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Tricity bendix model dh102

It's either an intake valve just where the hose meets the machine or a bad pump.
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When I start the dishwasher,a Bosch Exxcel on any

Check the drain pump.If this is fail then you have water inside and the programm never ends.
9/8/2013 4:24:57 PM • Bosch 18 in.... • 408 views • 1 helpful votes

Where is the fill pipe at on a ge

can any1 help me, my bosch unit is not filling up but the fan in the drain keeps running iv tried draining all water out of unit giving a shake but is not working, I pulled the panel off the side and held down this red piece like a float valve and then the unit filled up but would not complete cycle, any suggestions
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Dishwasher not working.... when i

Hello, How long has your dishwasher been do this? Have you washed dish's in it? Also, these German made dishwasher run on less than 2 1/2 gallons of water. These German manufactured dishwasher machines run really quite. Because of the German water conservancies laws. They limit the amount of water dishwasher and washing machine can use. Also, there is no storage hot water system in there homes, it on demand hot water. You can't hear the motor running and about the only thing one can hear is maybe the water washing the dishes.

Now, the water at the bottom of the dishwasher, if the drain isn't connected up under is the sink drain and trap area or the garbage disposable in the sink. but some place lower on the drain pipe. You will not have a spiffing effect on the the bottom of the dishwasher, it the same with washing machines. One the discharge pump starts sucking air, it will not drain the dishwasher. The siffen effect works if the water is below the outlet for the drain. Example: Home owner have the new washing running and continue fill with water. Why, because the drain pipe end is below the the bottom of the washing machine tub. It fill up with water and siffen action continues emptying the tube will it still filling. One heck of a water bill.

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My dishwasher is not filling

Check that your supply faucet is open, Check if there is a screen in the supply line, these can become blocked due to scale deposits from the mains. If there is no screen check that the inlet solenoid valve has not got blocked. If none of the above help, check that there is power getting to the solenoid valve when the machine is supposed to be on the fill cycle. If no power is getting to the valve, the timer might be faulty. (You can try hand filling the machine and see if it goes through a cycle, at least up to the rinse stage, this will tell you if the timer control is working).
3/28/2011 4:00:52 PM • Bosch 18 in.... • 537 views • 1 helpful votes

Bosch lifestyle dishwasher not filling

hey can any1 help me I have a bosch automatic, when I turn the unit on the little fan in the bottom keeps spinning and no water enters the unit, iv drained all the water out of the unit cleaned the drain checked to make sure water is getting to the unit then I pulled the panel off the side and held down this red piece like a float valve down and it then fills with water, but its not completing a cycle, any advice what could be wrong?
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My dishwasher wont fill up


Here is a tip that will help you to find out why water will not come into the dishwasher...

Dishwasher Trouble
No Water entering Dishwasher


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Bosch SGS43E02 will not drain - otherwise seems


Thanks for using FixYa. Dishwasher not draining properly or not draining at all issues can arise due to different reasons. Usually, these issues are related to kinked hoses, knocked out disposer unit (if connected with the dishwasher drain hose) & clogged drain pump & filter. Also note that dishwashers do not drain completely after a finished cycle and this is normal. Dishwashers are designed to leave some water in the unit to ensure that the heating element doesn't overheat. If you suddenly begin to experience a large amount of water being retained in your dishwasher, you have a problem. Some of the most common reasons include that the drain hose isn't working properly, the drain pump isn't working correctly, or possibly there is a plumbing problem in your home's drain lines. First check whether the drain is not clogged or blocked and the line is not kinked. Check all the hoses for blockages & also clean the air gap. If you have checked the drain hose and can't locate the problem, then it is an issue with the drain pump of the dishwasher. Please rate the solution if the issue is resolved or post a comment for further assistance.



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Water in the bottom and not working

Check for a clogged drain (e.g.: via drain hose), or a water pump malfunction due to foreign obstruction (e.g.: glass, etc).

