Save a fortune by doing it yourself! Go to this youtube video: or search on google for "comeinhandynow double glazing"

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I am assuming you are talking about fencing in 3 sides of an area with each side being 25 feet long. Linear feet refers to only the running length of the fence. It doesn't care about height. For example, you fence will be 75 linear feet long...three sides each 25 feet. The price per linear foot already takes into account the fence height. For example, you say that the fence you want is about $15.00 per linear foot. For the sake of argument, say your fence is 4 feet high. If you were to change to a 3 foot high fence, the cost per linear foot would be less since there is less fencing material. If you wanted to up the height to 6 feet, the price would rise accordingly.

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Of course it depends on the dimentions of your yard. Wooden fences can be quite expensive. look at this site, it includes installation costs:

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about five quarts

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what is the make and model of your gate motor or central unit it might have to be reprogrammed after you dry it with a hair dryer without the battery in it

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Is this electric gate on a car or truck? If not, why posted here?

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I've never heard of cutting a hole in a chain link fence before. I'm considering installing one of these around my own yard to help keep my dog on my property. My family recently bought him and he still isn't that well trained. I think something like this would help immensely. Chain Mesh Fencing Melbourne Chainmesh Security Fencing

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First, try to get a fence made from a durable material like aluminum or a wire fence. Of course you will compromise the looks...
don't get a wooden fence unless it is more expensive since big dogs tend to ruin them

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You can create an account on Fixya without dealing at all with Facebook. Simply register a new account, select a user name, password, provide your email address and maybe a few more bits of information, then accept the terms of use.

Installing a gate post has been done at my home, involving use of a post-hole digger for best results in digging a hole that is relatively narrow across. I'm thinking it was a foot deep, but go as deep as needed to make the top of the post as high as is needed. Pour some ready-mix cement around the post and make sure the post is properly rotated to have the gate hinge holes lined up in parallel with the gate. Hold it straight as necessary until the concrete sets.

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Check out this page from Open High School. It explains the process:
LESSON Circumference of Circles READ Find the Diameter or Radius of...

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Math homework, but an English lesson involved: Proper spelling is "equation."

Offhand I see possibly that we need to set up to solve 5690/6600= X/100 and cross-multiply, then solve for X

Do again for 950/6600=Y/100 and cross multiply. Solve for Y.

At least we get to put something together that replaces the original equation with X%+Y%=100%

Now, I am leading up to Y% is the percentage change, but I need to bone-up on that point myself. Perhaps I have triggered the thought juices.

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Sounds like a math homework question. I suggest you divide the given side length into the area to obtain the second side. Add the first side and second side to get the linear feet for the two sides.....

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What is the issue, please be specific.

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Linear feet is just the length of the fence in feet.
Linear just means how many straight feet it is.
Hope this helps.
Please be sure to rate my answer.
Thank you.

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