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There is also another overheat module below the front door too. Check that. Also, forgive me for asking the very obvious, but have you checked the entire exhaust pipe to make sure that there is no restriction that would cause overheating.

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Cycle is interrupted and ''E1'' appears in display. Condensate hose is blocked in some way. Turn off dryer and check hose. Condensed water not pumped out (WTL 54 condensation models only). Pump failed. 25808741-gtkp3url2ghtdqenstp5bokb-1-0.jpg Dado

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Most Bosch dryers have a heater reset button behind the main rear panel. If this thermostat has tripped, there is a REASON, resetting it may make things work for a short time but your issue is bound to return. There are many other things to check on Bosch dryers to ensure proper air flow throughout the dryer and house venting. Pleazer Appliance...

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Check the little button that the door pushes in when you close the door (door switch).

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this is normal operation it turns the drum one direction then the other this is because of the way it condensates

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This code indicates a problem with the dryer's heating system. The code will appear when the heating circuits are broken or when there is an intermittent break in the power source for the dryer. If the heating circuits are working and the power source is steady, you may need to replace the central control board.

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Hello, welcome to FixYa.

I'll start by saying your post indicates it is a Bosch dryer, however if you could varify and post the model number is indeed a WTL5410, (meaning it is a condensor model-none vented) I can speak directly instead of generalizing.


Also can you clarify what it is you mean by "dryer vibrates and rotates during use" I think I can determine what may cause the vibrating, but what do you mean by rotates ? It should obviously rotate the drum, so I presume you don't mean that.

The vibrating quite often can be caused by several factors such as a loose blower wheel, a wearing drum bearing, as well as dirty drum glides.

Let me know as much as you can and I'll try to assist you going forward in any way I can. I do have the service manuals for these machines (if it is indeed the WTL series Bosch) if you'd like to provide an email address in your reply I can attach it to an email for you.

The service manual is approximately 5.5MB and is "pdf" format.

Macmarkus :)

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Hi,Here is a tip that I wrote about dryers and noises...It will help you determine what is happening there...Dryer Repair Squeaks, Grinding, Clicking and Knocking Noiseheatman101 Asker's Testimonial "That answer was very informative - thank you fortaking the time to educate me. " - teresa241964

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Welcome to FixYa.

Based on what I've read of your post...I'd suspect the hi-limit thermostat is tripped if it is indeed a WTL series Bosch.

I'm not clear as to whether or not you located the hi-limit safety, reset it, or ruled it out so I'm going to explain what to look for and what to do when you get there.

**Unplug the unit from the wall or switch off the first**

Once the dryer has been disconnected from any power, remove the rear panel...


Once the panel has successfully been removed, you'll see the heater with the Hi-Limit and NTC attached. The Hi-limit is the thermostat with the red button in the center...


push it in to reset it. As you can see by the images I've provided, if you have a multi-meter or ohm meter you can verify the proper values of the listed components.

If the hi-limit is tripped, obviously something triggered it, you can check the possible culprits such as the NTC's or heater with the info I provided above as I alluded to.

( Even so, I'd suggest running it through a cycle or two and monitor it's performance, it may have tripped simply due to poor air flow from a large load etc. and therefore nothing is actually wrong...human error )

You may run the dryer momentarily without the rear panel in place provided nothing electrical has been disconnected, don't attempt an entire cycle, just witness the heater functioning, but it isn't recommended for much longer than a minute or two.

Thank you for choosing FixYa and please let me know what you find out or if you indeed require further assistance. Good luck.


Macmarkus :)

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This type of diagnosis will require accessing the internal components & making voltage & resistance checks with a volt/ohm meter. There are several different components that could cause this symptom & yes it is possible that the door switch is bad. This model of dryer should only be worked on by an experienced, trained technician due to all of the electronic controlled parts. richroth_121.jpg

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Was the motor tested and it passed?

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Open the front panel, remove heat exchanger and clean. also clean out lint tray. this might help a little. Now lets check if the thermal sensor or heating element needs to be replaced.
Unplug the dryer. remove the panel in the back of the dryer that covers the heating element. ( the inner panel). On top of the heating element you will see a thermal sensor with a small red button on it. Thats the manual reset button. To test if the heating element is working properly you can disconnect the wires from the sensor and clip the connectors together . Plug the dryer back in and start it. pay attention to the heating element. It should begin to glow shortly. if it doesn't then your heating element is bad and needs to be replaced.

Unplug the dryer. Connect the wires back to the thermal sensor. Plug the dryer back in. Before you start the dryer, press the red button on the thermal sensor. Start the dryer. If the heating element doesn't come on and dryer doesn't heat, then you need to replace that sensor.

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Check and make sure the drain hose in the back is securely connected from the dryer to the drain. If its leaving out the front compartment by the heat exchanger, then you need a new drain pump.

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Open the bottom front panel. Remove the heat exchanger. Take notice to see if theres any water in that compartment. Reach your hand towards the back of that opening to see if there is water pooling back there. If theres water present, then your condensation pump needs to be replaced.
also double check the connection of the drain hose from the dryer to the drain.

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I have the same issue with my bosch.Did you replace the board?

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If your dryer is not drying like it once did or if you just have nottaken the time to give yourself a clean dryer in a long time then youneed to do that. At least once a year the dryer cleaning should takeplace. Lint build up in the dryer duct is one of the main causesfor your dryer to fail.

Here is the rest of this tip about DryerMaintenance


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Hello & Welcome to FixYa

If you have already tried cleaning the vent then the problem is with the Thermal fuse. When the thermal fuse goes bad it cannot be reset and replacing it is recommended repair.It is located on the blower wheel housing inside the rear panel to the exhaust duct. Please get back to me if you have any other questions.


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Clean heat exchanger.

Check air inlet to make sure it is not blocked.

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