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Hi, Thanks for getting back to me. The yellow and blinking red indicate a defective cell. Since it has lithium cells and is that new any repair to it would be a waste of your time. Ryobi tools purchased in 2008 have a 2 year warranty. I am guessing you probably got it at a home depot and you should return it under the warranty. All new Ryobi tools have a three year warranty. Good Luck! and Thanks for using fixya!

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Some of batteries drain very quickly. Depends on how they are used.
Feel free to check Your Local battery Manufacturer for best prices for all different batteries. You name it and they have it or they can custom make a battery for you.


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You need to have the charger tested, if you know that batteries are good then what else could it be. This LIon charger has a logic circuit in it like a computer.

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The battery will power your equipment for 30 to 45 minutes, that is normal. What you're thinking of is the lifespan of a lithium battery. It with your battery will last 10 times longer than a regular NiCad battery. So you will be able to charge the battery and use it Hundreds of times before the Battery Life is depleted. Sounds like it's working as designed

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If you are sure your charger is working properly then your one battery may be shot.. i even had a new battery quit charging and had to replace it. they do not come cheap.

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After looking at the manual for your charger, it looks like most of the Ryobi chargers like the P113, P114, P117, P118 will charge your battery. The connector on the battery looks the same as the P103 and P104 used here in the U.S.

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Receipt will do nothing for you if it is out of warranty. Normal warranty is for three years.

Write to the company regarding your situation - see if your unit has a serial number that can give indication of age of unit. Perhaps they will replace the charger for you.

Make sure that the charger cord/connections are good and that unit is receiving power from wall.

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I had the same problem. Your battery sounds like it got drained too much. The voltage on the battery is too low for the charger to charge. I looked on YouTube (how to charge battery that won't charge). I actually tried this today. I had a battery attached to one of those flashlights from a combo pack and the battery was drained down to 0.64v. The video I watched said take a higher voltage batter and boost it. Like a 20v to boost your 18v. Attach wires from one to the other. + to + and - to - I didn't have any. So what I did was stick 9v batteries together + to - in series I had 5 laying around. I taped a wire to the exposed terminals on the two end batteries and tapped the wire on the battery, which only brought it up to about 2.3volts. Then I just held the two wire on the battery for about a minute. It went up to about 6.3 volts I plugged it in the charger and it finally started charging. I don't know how well it will keep a charge. The batter is 10 or 12 years old. Hope this helps. And check YouTube. There is a lot of videos there.

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The Ryobi charger will flash green as it charges and then remain steady or slowly flashing green when fully charged. Flashing red means testing and if it remains steady or slowly flashing red it is defective.

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test the battery with a multi tester then if there is power your drill is the problem.

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Yes. The first step is to open the battery and check the condition of the wiring for breaks, corrosion, etc. Also check the condition and voltage for the individual 18650 cells. Ryobi batteries are relatively easy to disassemble using available tools, see posting below.
Depending on the findings, some parts may need replacing. If you replace the 18650 cells, use new ones which are easily found on eBay.

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Rebuilding the Lithium batteries is a waste of time and money. For starters the cells cost a minimum of $5 ea and a low power pack takes 5, so now you are in for $25 without doing any work. You can pick up packs on eBay for around $30 - $40 if you shop around. If you know what you are doing, you can strip cells from bad packs and test them to find good ones and then rebuild with those. It can be tricky and you may get mixed results.

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No, the P110, 18V NiCad battery charger, will not charge a 18V lithium ion battery. You need one of the dual-chemistry chargers. If you have the Ryobi ONE+ batteries, you can get the P117 charger ($30) or a charger with an extra battery (P126) from a store like Home Depot. A 6 battery charger and a 12V in-car charger are also available.

I wish that I had better news for you.

Cindy Wells
(who has the Ryobi 12V drill and charger, a few of the 4V tools, and a number of the ONE+ 18V devices and chargers. The single chemistry battery charger is not used much any more.)

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Go to the Ryobi website and find your answer. Which is better in terms of what? capacity, weight, cost, etc?

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The battery cells inside lithium ion batteries (and other types of batteries) tend to corrode if they become wet for a given period of time. They need to be dried out immediately to avoid corrosion. Unfortunately, it seems like it is too late to dry out yours. Your battery will need to be carefully disassembled using procedures on fixya and the corroded cells replaced with similar quality cells. The cells in Ryobi batteries are spotted welded in place and these welds need to be broken carefully using a Stanley knife. Replace the cell(s) with new ones or from other disassembled batteries and solder them in place. Check for cell voltage imbalance (see other solutions on fixya) and reassemble. Good quality Panasonic Li Ion cells can be purchased for about $4 each on ebay. If you go this route, I would recommend replacing all cells, not just the corroded ones.

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There could be a variety of reasons for the battery malfunction, some of which are listed below:
a) low battery voltage due to long term storage without charging (>1 year, charger will not charge if the voltage is too low. What is the voltage?),
b) cell imbalance due to shorting out the terminals (was the battery used for other purpose than running power tools?),
c) internal corrosion caused by exposing the battery to damp environments during its life (need to open the battery and look for signs of corrosion on the cells. Was the battery left out in the rain at some point in time?),
d) battery age, ie, the cells may have reached their end-of-life based on the number of charge cycles (what are the estimated number of cycles?),
e) faulty charger (does the charger charge other batteries?),
f) internal battery damage with broken connections (has the battery been dropped or mishandled at some point?).

More details should be provided before suggesting possible solutions.

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There is no such thing as a memory system in your battery. If you charge the battery until the green light on the charger comes on, that is as much as the battery can/will safely charge to. With Lithium batteries, they will fully charge whether they are at 75%, 50% or 10% capacity when placed on the charger and discharge to 0% if you use them that long. If you need the battery before the green light comes on and you use it, it will still fully charge when replaced on the charger. All batteries do discharge at different rates. Most not noticeably but a few will discharge fast enought to be noticable. If it affects your usage of the tool, you may want to exchange it or get it replaced under warranty because it will only get worse with age.

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The batteries were discharged too low. A lithium battery should be recharged as soon as you see a loss of power.

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