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I have a NordicTrack C2155. Incline not working. There is a schematic inside. There are red, white, & black wires from the circuit board to the incline motor. Unplug the treadmill and have a licensed electrician construct a flying lead cord with a male spade on neutral and female spade plug on hot. Connect neutral to white and hot to where either red or black were connected. Plug in to see if the motor runs. Careful to remove power when the incline reaches its limit and reverse direction. If the motor runs in both directions, the motor is good. Follow the black two conductor wire to the circuit board and unplug from board. Check continuity across this switch. Run motor and this should toggle off and on. If all this checks out then the problem must be with the circuit board. On my treadmill, the schematic says that +5v should supply the sensor, but I only get +3.3v, which is TTL level. The drive motor sensor supply is +5v. The incline motor doesn't even show a sign of trying to run. Either the output transistor is burnt out or the low voltage caused an error so that it does not try to run the motor. Either way, I'm quite certain that a new controller board will remedy the problem.

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Not helpful to your question except that I have the same problem. My issue occurred after it was moved up some stairs, possibly misaligning something??? I have the drive hood off and am trying to follow suggestions to reset/calibrate the reed switch--but no change to the problem.

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Please download the instruction manual and follow the steps.
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Free Treadmill User Manuals ManualsOnline com

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please try to tight the connector to the side of Console, Clean it with special contact cleaner contact.
2) Open the cover where main motor is there tight the connector coming from the controller motor board, and clean too, with special contact cleaner.

3) If the problem persist you must replace the Complete console CPU.
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It probably has to do with the belt overheating the motor and irritating your controller. Try replacing the walking belt.

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If you wish to get some details; visit the site linked here. Pull up older posts.

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Check the nordic track website.

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If the console takes batteries, replace them. If this does not work or your console does not require batteries, check the reed switch or optic sensor. Reed Switch: Unplug the treadmill and remove the motor hood cover. The reed switch is mounted on the frame next to the front roller pulley. There is a magnet glued into the front roller pulley. When adjusting the reed switch, make sure it is pointing directly at the magnet. Move the tip of the reed switch within 1/8" of the magnet. Also, check to see that the wire is not damaged, and is connected to the console

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If you are indicating that you know for a fact that the brushes are good, that indicates that you are knowledgeable and handy. That being the case, hot wire the motor directly to the mains and see if motor runs. That test will tell you all you need to know and where else to look for remedy.

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Contacta al fabricante en:

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I have the same issue I don't think anybody (including the supposed "experts") really know what they are talking about. The buttons work until they don't and then a bunch of them all stop functioning at once. The advice I always get is "replace the console" which amounts to saying "I don't know what's wrong" If I had to guess I think a static discharge has damaged the contoller board which doesn't manifest itself until the machine (and hence the board) warms up. Anyhow I haven't found a real solution to this issue if anyone has any real knowledge please post your solution.

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sounds light you gonna need a new display board as i don't think it is physically possible for a problem like that to be fixed with it being sent back to the manufacturer. yeah so try sourcing a new display board for your treadmill model

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The incline system may need to be calibrated. To initiate the calibration routine follow the steps below.

Step 1
Place the key into the machine. The key's slot is located on the bottom of the console, below the start and stop buttons.

Step 2
Press any of the incline buttons and then remove the key from the machine while the incline is changing. Pause for a few seconds and then put the key back into the slot.

Step 3
Wait as the treadmill automatically shifts to the highest possible incline and then descends to the lowest level. The treadmill should now be recalibrated.

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To initiate the calibration routine, hold down the SPEED +
button and the SPEED - button simultaneously for three seconds. During the calibration routine, the INCLINE
TRAINER will automatically rise to the highest incline level and then return to the lowest incline level.

