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I know this is an older question but I would not recommend using these batteries for your inverter. While they are powerful for their size, LiOn batteries require careful metering and control of both charging and discharge cycles and do not last long if fully discharged (IE: running an inverter until they are dead). You would get much better performance from a deep cycle lead acid battery, which is designed to be discharged fully.

If you were to use the drill batteries for your project, you'd want to get someone with electronics experience to wire a connection to the Ryobi charger to accept the lower voltage input from the solar PV (instead of 120V) so the charger can regulate the charge rate. You'd need to make sure the solar panel voltage is within the same range as the charger's low voltage side (never tested, but guess around 20-24VDC). In addition, you'd need to make sure the inverter is monitored and turned off before the batteries shut down (their internal circuit protection shuts them down around 10% IIRC). Don't rely on the battery to protect itself, that is a sure fire way to ruin your batteries (no pun:-).

Hope this helps.

Ryobi Two 18V... | Answered on Oct 10, 2012

Mike, Would need a bit more detail to give the best answer, but here are some general tips to point you in the right direction. Need to know if you get any LEDs on the charger or batteries, do you have other batteries you can use to test the charger/tool to isolate the problem (even the old NiCads)? Does this problem occur with one or both new batteries? Anyway, read below for some suggestions:

Lithium Ion batteries do not like to be fully discharged even if they are new. If you ran a tool until the battery fails, two problems can occur. 1. The circuitry in the charger and the battery itself senses a fault due to "too low" voltage in the cells, and prevents charging as a protection measure (prevents overheating a shorted cell). 2. You damaged the cell(s) inside the battery either due to sulfate build up or heat. If your Ryobi charger is flashing a red LED (no green) indicating battery fault,

I have found that removing the battery and reinserting it multiple times can help as the charger does a diagnostic when you first insert the battery. This test likely applies a small charge to the cells and analyzes the response, if you do the test enough, it can bring the cells back up to a sufficient level to allow the charger to accept it.

If the battery charger cycles normally but displays a full charge very quickly, the battery may be defective and not pulling any current from the charger, so the charger thinks it's fully charged.

If the battery charger does not sense the battery at all (no LED display) then the problem could be a defective charger, defective (open) battery or corroded/dirty connections (make sure no paint or dirt got into the charger port and no rust on the contacts).

Ryobi Two 18V... | Answered on Oct 10, 2012

p103 is name of the battery. p106 is the kit with 2 p103 batteries. same thing just 2 times. the p104 however is bigger and holds more juice.

Ryobi Two 18V... | Answered on Aug 29, 2012

That is true the One+ 18V Li-Ion battery packs will work in any One+ 18V Ryobi tool. However the Lithium ion batteries will not charge in the original P110 NiCd charger. You will need one of the the new series Ryobi One+ 18V "dual chemistry" chargers for that. The will charge both types of battery packs.

Ryobi Two 18V... | Answered on Aug 20, 2012

I use the Ryobi Li-Ion tools the L-I batteries will cut off when they get to a low charge level this is to protect the batteries Li-Ion batteries life span is shortened when fullt discharged so when the tool suddenly stops put the battery on charge,also if the battery has a charge indicator light for a more accurite idea of the charge (green is charged,red discharged) hold the test button on then run the tool the light may go from green to red if it does that shows the the charge is about depleted if the light stays green you have a little run time left.

Ryobi Two 18V... | Answered on Mar 09, 2012

make sure you put the battery in the right way and its all the way down in the charger

Ryobi Two 18V... | Answered on Feb 16, 2012

On the bottom of your battery there's a serial number, look at the four numbers that follow any letters, one or two if any. The first two numbers are the year the battery was made, the second two are the week it was made. If your number was 0610, it would have been made in 2006 on the 10th week, about the 2nd week in March. These numbers reflect the date the battery was actually made and rolled off the assembly line. It does not take into account how much time the battery sat in a warehouse or in a The Home Depot before you bought it.

Ryobi Two 18V... | Answered on Feb 15, 2012

I can't belive this you are the forth person in the last three days that is haveing a problem with these batterys the same problem with the lithium-ion RYOBI combo pack batterys. People are saying they won't hold more then 5 volts and they all got them at christmas. There has to be a big problem with the battery. Although there is no warranty on the battery it self there is a warrany on faulty workmanship and i think you may have to get in line i think this will be a big recall so file now good luck

Ryobi Two 18V... | Answered on Jan 24, 2012

most recommend taking the battery off the charger and you don't have to unplug the charger all the time.

Ryobi Two 18V... | Answered on Aug 28, 2011

This is not right. They should last much longer then that. I have one of the more expensive 18V lithium batteries (the one with the button on it that tells you if it needs charging or not) and I can use mine almost all day before it needs to be recharged. I do construction work and I use my Ryobi products almost all day. Either both batteries are bad (I don't believe that is the case) or the charger is not charging them all the way to a full charge. With this charger, you do need to make sure that you remove the batteries as soon as the green light comes on. It is not good on these batteries to stay charging after they are fully charged. You also should not leave the charger plugged in without any batteries charging.Please tell me more about the charger. When you plug in the charger, does the red light come on? When you plug in a battery, does the red light stay bright and the green light blink? Does the red light go off and the green light stay on bright when you remove it from the charger?
If the charger is not working correctly, then return it for a new one.

Ryobi Two 18V... | Answered on Jun 29, 2011

Batteries must be completely dead before recharging or battery life is shortened.large battery is probably defective contact Ryobi to replace battery they while probably send you new batteries for free if you tell them you are going to stop buy their products.Tell them about both batteries they will probably replace both for no charge

Ryobi Two 18V... | Answered on Jun 12, 2011

many chargers do that ,i think it is to let you know thy are on and need to be turned off, when not in use

Ryobi Two 18V... | Answered on Apr 14, 2011

Yes you can try that.

Ryobi Two 18V... | Answered on Mar 20, 2011

Your batteries are tired and don't put out enough amps to power your drill. They may show 18V in them on a tester and show fully charged on the charger but one or more of the cells inside are just worn out. If you got three years out of them you did extremely well. The only fix is to replace the batteries.

Ryobi Two 18V... | Answered on Mar 04, 2011

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