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How to turn on hot tub

Hot tubs do not have an "on" button. They are preset to heat up to 100 as soon as the breaker is turned on.
1/15/2022 2:37:29 AM • Qca Spas... • Answered on Jan 15, 2022

Hi. We have a 10

the code might be FLO and could be the circulation pump has debris in the impeller so when idling it should have pretty good flow coming out of the jet the heater uses. other common failures with heat are the pressure switch seen pictured. let me know and pictures help me help u hayward-fdxlwps1930-water-pressure-switch-replacement-for-hayward-universal-h-series-low-nox-pool-heater_16953382-5wza5llwn2qwnlqvdjcvdeqf-3-0_0.jpeg
8/2/2017 6:22:23 PM • Qca Spas... • Answered on Aug 02, 2017

I have a index hot tub bubble spa. The pump reads 10 degrees higher than it really is and it won't heat up to 104 degrees because of this. I have taken the control panel off and tried resetting it.

Can't find the type of probe or even a picture of it, so if you could Look for it and if it looks like the first probe then you can turn that little nut to calibrate it usually. If the second then you either need to calibrate it within the spa controls or even might need to replace it. index-hot-tub-bubble-spa-pump-reads-10-ustbplkubffqp2stvmj24pss-4-0.jpg index-hot-tub-bubble-spa-pump-reads-10-ustbplkubffqp2stvmj24pss-4-1.jpg
11/20/2015 5:51:35 PM • Qca Spas... • Answered on Nov 20, 2015

How do i change topside reading from celsius to ferinheight. what are the JP

That is in your manual. Not all are the same and we do not know what you have,
12/10/2014 1:00:36 AM • Qca Spas... • Answered on Dec 10, 2014

My hot tub won't turn on. There is power to the

Check for a 2nd breaker in main box. Most times after things dry out,breakers will set.
11/25/2014 11:49:08 AM • Qca Spas... • Answered on Nov 25, 2014

Replace fuse

on what??
1/10/2014 6:54:26 PM • Qca Spas... • Answered on Jan 10, 2014

Just got a model 9

I have a customer with the same problem on a below ground pool's blower. I took it apart and found the motor for some reason was not turning the blower fan or was blocked. It has been quite a while so I don't remember exactly what I had to do to put it right but it wasn't hard. I hope yours is easy also.
9/14/2011 1:49:58 AM • Qca Spas... • Answered on Sep 14, 2011

All the pumps installed 6ea

First let me say this is not about money for me at all. Just trying to do my best to help here.
My experience:
More or less have worked on anything electrical / mechanical on the ground and many things that flew for over 25 years too. I actually have worked on numerous Pool pumps, filtration systems, heaters and jacuzzi(s) spas. To be honest... If I came across this one I would probably be seeking the experience of others too. (That and several... drinks even though I stopped in 1987!)

An Idea would be... everything is fine until you introduce air / water. If this is a new Spa.... there may be plastic over the air supply or already drawn into the air supply. I would use something like a leaf blower or a high volume air source to reverse air-flow the pump supply pipes and see what came out. (Rats nest? Plastic? Who knows?)

The other thought is... that there is there a pressure / flow switch some where that is wired wrong and introducing power back to the motors that would equalize voltage and cause the motor to stop until the pressure / flow switch was no longer pressurized and the routine starts all over again.

I have been working as an electrician since the late 1960's This sounds like a power problem. You have 3 HP water pumps (2 speed) and TWO 3 speed air pumps on this unit. Something appears to be incorrectly wired at least from here.
Might be time to re-check each and every motor terminal connection all over from the beginning... (start hooking them up one at a time).... and stop when this problem surfaces again.

A flow / pressure switch problem is the only thing that seems to make sense at the moment. I can not even get to a single QCA support site.... makes me wonder if they had a recent un-announced going out of business sale.

7/12/2011 10:21:43 AM • Qca Spas... • Answered on Jul 12, 2011

My spa keeps on pulsating

Either your circulation pump is "air locked" or you need a new filter, or both.

to release the air-lock shut off power to the spa . remove the filter element(s). take a garden hose to the hole under the filter and try to get a good seal. turn it on and let it flow for a minute to try to "prime" the system. REMOVE garden hose and turn power on WITHOUT the filter. this should unlock it.

replace the filter and monitor. If it starts happening again with the filter in place, get a new filter.

This is assuming that you know that your pump is good.
12/7/2010 11:56:37 PM • Qca Spas... • Answered on Dec 07, 2010

I have a 15 year

If you can find the points on the timer try sanding them down. If they were burnt and stuck the spa would have run continuous. When you pulled the timer you may have broken them free but a burn would have kept them from making contact. I hope this helps, if not you might try reversing the leads coming into the timer or wherever you unhooked it to take it out. good luck.
12/5/2010 4:43:31 PM • Qca Spas... • Answered on Dec 05, 2010

My hot tub control panel keeps showing OH and the

It sounds like your circulation pump is not keeping up with the heater. Check for debris in the pump impeller. If this is 24 hour circulation pump, it is probably failing. New units are about $200 US
10/28/2010 6:57:00 PM • Qca Spas... • Answered on Oct 28, 2010

My readout says econ and is not so warm have my

ECON is a different mode of operation. In this mode it only looks at the temperature of the spa once a day. You need to look at your manual and use the topside control to change from ECON to NORMAL operation.
10/28/2010 6:14:33 PM • Qca Spas... • Answered on Oct 28, 2010

My hot tub is not

You could have a bad heating element, a bad heater fuse or a bad pressure switch.

Make sure you have water flowing (pump working and not clogged)

Check pressure switch for contenuity

Check for error codes.
10/28/2010 6:12:38 PM • Qca Spas... • Answered on Oct 28, 2010

I have a Paradise II,

If this is under warranty call the manufacturer. If it was purchased at a big chain store like cost-co call them. It is very common for hot tubs that are shut down most of the year to have these problems. The motor shaft seals need to stay wet, but when shut down they are dry. When they go dry they shrink, causing leaks, which will in turn let water leak into the motor housing, which will in turn seize the motor bearings. It is much better once you have it up and running to run it year round, and when not in use, turn down the temperature as well as switching the controls over to "economy" Every spa made in the last 10 years has this setting. It will cost $.25 /day to run like this (about) which is way cheaper than service labor and parts. If you have a good spa tech. he should be able to replace the bearings for $35 each plus one hour labor per pump. If you have a bad spa tech. just pay to replace the pumps or do it yourself.
10/27/2010 11:08:34 PM • Qca Spas... • Answered on Oct 27, 2010

Self priming hot tub pump won't prime

If you have had the tub empty and refilled this could be an air lock and all you may need to do is open the drain valve till you get water out of it. Good luck
8/31/2010 7:04:46 PM • Qca Spas... • Answered on Aug 31, 2010
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