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have a dealer tech check it with a programer and he will tell u what the problem is by checking the error log could be just a joy stick needs to be reset or the control box in the rear,make sure your insurance will help with repair

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Check that the speed control on your joystick is set to high. If it is then you probably have a battery problem. Even with all the lights lit on the joystick you can have one battery of the two on the chair that is not charging fully. This will cause the M51 to creep and not work correctly

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the batteries were dead

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sounds like you might have locked joystick by mistake. Try pressing and holding down the on/off switch for 5 seconds.

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Battery is shorted or may have cristlized replace battery. This will solve your problems.

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Sounds like you need to tighten the bolt that attaches the footplate to the bracket. You will need a 5/16" allen wrench for the bolt and a 14mm socket for the lock-nut. I'm surprised the footplate lasted 2 years without loosening up. Typically I have to tighten that bolt for customers once every few months. Hope this helps.

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How many times is it blinking?

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Seems the Control Panel is not connected properly on the unit or may have gone lose check the control panel cable connection on the unit.
Make sure that when check the connection it is turned OFF and not plugged in or charging to avoid any short or shock.
See below for info on how to check the control panel connection,

See picture below to check the controller connection form the battery.
If the issues till exist then probably the controller program is corrupted or may need reprogramming on the unit.
The reprogramming can only be done by a service technician of Invacare for the reprogramming of the controller if you still have the Manual supplied with the wheel chair it should have the info ther and number to call, if ever the connection is not the issue.
I hope this helps.
Have a nice day,

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If you chair was down for a long time before getting new batteries the tires could have developed flat spots on them. Also could have brush problems in the motors that make the motors run jerky from sitting too long.

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The joystick sounds like its off alignment,Once knocked off alignment it will have to be replaced .

hope i was able to help

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hi let me see if i can help ,

When the lights go back and forth on your joystick that means the chair knows its pluged in .Now the chair itself has a built in charger that is mounted on the back of your chair .The back of the chair ,there is a opening a cutout in the frame .when you plug in your chair there will be a red light and a yellow ,yellow means the chair is charging, wait till it turns green,this means fully charged.When you plug in the chair youll see the lights through that hole.Look for the lights.

I recommend my customers to leave there chair charging over night look at the light it will be green when you turn the chair on the joystick should show fully charge.

Good luck hope i was of some help.

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The Invacare Pronto M51 with a flash code of 6 indicates a right brake fault. This can mean several things and there are several solutions to this problem.
The brake lever can be in the wrong position and the brake can be in the release position. Work the brake lever up and down and see if this clears the fault and the chair drives.
There could be a bad connection from the motor to the controller in the base. Check the wiring for cuts and breaks. If you can get to the wiring plugs from the motor (there are two) check the connections and plugs for corrosion and a good connection.
To verify that you have a bad brake you need a digital voltmeter to check the resistance of the electromagnetic brake coil. It should be about 40 to 60 ohms across the two white connectors. You can check the motor at the same plug. If you have made these checks and the motor and brake test good then you have a bad controller output to that motor. This can be tested by swapping the motor outputs from the controller and see if the error code goes to the left motor output. The controllers run about $1000 retail and a technician can verify this a second time by taking a good known controller and plugging it in to see if the chair now runs.
In my experience if the motor/brake/gearbox assembly is more than 3 years old have it replaced. That being said, an experienced technician should verify a bad brake/motor/gearbox assembly first. On this chair, the only cost effective repair is to replace the entire brake/motor/gearbox assembly. The retail price is about $700. Keep in mind that if the right assembly is worn out the left is not far behind. Typically if insurance will pay for the repair, I opt to replace the left and right brake/motor/gearbox assemblies at the same time so you do not pay for the labor and inconvenience twice.
Try the simple fixes mentioned first, and then have a technician evaluate the chair for the other problems I have discussed. Hope this helps.

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Jet turn the speed down on the chair to try a slower speed it might help with the spinning and make sure the casters are turning freely and not creating a bind or excessive drag on the drive wheels. Good Luck Hope this helps you

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Netti Since Sunrise Medical is no longer making these chairs you might have to directly to them Call 1-800-333-4000 and ask for their help Good Luck Hope this helps

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claxtonbrent That is the error code for a bad right brake and it will have to be replaced. There is no quick fix for this problem. It requires a new brake and I'm not sure if you can replace just the brake Usually when I get this and Medicare is paying for the repair I have to order a right motor/gearbox assembly. you can contact Invacare @ 1-800-333-6900 ask for M51 tech support and ask if you can replace just the brake Hope this helps

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Hi I really don't know the cost of the brake because it depends where you get it. You can contact Invacare tech support @ 1-800-333-6900 and ask about the brake and the cost With some chairs the brake is part of the motor and can't be sold seperately. Did Medicare buy your chair? If so they will pay for the repair. If they did contact Repair Xpress @ 1-877-581-3733 or Roadrunner Mobility @ 1-800-467-2668 and ask to get your chair repaired. Even if Medicare Didn't pay for your chair both of these Services can quote you a cost of repair Hope this helps

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Jo, nope you are safe. Most of the chargers are designed to cut off and go into trickle charge once they sense that the batteries are fully charged. The problem with overcharging comes after 18 hours or so. You should never leave the charger plugged into the chair for more than 24 hours. On the M51 the charger is built into the chair so just plug it in when you go to bed and unplug it when you get up and you'll be ok. You can check for full charge by looking at the charger there should be a red light and a green light when fully charged. Hope this helps

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Spot does the lights scroll from left to right or right to left? If they move from right to left then shuts down completely then the chair is in lockout or sleep mode. To unlock - turn the chair on and immediately press the horn button twice ( beep beep) This should get it out of sleep mode. Now if the lights are scrolling left to right then the chair still thinks it is being charged and the inhibit function is bad. You can call your local provider to have a tech check it or you can call Repair Xpress at 1-877-581-3733 to check it they have atech in your area to check it. Hope this helps

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Margie,   Yes you may charge it overnight. If you use it everyday,charge it every night. Once the charger senses 24 volts it stops sending a charge,so they cannot be overcharged.  I suggest when you go to bed put on the charger and unplug it when you get up in the morning.

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