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The cord will need to be replaced with a cord made for the machine, as it has a non-standard plug. The cord cover is held in place with a # 20 Torx screw. Remove the screw and push the cover gently from behind to unlatch it. The handle must also be removed, along with the switch "scuff" plate. To remove the rear plastic trim plate, remove the screw at the bottom rear, and the upper screw holding the cord to the motor shell. The upper screw is a # 15 Torx screw. To remove the trim piece, insert a flat screwdiver into the rectangular slot in it and pry it upward. Reverse this proceedure to install the new cord.

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The wheels are held to the axles with small c-clips. Perhaps these have come loose. If the wheel is still attached to part of the axle. The axle has broken and will need replacement.

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Without more information, my first guess is a worn or broken fan. You can take it to a shop and have it replaced, or buy one from a Kirby store and replace it yourself. There are also on-line stores where you can purchase impellers.
Here are instructions for replacing the fan:

Here are video clips showing how to do it yourself.

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On the right side of your vacuum head, there is a green belt indicator light. If when the unit is powered on and this light is not lighting up, you have a broken belt, or you didnt properly latch the belt in place.

a) Broken belt- you can use the belt from your shampoo'er if you have one, otherwise your nearest Kirby distributor has them for a couple bucks

b) As for the suction, the Kirby has 2 motors. 1 motor is for the cleaning of the floor, the other motor (where you see the vent on the left side) is for keeping the unit cool to expand the life, which btw average life of a kirby is 20yrs and they all come with a lifetime refurbishing plan. If your not getting any suction check the boot of the bag where it hooks onto the unit for any clogging

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Go to the below site and click on Attaching the Carpet Shampoo System.

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There is a hand grip built into the bottom of the housing to help remove it. If it has not been removed on a regular basis to dump out heavy debris, it may be stuck. Use a screwdriver as a lever and pry it outward from the motor unit to remove it and inspect for damage. For easy re-installation, wet the seal on the motor outlet. It attaches by a simple bayonet mount. Remember the motor will not run unless the bag assembly is securely installed.

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Generally the smell is the rubber belt that attaches from the motor to the brush.
Make sur the brush rollers are clean and spin freely, check the belt at the same time.
Please let me know if this helps.

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POSSIBLE CAUSES: 1) Sometimes there is a piece of debris in the fan case. (Not likely, but possible) Take the power head, handle and cloth bag off of the Kirby, pick it up and turn it with the fan toward the floor and shake it to see if something falls out.

If there's nothing in there and it still makes the noise, you most likely need to replace the fan/impeller as it is probably cracked or broken. You can sometimes see fan damage by removing the power head, looking into the hole in the front of the Kirby and slowly rotating the fan by using the shaft in front. The damage can't always be seen that way, but if you can't see it, you'll need to take the fan case off so that the whole fan is visible to make sure. I have written complete instructions that should lead you through the whole repair.If neither of these things are found to be the case, check the carbon brushes. I don't have a guide written for this yet, but my switch repair guide (link below) will help you break down the Kirby to get to them. Unscrew both brushes, take them out and look at them. The remaining length of brush will pop out of the holder and if they are shorter than 1/2 inch long, I recommend replacement. (they are not expensive)

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The answer is no. This type of shampoo doesn't work as well in the Kirby. It should be dry foam shampoo only.

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There's a good instructional video at the Kirby site, located below.

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The following link provides a video clip for this procedure. It's very helpful.
There's also a manual for the G6 on the second link.

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Yes, as the answer to your question. About the suction, test it by placing your hand at the nozzle.

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This machine will not run unless the bag assembly and rug head are properly installed. Be sure the bag assembly is firmly in place by turning the housing fully clockwise. If the Kirby does not run, the problem is most likely to be a short in the cord.

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The below site has several videos available for download. Or check out the whole site.

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Mine did that once and we were missing the filter part on the end of the shampoo hose attachment.fits on the end of the hose. Bought a new one at the Kirby store for cheap. It looks like a filter screen and without it just seems to soak the carpet without foaming up or cleaning it very well.

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Here's a good video clip that will clearly show what you need. Just click on the Attaching the Carpet Shampoo System clip.

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The years each were made/sold are as follows:
Generation 3, 1990-93
Generation 4, 1993-96
Generation 5, 1996-99
Generation 6, 1999-01
Ultimate G , 2002-05
Ultimate G Diamond , 2005-06
Sentria, 2006 to present

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  • Hi there,
  • Well I do have a suggestion though you may not like it use it as a boat no I am just kidding. I have sold vacuums for 20 years and Kirby has been around for years before I started.Though they have gotten better in the last 20 years they are still using the same system and it is one that most machines use. It is called direct air flow and this is just simply that the air takes the dirt in to the machine and drops it off in the bag. The more you put in the bag the less power you get so the more you \vacuum the less efficient it becomes.
  • There is a solution though it is called cyclonic action and it has been around for over 75 years. It is used in several machines today although it was invented many moons ago. There is a vacuum called Tri-Star that has been using it for years and it works great. The other machine that uses it is called Filter Queen and it has also been around for over 75 years.for years they were the only ones using it because they had it patented. Now their Paten has expired and other companies have started to incorporate it. I do not recommend a Dyson but you may have seen them on t.v. and they advertise cyclonic action like the guy invented it. Well he didn't and if you browse around through eh vacuum questions you will soon notice that there are many Dyson owners that are less than happy.
  • Now a Tri-Star would be great but thgey are 2500.00 brand new so you may not want to or be able to put that kind of cash out on a vacuum . Well I understand that ,So what I would suggest is going to a used vacuum store and looking for a refurbished Tri Star and picking one of them up for anywhere from 399.00 for an older one to 999.00 for one that is not new but may be between 5 and 10 years oild. They are made of metal yet it is called magnalite and it is very light to say the least. They are small and very powerful and best of all they DO NOT...I REPEAT DO NOT lose power as they fill.
  • If you go and ask to see one at your local vacuum store they will demonstrate how thus works and if you are in the USA the prices gave maybe way off as I am in Canada and I only have the prices for here.(EH!)
  • Please take my advise and go to your local vacuum store and at least have a look at them they are all that I have said and more.
  • Now just because I sold them please do not think I am giving you a pitch because I sold many machines over the years and Electrolux and Kirby were included, so I won't bore you anymore with this but that is the most honest advice I can give from my experience in the last 19.5 years in the Business.....Thank you and please rate my answer if you liked it! thanks for choosing
  • P.S. Tri-Star is Manufactured in Anaheim California by a company called "Interstate Engineering"

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Watch the video that came with the machine as it is too compliucated to explain here. It has many attachments and tools about 25 I guess so check your manual or the video taper and see if that helps. If not get back to us and I will try to give you step by step instructions. Good luck

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