P.S. This is listed in your user manual in the "Troubleshooting" section if you don't have a user manual then you can get a pdf copy of it here

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if you are skeptical about buying on ebay or amazon then here's a more trust worthy supplier of these treadmills

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Hey, I really think you should have mentioned the brand of treadmill but however all the treadmill i encountered all function on the same principles... though some may seem more of a hassle to do they are all the same (correct me if i'm wrong)... So with that being said you would need to remove the motor housing cover by removing all the screws around the sides and front of the machine. By now you should have a clear view of the front roller, on one side you should the the belt driven pulley that is held on by the belt alone so removing that along with the bolt on the opposite side should do the trick.... lemme know if this helped

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Good day.
The belt can go off track for a number of reasons. If you say you've used all the adjustment and the belt doesn't move. To me this could mean that the belt either doesn't rotate or it is not moving to the center (centre), or to the right. I presume you mean it doesn't return to the center. But since you have said you've used all the adjustments, that also means that you have actually removed the plastic guards off to have done the supposed adjustments needed to make the belt track back in the center. So, here is the confusing part. Depending on which plastic guards you removed to do the supposed adjustments, normally the belt tracking bolts are at the foot of the treadmill. Stand on the treadmill, looking at the Instrument panel, the foot of the treadmill is behind you. There are two hex type adjusting bolts, one on each side. Now if the belt pulls left, you don't tension the left adjusting bolt, which would stretch the belt and make the treadmill labour worse. A belt that pulls sideways now but not when it was new, shows that the treadmill belt had been neglected. Instead, try slackening the right adjusting bolt to loosen the tension of the belt. An over tightened belt makes the motor work harder, leading to overheating and cook out, plus it also stretches the belt unnecessarily. A lose belt also means it slips at the revolving rotor (motor side) each time you impact the belt with your feet as you run or jog, therefore it means that the slippage will cause the rotor or the belt to wear out. To check on the correct tightness, lift one side of the belt at the center of the platform. It should raise no more that 2 and half inches. if it is less, it is too tight, if it is more, it is too slack. Either way, it is for you to experiments because you could be a six foot five and weight a tonne or you could be a four foot two and weight like a butterfly. Each person is different. Most treadmills are adjusted for up to five foot ten and for those that are taller or bigger, there are treadmills designed for them too. As you know, there are treadmills for all walks of life, small ones, medium ones and large ones, all designed for the appropriate weight ratio in mind. You can't use a small treadmill if you're six foot two and weight 14 stones (90 kg). There are treadmills to accommodate larger people. Most belt failures are the result of... like I said above, a number of reasons. One of them is the failure to maintain a treadmill. Lift the belt and place the palm of your hand on the metal platform (where the belt glides on) and feel if it is sticky, hard to slide the palm of your hand, or feels dry. If any of thei si evident, then your treadmill od labouring and that means the result of the belt running to one side is because it has been stretched as the motor laboriously and continuously been trying to keep going. I have a Stream treadmill and every month of continuous usage, I lubricate the underside of the belt with a quality silicone lubricant, in spray form. I never spray it directly underside, especially if I have carpeted floor, but if you have lino or polished floorboards, I suggest you don't spray it at all because it stains carpets and makes lino and floorboards slippery. Instead, use a lint free cloth. Go outside, spray the lubricant on the cloth to just soak one side, then shape the cloth into a ball, return inside and lift the belt at the center and apply the wet site of the cloth on the platform, not under the belt. Spread the lubricant evenly across the center of the platform but not towards the rollers, just the center. Then run the treadmill a little. Stop it and reapply it again. Repeat the process a third time, then run it again. Then stop it and lift the belt. With the palm of your hand, see if you can feel any moisture or a slippery feel on the platform. If it feels slippery, then the belt is lubricated properly. Do this only every month of daily use. The lubricating of the platform is almost very little. never over lubricate or you'll soon see that excess lubrication stains the machine. You can hear it when the belt runs dry. A belt that is adjusted and lubricated properly runs almost silent, but a dried out belt sounds raspy.

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Hi There,
I repair these machines in Australia for the distributor .
it may need a LCB or a motor.

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