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before you go out and spend big money have you check the low oil switch for operation. If the sump oil is not at the correct level then that switch turns off all ignition power.

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Mar 13, 2016

run the fault codes and look for a servo/solenoid problem for 1-2 gears.

RTO Automatic... | Answered on May 05, 2015

This might help?

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Feb 26, 2015

P0725 - Engine Speed Sensor Input Circuit Malfunction

Read more: http://engine-codes.com/p0725.html#ixzz3R3eFacV6 and here for several care makes: P0725 Engine Speed Sensor Input Circuit Malfunction

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Feb 07, 2015

Maybe you need some kind of belt on your gear box.

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Jan 28, 2015

REbuilt Transmission for Ford should be At MAX $3.000. And add another $500 for the 6 Hours it should take to install "Ford Time"...

OR go to a normal Trans shop and pay $2000 or less and that Should include the Install.. However What is the Trans Actually Doing? Is the Overdrive light Flashing?? AS for the Axle, Autozone wants under $100 for the Axle And if You want NEW I'm sure I could get it for you for less then 500 and the install for most people are around $150.00 ...

You are being Taking for a Long Hard ride.. Don't do it.. :) Find someone else for Proper Costs...

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Jan 27, 2015

Hi jeff

If your car cannot shift out of park, have some one monitor the brake lights for you, or if you are alone, put something on the pedal and walk around back.

1) If the brake lights are NOT on when the pedal is depressed, the sensor/switch which turns them on, and also opens the shift interlock, is not functioning because a) it is broken, b) it is dirty or c) it has become disconnected.

2) If this is your problem, get your head under the dash (move the seat back and sit in it like Neil Armstrong, bring a flashlight). There are three plastic push pins holding the bottom of the dash in, remove them and place in a safe container. Remove the lower dash cover, also remove the plastic hose for the heating A/C... it comes right off, no problem.

3) Look at the pedal, there are two switches. The one closest to the door is the offender. Sometimes wiggling it will cause it to operate, but without replacing it, you will not have brake lights... so don't do this just to get on the road, you may get rear ended. Twist the switch and pull it out. Now it will be easier to mess with. When the car is running with the e-brake on and the car in park, when the switch is operated, you can hear the clicking of the interlock. But if it's not happy, it will get hot, so don't mess with it too much.

4) Get a new switch, and install it. If you are stuck at home with no car and are technically minded and the brave type, you can take this switch apart and repair it for short term use, or just blast the heck out of it with some lithium grease. Try just the grease first because the switch is evil to take apart and repair... I DO NOT recommend trying to fix the switch. I did, but you might not be able to and will now have a car which cannot move out of park until you get a new switch and you will curse my name every minute you spend wallking to the dealership.

5) The brave person has ignored my warning and now has no idea what they have in front of them... so here goes.
*The switch consists of a top and a bottom, two springs, three contacts, a square-ish sliding part and the plunger.
*CAREFULLY pull the square slider off the plunger, yes, it ratchets, so don't break it.
*Pull the contacts out of the bottom. The Contact which sits on the plunger, actually goes underneath them, so when you put this all back together, put in the big spring first, the small contact, and then the two big contacts.
*Now, carefully slide the square-ish slider into the assembly so that it goes into the middle contact, these parts only goe in one way, so experiment with it, one is easy, the other isn't, just pay attention.
*Put the top part of the switch back on, yes, the plunger is still on the counter. This is easier this way.
*When it is all back together, push the plunger in a LITTLE BIT.
*Plug it back in to the wire assembly BEFORE installing it to make sure that it works.

6) Now, with the brake pedal in the resting position (as in, not pushed to the floor) push the switch into place, you will hear it ratchet as the plunger goes in. Check to see if when you press the pedal you get lights. Adjust the plunger so that you do.

7) Drive to the dealer BEFORE you put the dash back together, buy new switch, replace it, drive home, drink beer, put dash back together.

Taken from another site. Greg.

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Jan 18, 2015

Hello, sounds like this will not be a homeowner capable fix as there are several possible reasons the trans is not shifting from first to second gear. In that transmission, Mechanically, 2nd gear is an intermediate band operated by a servo which pressures are controlled by shift solenoids. So basic daignosis would be to see if the solenoids are active before pulling the trans to take it apart for inspection of some key internal components like the condition of the band and the drum it holds as well as proper clutch engagement in the packs. Like I said, this is not not a do it at home job without GM automatic transmission experience. But before a teardown a bi-directional scan tool and a stethescope should be used to see if solenoids are at least active with the key on and a scan tool commanding the solenoids and listening to the case near the valve body to see if solenoid clicks can be heard before tearing into the unit. And another diag before teardown would be to drive the vehicle with the scan tool in transmission solenoid parameters visible to see if the PCM is commanding the solenoids to change and shift. Like I said, not a low tech diag. I was a Master GM tech and Shop Foreman for over 30 years building transmissions.

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Dec 26, 2014

I suggest you get a rebuilt as it would be highly unlikely there would be a new one available. Check the auto transmission repairs in your area or Google the Internet for these repairers in your area.

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Dec 17, 2014

-Possibly over fill. (more than enough).
-Here how to check the automatic transmission fluid:
1.Make sure park your car on a flat (level ) surface .Start the car and let it idle for 10 to 15 minutes or until it reach
normal temperature then check the fluid while the engine is still running.

Good Luck


RTO Automatic... | Answered on Nov 15, 2014

To perform optimally everything is controlled by a computer. If the computer gets a signal from the speed sensor saying your doing 30 and your really doing 80, the computer will adjust to perform optimally at 30 because that's all it knows. If the whole puzzle doesn't make sense to the computer it can do odd things such as not know what gear it should be in and find something inbetween.

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Nov 12, 2014

-First check transmission fluid. If none or it's low , top it to full indicator and try to drive.
-When check the fluid, engine must running and hot or normal temperature..
If fluid is full then next you need to check the shift cable to the control arm. Is it moving when you shift to D and other position...? If No. then possibly the cable to the arm is lose. If yes it move as you shift, then it's time for new transmission.

Good Luck.


RTO Automatic... | Answered on Nov 10, 2014

A lot of info above, :)
Me They cleaned the Torque Converter lockup switch and reused it seems to me, Have it rebuilt again and have the old part in hand this time,

Symptoms of Lockup Torque Converter Going Bad eHow

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Nov 03, 2014

You could have Explained What the car was doing BUT you most likely
need a transmission Rebuilt since most Transmission lockup solenoid's can't be accessed to easy, BUT I'll Assume and say your having Shifting problems slow take offs most likely seems to be taking off in 2nd gear or seems stuck in 2 gears at once after warm,, Not to mention may be dying out at stop lights?.. But feel free to add more Info, :)

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Nov 02, 2014

No, it means that a significant amount of the transmission fluid is "missing-in-action", and the heat generated inside the transmission is not being dissipated by the cooling effect of the fluid. Top-up the fluid.

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Oct 31, 2014

Why dont you share with us if its manual or automatic please? Thanks.

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Oct 28, 2014

before replacing govenor parts try change fluid and filter its cheaper

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Oct 17, 2014

Your transmission is probably in limp mode. my 1998 had the same problem. I replaced my solenoids & governor pressure sensor to fix my truck

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Oct 11, 2014

think no reverse clutch. You need to have your transmission rebuilt.

RTO Automatic... | Answered on Sep 25, 2014

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