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Fix Reverb unit on Fender Hot-Rod Deluxe Amp

Could have broken a spring in the reverb tank, or a wire connecting it to the amp, or the reverb driver tube, or a few other things, but those are the most likely in this situation. Thats what I'd check first. Give it a little slap and if it vibrates like normal, your spring is probably ok, you can still open it up and double check though. Check your wires. Then pull your reverb driver tube and replace it. If that doesn't work, it is probably in the circuit somewhere, and you should not work on your amp unless you know what you are doing. They store large amounts of electicity in the caps and they can kill you.
3/8/2020 2:41:22 AM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on Mar 08, 2020

Sometimes the reverb works, then next day it

Fender Amplifiers are notorious for their reliability issues.However, I'm sure that amp will sound sweet once you get everything working again!

The problem is likely your "tank". The tank contains the springs which create reverb as the guitar's signal is sent through them. A broken spring could be causing your problem.

Luckily, any of the larger music stores should have them avalible.

Good Luck!

3/1/2020 11:29:04 AM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on Mar 01, 2020

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Footswitch

Main thing to verify is that the particular footswitch and cable you have is specifically for that amp. If it is not the right one, that is your problem as there is very little compatibility among footswitches.
Looking at the schematic, plugging in JUST the cable shifts operation as you observed. This uses a crazy circuit in which AC is applied on the cable and the footswitch has a diode each direction that causes the amp to shift between the states. when you plug a bare cable in, it disconnects the internal diodes and switches for control at the amp, hence the signals float.
You should investigate the footswitch to make sure it is the right type with the diodes resistors and caps that is for the Fender Deluxe.

You can find the schematic for the amp here:


Look at the circuitry of the switches on the schematic at C8. Your pedal should have similar circuitry. Assuming your cable is good, the problem would be in the pedal itself.
1/30/2020 7:56:32 AM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on Jan 30, 2020

Fender 100w twin amp no sound

Here is a test you can do at home for the sound. Test out the speaker. To do this you will need two alligator clips with wire about ft. long. Remove the speaker wire clips under the speaker magnet and attach the alligator clips . Take a C size battery and touch both ends of the battery. You should here a scratching sound . If you do you know your speaker is OK. Then you have a problem that needs a Technician. A good music shop should be able to give you a idea of the repair cost. Don't go to a big music change, find a small full service shop that deals with Fender. I don't think this will cost a lot. Fenders play for years, Its truly worth the bench fee. Good luck DFD , please rate me thanks
9/27/2019 10:18:22 AM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on Sep 27, 2019

The correct order for Effects pedals.

Personally, I like to have all "tone effects", such as wahs, distortions and equalizers in front of "time effects" such as phasers, chorus, flangers and delays. See my set up in the photo. Guitar input is from right to left, starting with the wah pedal. Tom, 30yr player correct-order-effects-pedals-2ckjipyran2c0uimcnrpjion-1-0.jpg
12/28/2017 9:59:11 PM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on Dec 28, 2017

Clean channel distorts after a couple of hours use - then cuts out

Check the power supply voltage and look for a hot component. If it takes a while to bring on the symptom it's probably something getting hot.
11/19/2017 7:55:37 PM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on Nov 19, 2017

My 412Hot Rod Deville has terrible humming/white noise when distortion channel is on

It doesn't happen often but I suspect that the high gain input jack is defective. With nothing plugged into either input jack part of the signal is grounded and there should not be any noise. It might be that plus a noisy preamp tube. Try swapping the first two tubes to see if there is less noise. Carefully bang your fist or use an insulated tool's handle to hear if the noise changes. It might be an intermittent solder connection as well.
7/15/2017 2:12:44 PM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on Jul 15, 2017

Hey! I have a

The unit is screwed down. There are two screws one at each end. Look hard you will find them. Most of the time there is a small transducer (coli of wire) the small wires are usualy broke.
5/24/2017 5:46:45 PM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on May 24, 2017

Fender HRD - clean channel works fine, drive &

Wayne, There's a time to take the amp to a pro shop andf get it done right. It' saves time and headaches, and also keeps you from inadvertantly smoking other parts or yourself. Now is that time.
4/23/2017 8:50:03 PM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on Apr 23, 2017

I have a delux 90 fender amp solid state and it

This could be any of several problems including a failure in the power supply filtering, a tube that has shorted, or a broken ground someplace. Take unit in for repair.
6/13/2015 3:02:58 PM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on Jun 13, 2015

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

You have to ask the question for us to try to get an answer.
5/31/2015 5:23:45 AM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on May 31, 2015

I have a Fender 2x12

For the Drive channel you need to use the Drive control AND the MASTER volume control. When the Drive channel is active, the Channel Indicator lamp should be RED indicating the Drive Channel is active. The Drive control knob is used to adjust the preamp volume and distortion level of the Drive Channel. This gives you a clue as to what to check if adjusting the controls doesn't work -- the preamp tubes. Having said that, ONLY try to check these tubes with the amp OFF! Never stick your hand up into the chassis of a live amp. It could be lethal. Your preamp tubes are the ones farthest from where the power cord enters the chassis. They have a rubber like stabilizer on them. They have a tendency to wiggle loose, which is part of the reason for the stabilizer. Again, if you're not familiar with the insides...stay out and get an amp tech to help you.

The Normal Channel only uses the Volume Control to adjust volume.
5/16/2015 1:40:30 AM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on May 16, 2015

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe has very little sound, stuck

Just because tubes light up does NOT mean they are good or working... While heaters not lit are an indication of failure, teh reverse is not necessarily true.
Time to troubleshoot this... Plug a set of headphones into teh preamp out. See if audio there is clean... it will be low level using headphones and ONLY from one side as the output is mono and your headphones are stereo usually... If audio is clean here and not muffled, then problem is in power amp section else in the early stages of the unit.
Report back the results of this test...
3/29/2015 11:43:47 PM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on Mar 29, 2015

How to look up serial number fender guitar amp

http://intl.fender.com/en-CA/support/ Check this link and scroll down.
2/14/2015 5:12:12 PM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on Feb 14, 2015

How do I find Fender amplifires

http://intl.fender.com/en-CA/support/ Here is a link that will help you.
2/14/2015 4:54:20 PM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on Feb 14, 2015

Lookup fender serial number B499304

2/13/2015 12:27:42 AM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on Feb 13, 2015

Hum when volume at 0

with or with out a guitar plugged in
2/2/2015 7:47:26 PM • Fender Hot Rod... • Answered on Feb 02, 2015
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