Note: If you changed a food waste disposer (kitchen sink area) and did not remove "plug" from disposer for dishwasher drain hose (assuming dishwasher drain hose connected to food waste disposer), then water cannot drain from dishwasher.
4/14/2010 1:49:04 PM • Bosch 18 in.... • 545 views • 1 helpful votes


Here is a tip the will elaborate on your problem more, but the bottom line is that you need to replace that fill valve...

Dishwasher2_bing.gif Trouble No Water entering Dishwasher2_bing.gif

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The water level detector pipe could be obstructed / blocked. This thin plastic pipe is at the bottom of the washer and as it fills to the correct level of water the pressure in the pipe activates a water level switch in the washer. Sometimes the air pressure pipe becomes blocked / obstructed or the contacts of the pressure switch become burnt. You can disconnect the pipe and blow through it and the pressure switch is normally factory set and does not need adjusting. Replace it if necessary.
3/25/2010 9:44:45 PM • Bosch 18 in.... • 599 views • 2 helpful votes

My dishwasher is not filling with water

This does sound like a problem with the "anti-flood" device that does detect water (leak / spill) at the base of the washer. This device is a protection device that consists of a polystirene float and a micro swithch. Once a water leak or spill is detected it automatically puts the washer in pump out mode and switches the inlet water off. You need to determine if a leak exists that has caused the float to trigger the micro switch and clear the water / leak. This should put the washer back to normal.
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When dishwasher is switched on to start its

Following is a complete trouble shoot for your dishwasher.

Most probably a float valve or alignment of the door interlock switch.

Start with the simple things and work your way from there. You will be amazed how many people call a plumber who flips a breaker or simply clears a stuck float valve (for $80 minimal fee).

If no lights are coming on.

First check the breaker to the machine.

If you have an exposed power source to the machine such as a plug or junction box open the box and check the wiring is intact and not rusted etc. Take care here and shut the breaker off first.

No go so far?

Check if your float valve is jammed.

The valve is a safety feature to stop the machine from over filling. If anything gets under the valve it will jam open and stop the machine.
Look inside the machine on the floor will be a small float valve. Looks like a small upside down cup. Lift it and clear anything from underneath.

Not the float valve either?

Check the door interlock latch.

Much like a washing machine a dishwasher will only operate with the door closed (or when it thinks it is closed!). There is a metal tab that engages a switch in the door. This is the same switch that activates as you operate the handle to open the door. If it is misaligned it will not signal the machine that the door is closed and the machine will not operate.

You can check this by overriding the locking tab. Put a screwdriver in the door latch and press the switch. You should see the lights come on and power flow to the machine.

Note: if the machine is in run mode you will get water spraying.

To fix this problem bend the tab to properly engage the switch. Or if necessary loosen the screws retaining the switch and move it to correctly align with the tab.

Not it?

OK now you are into electronics.

First is quite simple. Some units have an internal fuse to protect the control panel. Check that first. Take your time and take care. Turn the breaker off.

The control panel is screwed in place. Remove the screws and gently remove the control panel. Take care not to have parts of the door latch fall out or springs drop out etc. On newer units it is very simple as it is just a circuit board. Look for the fuse and check that it is OK. Replace if necessary with correctly rated thermal fuse.


Do you have water in the bottom of the machine?

Power is there, lights are one, seems to want to work. Water will come in but will not drain.

A small amount around the drain is normal for some machines. This is held to keep the pump primed in some units. However it should not fill the bottom of the unit. You know what it normally looked like so it if is full then you probably have a jammed float valve as above or a clog in the drain.

Drain clog.

Remove the cover from the drain in the bottom of the dishwasher. They usually lift out or have a few screws holding them down. Simple to figure out just take your time and try not to force anything. Look for a clog and clear if necessary.

Your drain can run either direct to the drain under the sink or to the disposal unit if you have one. The drain can clog at either point.

