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I will take a shot at this question, only because I had a similar problem this past spring. You probably have everything hooked up correctly, the pump, the shaft key, and everything else the way it should be. If the unit sat for a while, or a long period of time ,it may have built up some rust , at the nozzle end. I will assume that your pump comes on and no water comes out of nozzle. If this is so remove nozzle and look through the small hole in nozzle. If you don't see light this is most likely your problem. Take a small piece of wire, or a pin and push it through. I had a nozzle clog on me this way. I didn't think this could happen till I started to diagnose down the line. Please get back to me with your results. GOOD LUCK FREIND.

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For item 5, I would check the Detergent Injector, water should never come out there, Maybe something (dirt) is causing it to malfunction.
see picture here http://www.ereplacementparts.com/spare-parts-kit-p-482334.html. Check the ball, o-ring and spring... leakage like this would be one reason for no pressure, It's like not having a nozzle on. fix the leak at the quick connect as well, check the o-ring and replace of it is hard and brittle or nicked. tighten the connection if it is leaking at the threads, some thread sealer sutiable for 2600PSI maybe.
Engine surging problem 'may' go away once you get a proper load on it...

If this is a new pump contact the supplier, maybe it is defective.

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you mean water in the pump oil ??? or engine oil ???

im suspecting pump oil... you didn\'t seal it properly or you have a crack somewhere in the main housing. rarely is it viable to repair these pumps... if you search a little you can find replacements pretty damn cheap !!!

Karcher G 2600... | Answered on Aug 29, 2014 | 493 views

I have same model with same problem. Tried the easy fixes:
unloader valve lube and clean, inlet water sufficient, and nozzles and hose are fine. Broke down pump and called for parts (about $50 for 3 inlet valves and some seals) hopefully this will fix it. Mine has been used in my business pretty hard for a few years, so not bad.

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suspect water in oil... just change the oil and see if it returns. it's very rare that a pressure pump can get water into the engine

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either the checkvalves closed on the inlet or the chemical injector on the output may be clogged they will have to be removed for inspection.

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I assume you are talking about the pump. Not good, remove
pump, disassemble and oil falls out. Put in new oil upside down
and reassemble pump, then reinstall.

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.This is in answer to no soap on the Karcher Factory-Reconditioned 2,600 PSI 2.3 GPM Gas Pressure Washer G 2600 VHR
Use the 65 degree low pressure nozzle for soap. The nozzle is black.
I missed it in the manual..drove me nuts until I slowed down to recheck the manual..

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You need to expel all of the air that has ran through the supply hose and into the pump. Do this without the machine running. Squeeze the trigger and let the water run through the machine for 30 seconds or until all the air has bled through. You can the turn the machine on.
Cheers Ziggy.

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Your pressure washer is equipped with a device called an "unloader valve". This valve allows the water to route into a by-pass loop when the trigger is not pulled. If you can locate a parts breakdown for your model (like in the owner's manual - hopefully), then you can locate the unloader valve and take it apart and with careful observation determine what has gone wrong with it. Most likely you will wind up ordering a kit that will have all the o-rings and etc that are part of the unloader (the wearable pieces). Just take your time and keep all the old pieces in order. You just want to be sure you can determine where the new pieces go.

If I were you, I would first contact a dealer for price/availability. But get the part # -- then you can shop around. Often its amazing how good prices can get on ebay, amazon, etc.

Good luck, and rate me if this is helpful to you. Thanks!

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Your pressure washer is equipped with a "unloader valve". This is the device that routes the water into a by-pass loop when you release the trigger. Something has gone wrong inside causing the valve to not spring into the unload position. You can take it apart and see if you can discover what is going on. The most likely thing is that a bit of water still in it froze this winter and destroyed either replaceable seals or distorted the valve body (which is not repairable). On these little homeowner pressure washers, the best place to get parts is usually through the owners manual that came with it, or Karcher may have a web site set up for this. Also there is the possible resource of a pressure washer distibutor, which you would find in the yellow pages. They usually concentrate on commercial pressure washing equipment, but sometimes getting parts or pumps through them may be easier.

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yes, the pump can be replaced but I would recommend trying to repair the pump first, see this link to repair the unloader valve, 9 times out of 10 this is the only issue with the pump

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Does this help? http://www.karcherresidential.com/support/downloads/pdfs/usermanuals/9139-1990.pdf

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Placing 2 cycle gas into a 4 cycle engine does not cause problems (but will blow white smoke and, in time, dirty the plug). I would have probably just ran it through.

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  • Gasoline-powered pressure washers use an SAE 30W motor oil (10W-30) in the engine. Always consult the engine manual for specific instructions and be careful to put the correct oil in the correct place.

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Hi I have a similar pressure washer from Kartcher and the same scenario as yours I have owned it for about 2 years and noticed that it was getting harder and harder to start with each time I use it which is months. If your pw has a honda engine on it the likely culprit may be the carbuerator. The main and pilot jets may get clogged up with gunk from dired up gasoline. To see if you have a fuel problem spray a shot of starter fluid into the carberator with the choke open, then close it and try to start. If it runs for about a second and dies, then the carbuerator is at fault and you are not getting fuel into your motor and all you're doing is working out your arm.

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On the Kärcher, you have a bayonet mount at the base of the tip end of the pistol grip. This is where you attach different types of nozzles and gadgets after having removed the existing sprayer tube. Just push in and turn a quarter of a turn, then you pull it off the pistol grip. The hose is possible to remove from the machine as well, an ordinary threaded mount but since you need the pistol grip to regulate on/off this is probably not what you want to do. If the telescopic wand is made by Kärcher it should be very easy to snap it into place just like when you removed the sprayer tube/nozzle. If the attachment was made to fit Alto washers there is an inexpensive adapter that works very well. Good luck!

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How i shall connect the 4 cable to the switch 700-2/6 its for cable.
Blacc-Brown- blow- rosa.
Best regads George

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