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Generator voltage is regulated with a voltage regulator. Depending on what type of generator depends on what type of regulator it uses.

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If the house GFCI trips only when the vanity receptacle circuit has power then likely the neutral and ground wires inside the vanity GFCI enclosure are in contact with each other.

To isolate the problem, suggest you pull the vanity GFCI receptacle out of the enclosure but leave all wires connected. Make sure no little hands can get near it. Then power on and see if it still trips the house breaker. If it doesnt trip then likely the vanity GFCI ground wire was touching the neutral.

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If the carburetor bowl is full of water it won't continue to run after it has used up the fuel you poured into carburetor.

Suggest you drain fuel bowl and the tank. Then put in 2 gallons of fresh fuel and try again.

Capture the fuel you drain from the fuel bowl and another cup or more from the tank. Put it in a glass container and if there's water, you'll see a visible line separating water and fuel... fuel floats.

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Is this a new bidet installation, USA? What year was home built and/ or remodeled?

It's probably safe but It would not be wise to use the unit without GFCI protection.

Please describe the installation. Is it plugged into a bathroom circuit with a GFCI breaker in the house panel or is there a GFCI receptacle protecting multiple outlets in the bathroom.

The typical cause for GFCI nuisance trips is an improper connection of protective equipment ground and neutral (grounded conductor) somewhere downstream of the GFCI protection device. IOTWs, a white neutral wire is touching bare ground wire or metal box.

You might try plugging the bidet into a long 3 wire extension cord so you can try a different GFCI outlet... in the kitchen or dining room. If it works at different GFCI circuits then likely it's not the unit but rather the bathroom wiring.

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The generator set comprises an engine and an alternator that in principle is very similar to that found fitted to most car and truck engines in that current is generated in the stator by a revolving electromagnet or rotor. Output is controlled by varying the strength of the magnetic field; these days by electronic means.

A few generators have self energising rotors but while having the advantage of simplicity they seem neither particularly reliable or efficient.

When the output is low, assuming the stator has no shorted windings, the cause is probably insufficient energising current reaching the rotor and that could be due to bad brush gear or faulty or maladjustment of the regulator...

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Carbureror is plugged up... likely it sat too long unused, with gas.

See exploded view of carburetor.

Be sure both jets are clear. Remove the jets and spray carburetor cleaner into the jet seat and it should flow out the emulsion tube and the tiny holes in carb throat near where hrottle plate makes contact.

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check the operation of the oil level sensor . No oil no start

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From what I see on other disposals, the hex is in the middle of the bottom. Remove the paper tag.

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You could always use "Belt Ease" from an Auto Parts store. It's made for squeeky belts.

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The generator does not operate in accordance with the specified technical conditions, such as too high stator voltage, iron loss increases; if the load current is too large, the copper loss of the stator winding increases; if the frequency is too low, the cooling fan speed becomes slow, affecting the heat dissipation of generator; the power factor is too low, so that the rotor excitation current increases, resulting in the rotor heating. Check whether the indication of monitoring instrument is normal. If it is abnormal, necessary adjustment and treatment must be carried out to operate the generator in accordance with the specified technical conditions.

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Exhaust black smoke
The main causes of exhaust pipe blackening are less air in the cylinder, more fuel, incomplete or untimely combustion of fuel. Therefore, when checking and analyzing faults, look closely around this point to find out reasons. Check cylinder by using the method of oil cut, the first distinction is that the individual cylinder is not working well or all cylinders are not working well. If the black smoke disappears when a cylinder stops working, then the black smoke is caused by the bad work of individual cylinders. The reasons can be found from the bad work of individual cylinders.

The main reasons are:

A. Poor nozzle operation

The injection pressure of the injector is too low, the nozzle drips oil, the spray quality is not good and the oil droplet is too strong, all of which will cause the diesel fuel to burn incompletely. Therefore, in the detection of diesel engine cylinder knocking sound, exhaust sound uneven, that is, fuel injection problems, should be immediately checked and adjusted injection nozzle.

B. The fuel injection pump adjusts the tooth rod or the adjustment rod stroke is too large, resulting in too much fuel supply.

C. Valve clearance does not meet requirements, resulting in insufficient air intake.

D. The contact surface between the plunger sleeve of the injection pump and the valve seat is not sealed, or the locking screw of the regulating ring of the fuel injection pump or the loosening of the plunger adjusting arm cause the imbalance of the fuel supply and lead to intermittent black smoke emission.

More supports, please see on

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Do normal maintenance first, like oil, oil filter and air filter and then let it firts warm up before applying a load.

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You have posed a very vague question with no details about the application and have even omitted to tell us whether you have a generator set or whether you have the alternator and wish to build your own generator set?

In the case of a generator set the requirements and precautions will be found in the owner's instruction handbook.

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Hello, friend, you can check the user manual or ask the supplier who provide the genset to you.

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Hi there!
Take a look at pic 2 and pic 6 on this page.
The colors do not matter there is no forced set standard for wiring and colors but we are aware of commonly used color schemes.

Pole 2=Line
Pole 3= High
Pole 4=Low
Ground is Ground
Good Luck!

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Removing a circuit breaker from your home's electrical service panel is an easy job that takes just a few minutes. However, it's not a suitable project for homeowners who are unfamiliar with electrical systems. The service panel is where the utility's power comes into your house, and portions of it carry deadly levels of electricity at all times. Removing the panel cover exposes the live elements, so you must be very careful not to touch them.

  1. Turn Off the Main Breaker. Make sure the ground or floor and the electrical service panel are completely dry. ...
  2. Unscrew the Panel Cover. ...
  3. Remove the Cover. ...
  4. Test for Power. ...
  5. Turn Off the Branch Breaker. ...
  6. Rock the Breaker Back. ...
  7. Pull the Breaker Out. ...
  8. Unscrew the Breaker Wire.

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