Check by disconnecting the drain line from the dishwasher where if connects to the sink or disposal unit. Look for a clog and clear if necessary.

Water exits the machine via the drain pump. If it is not operating the machine will not drain. It will fill usually to the point where the float valve lifts and does its job by stopping the machine before if floods your house.
If you have water in the machine to the point the float valve is lifted then drain it out first.

Your machine should be running now. Lights will come on and it will run again to the point where if fills with water and trips the float valve again. If so then check the pump and timer (see also timer below).

Remove the units as per below.

If your pump is belt driven check he belt (very few have belts).

If direct drive switch the unit on and let if run to the drain cycle. If the pump does not come on check for voltage at the pump during the drain cycle. If you have voltage replace the pump. If not it is the timer that is faulty (see below).


OK now your are getting to some deeper issues. Not necessarily hard but only go here if the simple things are OK.

If you are not getting water into the unit but you have lights on and you hear clicking and the timer runs and things are trying to work then we know you have power and the timer is running.

No water coming to the unit.

Make sure nobody shut the supply line off. There should be a tap under the sink on the water supply line to the unit.

Turn the unit on an listen at the base for a click as the water supply solenoid (electric switch) opens. No click?

Check the solenoid. Remove the machine from under the counter. There will be screws holding it to the underside of the counter. You may have to lower the legs to get it out. They turn with a wrench to lower.

Under the unit where the water supply line comes in is a solenoid switch it opens to allow the water to enter the machine. Water comes in under household pressure (it is not pumped in by the unit). Chances are it is faulty. Replace it as it can't be serviced.

Still no luck?

The unit is guided by a timer. The timer tells the machine what to do and for how long. If it fails the unit will stop or jam in one cycle. If you have a physical switch the you turn to select the type of wash cycle check it. If you are all touch control then replace the whole board or machine.

To check the switch open the control panel above and use a voltage tester to see if you have current at each cycle point. Cleaning sometimes helps if not replace.

Hope this helps you. Please rate this tip for me.

3/16/2010 1:52:24 PM • Bosch 18 in.... • 562 views • 6 helpful votes

My bosch dishwasher will not fill with water. I

the unit is going into drain mode. check your hose for leaks. when water leks in the base of the unit the float switch is activated and the unit will stay in drain mode until the water is removed. check float by removing side panel and look into bottom base for water.
2/25/2010 4:36:51 PM • Bosch 18 in.... • 718 views • 1 helpful votes


Im a bosch tech and there is a access that you would need a torc srewdriver open plastic door in the bottom of the dishwasher.
2/24/2010 5:17:56 PM • Bosch 18 in.... • 173 views • 0 helpful votes

The program does not finish and just keeps runing

you must change the module control .that will solve the problem. if this helps please give me a 4 thumbs up post. thanks
2/28/2010 1:11:03 PM • Bosch 18 in.... • 126 views • 0 helpful votes

Have just plumbed in machine. No water going into

check if the water valve is opened, also you can check the check the solenoid connections and the probe. also you can put a bucket or two of water directly in the dish washer to check if the probe and ather parts is ok.
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Bosch dishwasher srs45e02. when I turn it on there

you could be correct as the proceedure for all dishwashers when started is a pumping phase to make sure no excess water is still in unit.. when finished water then flows in..
12/17/2009 11:23:28 AM • Bosch 18 in.... • 393 views • 0 helpful votes

I want to reset my exxcel dishwasher please tell

many thanks for your reply, i had miplaced the instruction manuel but now it has been found (in the shed). now i know what to do.....
9/16/2009 7:17:05 PM • Bosch 18 in.... • 1,750 views • 4 helpful votes

E3 showing on Kenwood model KDW243A

E3 means longer heating time. Usually this indicates the heater element has failed.
8/1/2009 3:18:09 PM • Bosch 18 in.... • 815 views • 1 helpful votes
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