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I can not see why you want to use that oil. That would be a good oil to use if you have a lot of hours on that engine. Otherwise it is a little high on upper viscosity number unless it is running really hot and I doubt that is the case.

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this is a brushless generator, that means it has a condensor, this is a "normal" fail, see it happen a lo on brushless. Upgrade to a metal can condensor (gets less heat and is a better construction and the problem should be less frequent...

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sounds like the carberator needs cleaning and the linkage that makes it open up under load. it works off the flywheel. a lot of generator problems are gas related. water, trash and varnish build up in the carb.

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change the spark plug clean the fuel tank replace filters and oil change fuel line if cracking or stiff.
remove carb bowl clean out with carb clean remove any sch-lack from old gas run and test power.
hope this helps

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You should have automatic or manual choke control. Try to find it and open it during start. After that you can close it if stable work is achieved.

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Check the breakers.take it back if its brand new.

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Make sure your generator is rated high enough to run you a/c. Also is you a/c 120v or 240v? Do you have it plugged into the right voltage?

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Check if a circuit breaker is tripped and reset it.

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You MAY have blown the rotating diodes on the rotor.

This would require servicing.

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could be a bad transfer switch.

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if the generator has been sitting for a while you might have to excite the magnets to start producing power. plug in a reversible drill and with the generator running turn the drill in the reverse direction by hand while holding the trigger in the forward position.

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Here is some reasons for reference:
1.After the diesel generator is stopped, the residual magnetism is often lost, because the material used for the magnetic pole of the exciter is close to the soft steel, and the residual magnetism is small. After the shutdown, when there is no current in the excitation winding, the magnetic field will disappear.
2.The magnetic pole of the diesel generator loses its magnetic properties.
3.Damage of excitation circuit components or circuit breakage, short circuit or grounding phenomena.
4.The exciter brush is not in good contact with the commutator and pressure of brush holder is insufficient.
5.Excitation winding wiring error, opposite polarity.
6.Stator winding and rotor winding of generator set open circuit.
7.Poor contact between diesel generator brush and slip ring, or insufficient brush pressure.
8.Diesel generator lead wire wiring is loose or switch contact is poor.
9.The fuse box is fused.
10.The "auto-manual-de-excitation" switch on the control panel is in the de-excitation position (automatic generator set has "auto-manual-de-excitation" switch).
11.The voltmeter is damaged.
12.Rotary rectifier module is damaged.

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Mybe the problem is the frequency.
Visit the website to get more support.

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Start by replacing fuel. Completely drain the tank and carburetor fuel bowl. Do not use what fuel you may have, get 2 gallons of fresh fuel from gas station. If problem clears then likely water in fuel.

If still backfires with fresh fuel then likely an ignition issue. Failing ignition module or possibly a sheared flywheel key. Try reducing spark plug gap to .025" .

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There are several types of overload to consider:
A. Catastrophic: something has gone very wrong. There may be a phase to phase short or two shorts to ground. This assumes you have an ungrounded system. With luck the main circuit breaker will open without destroying itself;
B. Steady state over current: The load on the generator is greater than the rating on the circuit breaker. Time to parallel in another generatoror shed load;
C. Transient over current: Suppose you were running two generators in parallel and one failed. The remaining machine may experience an over current condition that causes the breaker to trip. You can also have transient breaker trips upon activation of a large motor e.g., fire pump or bow thruster;
D.Thermal: There is a big difference in sea water temperature as you travel the world. It is possible to have an overload caused by the diesel engine's inability to shed heat in the tropics. Continued operation could damage the diesel engine. Again, parallel in another generator or shed load.

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Is it overloaded? That's the most common reason!

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More supports, please see at

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