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follow fuel line from fuel tank to the carb if you dont find it it probably does not have one

Coleman... | Answered on Jan 16, 2019

what oil and gas does this generator works with

Coleman... | Answered on Feb 13, 2017

Your problem is with the electrical section of your product. Is it possible that your circuit breaker is flipping and cutting off the power? Have you tried plugging in to both of your outlets? Do both exhibit the same problem? All or nothing on all power outputs?
If it's not circuit breaker related, it means your Alternator or power inverter is at fault and that's shop time!

Coleman... | Answered on Oct 15, 2016

How old is the unit? Gas in the oil indicates sticking or broken piston rings. If it has sat for a long period, best thing to do is spray some sea foam into the cylinder, run it under heavy load for 30 min and hope it seats. If it still does it, chances are your ring is craked. But most often they stick allowing blow by. Also make sure plugs are clean, and not fuel fouled.

Coleman... | Answered on Feb 18, 2015

If it's still under warranty take it back to the retailer and tell them it quit working - don't offer any other information.

If you must fix the E/G yourself - On the generator there's a cover on the back; take the cover off so that the back of the windings are exposed. You should see 4 to 6 diodes mounted to the rotor and stator...those diodes are most likely burned out because of temperature failure, due to overload. You have to take them out to isolate them...they should read .6 Ohms one way; reverse the leads and they slhould read about 1.2 Ohms. If there shorted you'll read 0 Ohms and open infinety.

Anyway, replace those diodes and you should re-establish your field winding voltage which develops you A/C output.

Good Luck,

Coleman... | Answered on Sep 21, 2014

I also have a PM52-2000. Since I keep the generator outside, I have ruined more than one carburetor over the years by letting water get into it. I have found perfectly good replacement carburetors for it on eBay by simply searching for Tecumseh 5 HP Carburetor. Today, I searched on eBay and found 142 of them, all new, some costing as little as $18.00. I just finished installing a carb I bought off eBay last year. It fit perfectly, adjusted easily, and runs perfectly.

Coleman... | Answered on Aug 27, 2014

Drain the oil again, and re fill ! too much oil will blow engine seals

Coleman... | Answered on Nov 27, 2013

few things to check first i would check my compression with a compression guage most small engines wont start easily if it doesnt have atleast 100 psi anything less makes them very hard to start this will also identify if you have leaking valves stuck valves or piston ring problems ect. next check to see if you have a spark. sometimes the spark plug is the culprit but you can check to see if you have a spark sever ways one is to disconnect the spark plug wire and in sert a phillips screw driver in the clip that holds the tip of the sparkplug and hold the well insulated handle and hold the shaft of the screwdriver near the block or head of the engine and pull the starter you should see and or hear a healthy spark. another way is to get a timing light and a 12 volt battery to power the timing light and connect the battery negative to the block of the engine tested clip the sensor lead on the spark plug wire while its still connected to the spark plug and it should flash when you pull the starter rope. or you can get a spark tester a good one has a neon light in it and a ground clip hold the spark tester to the sparkplug wire and it should flash as you crank the engine. if you have compression and spark next check your carb. assuming it has fresh good gasoline with no water in the gas your carb may be gunked up, clogged with trash or stuck float. remove carb and dissasemble starting with the bowl make sure its clean in there and the float and float valve isnt sticking then get a torch tip cleaner and ron the fine cleaning wires in ever orifice you can find. pull the main jet clean the tiny holes in it and spray carb cleaner in the carb body and parts. if it has adjustable jets pull them and clean. use compressed air to clean it out also. do not pull the welch plugs just yet if you do you will have to get a repair kit and takes some skill and patience to replace. reassemble carb carefully make note of were all the parts and pieces come from and replaces them. before removing adjustable jets count how many turns it takes to screw them in and only lightly seat them so when you pull them out you may return them to were they were originally adjusted. there are tiny holes near the butterfly throttle plate in the throat of the carb make sure they are clean and clear. if it is really gunked up there is carb dip but do not soak longer than recommended on the can as it will dissolve brass and ruin your carb. if you still cannot get it to run or run right. you can buy a new carb on ebay recheck valves or just bring the darn thing to a professional. good luck!

Coleman... | Answered on Oct 24, 2013

High amperage draw on motor on startup

Coleman... | Answered on May 19, 2013

Here is a start:  HTTP://www.powermate.com/productmanuals.php

Thats the full exploded view of the parts with part numbers for model:  PMC102500.  Unfortunately, Coleman doesn't have an onlie  manual for that model at their sight.

Coleman... | Answered on Sep 25, 2012

drain the oil to the specified level and run the unit to clear any oil left where it shouldn't be then replace or clean your sparkplug

Coleman... | Answered on Aug 17, 2012

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