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Ice will always form in a freezer due to humid air entering with ambient or chilled food being placed inside and when the door is opened at other times. Frost free freezers form ice just the same but they have a panel heater to melt the ice, that is switched on for a short time at the end of each cooling cycle. Sometimes a fault leaves it switched on resulting in the compressor running almost constantly, though failing insulation, a faulty door seal or a leak allowing refrigerant to escape will have a similar effect.

The door seal might be failing but it is simple enough to check by closing the door onto a piece of thin paper to ensure the magnetic seal is gripping the paper all around the door perimeter.

From your description it is possible the insulation inside the door is failing and causing cold spots where condensation will form on the outside of the door, eventually causing rust.

It is wise to use a thermometer to ensure the temperature is low enough to provide proper food storage. If 25/27 degrees C below cannot be maintained the necessary repairs are quite urgent.

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A freezer in good condition should cycle at a similar rate to a fridge once the cabinet has reached the temperature the thermostat is adjust to - around 25/27 degrees C.

Obviously when ambient or chilled food is placed inside the compressor will run a little longer. Once the temperature has stabilised, if the cabinet is kept closed the compressor should hardly run at all.

Over time older types of insulation can begin to fail increasing the heat loss and refrigerant also tends to leak away over time resulting in the compressor running for increasingly longer periods.

Considering your remarks, it is likely time to consider a replacement freezer...

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Its not working.Two possibilities,either faulty compressor or issue with defrost assembly.Defrost cycle not working.

Replacement parts can be purchased at any of the following web sites:


Before going to buy any parts directly.
Go through this troubleshooting help links.


This is list of refrigerator problems, which is normally faced in refrigerator.
You can go through the details, by clicking the link below:---

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The ice maker not working: ---

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How to replace Ice maker assembly?

These will help.


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20 degrees seems like a good temp for your freezer!!!

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Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong withyour refrigerator and why it is not cooling

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Refrigeratoror Freezer not Cooling or Getting Cold


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Unplug it from the mains. Count to 30 and plug it back in. Does it work now?

Yes = Good

No = You need to get a man in.

One proviso, is the top of the compressor too hot to touch and is your compressor coil all bunged up with fluff? If it is, clear off the fluff with a vacuum cleaner. It should restart within about 15 minutes.

We are not Samsung :>)

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Did you ever get the schematic, i have 3 of these boards im working with.

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ask the manufacturer we do not have a make listed to start looking with

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Someone living behind the fridge.

A mouse.

Or the fan hitting its surround.

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Try using a listening stick, screwdriver or a sonascope held in firm contact with the compressor to determine whether the compressor is running or not.

If the compressor isn't running, the next step is to check the thermostat is actually switching power to the compressor.

My fridge packed up and the thermostat was at fault. Something made me give it a clout with the handle of a screwdriver and it began working again. I ordered a replacement but so far the original has continued working.

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all the food going to ice temperture at 2

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According to the manual, 1 is the warmest and 7 is the coldest.

If 1 still freezes things, you need a new thermostat.

Generally, you should be around the median of 3,4,5.

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Metalfrio beverage cooler throwing off a 77 error code,
I checked evaporator fan and it is running.
I see line coming to evaporator coil is cooling but. Evaporator Fan is running but Refrigrator is not cooling down.

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I had a similar problem yesterday (Maytag side by side unit 5 years old, however this apply to most brands). All operation seems normal other then that the refrigerator was not cooling, the air that was blowing inside the refrigerator was room temperature and not cold air. The compressor was also very hot to touch (could not touch it for more then 1-2 seconds) and didn't buzz or hum as in standard operation. I also heard few clicks from the compressor every time I plugged / unplugged the AC to the fridge. Replaced the overload/ relay device with a new one I got at a local appliance parts distributor ($30) and MAGIC. The unit went back to work as soon as I plugged the AC power. The relay/overload unit is on the side of the compressor and that?s where the electric wires are attached to. The unit turns the compressor on and off. The unit is attached to the compressor side with an "electric outlet" like three holes and three prongs. It might be held tight so you can pry gently (between the unit and the compressor body) with a screwdriver. Once pulled out, release the wires connectors that are attached to the relay/ overload unit. You might need to use pliers as they are tight fit. If unit smells like burnt or if you shake and hear rattle then it?s bad. Find a local appliance parts distributors and call to see if they have part for your model/ type. Remember to unplug AC before starting to work on the fridge and good luck.

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The fridge gets its cold air from the freezer through a vent(damper) between the freezer and fridge.The fan in the freezer blows air through it. There is a flap you adjust with the fridge temp. control. Make sure it's opening and closing when you adjust the fridge temp ..

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It would be helpful to post brand and models with requests related to appliance queries.

If the fan is running and the lights are on but the compressor is not running, the overload relay may be arcing or overheating. The relay and overload is housed plugged into the side of the compressor in recent models. A multi-meter may be used to check the relay and overload. A start capacitor may also be attached to compressor. If the start capacitor is damaged, the compressor will not work. It must be examined for burns or arcing. If the start capacitor is damaged, it has to be replaced. If the relay, the overload, and the start capacitor are okay, then you need to have a technician perform other tests as dangerous live voltage tests are required. If the compressor itself is bad, replacement is not cheap.

First, you need to determine if the compressor is bad or rather a relay is bad.

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