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You can OnScreen Keyboard for temp purpose. To get, got start>programs>accessions>On Screen Keyboard.


Toshiba... | Answered on Feb 09, 2014

Im afraid this means your graphics card does not have pixel shader support- if you have a good processor speed download a pixel shader emulator otherwise you will need a new graphicscard that supports pixel shaders version 3

Toshiba... | Answered on Jun 28, 2013

No Sound, No Volume Control, Mixer not Found, No Sound device installed…etc etc, This is a generic issue with all Windows OS updates....many of the users are facing this issue....this issue began after an auto update from MS changed many IRQs of Win OS, mainly the Sound and Audio Control system of Windows.
1 - R U facing NO Audio / No Sound issue...?
2 - Is ur Volume Control not responding ?
3 - Is ur Sound and Audio Device in Control Panel Grayed out ?
4 - Do u get a msg "No Active Mixer Devices Installed....when u try to open Volume Ctrl etc etc ?

If ur ans to any one of them is Yes...then u are being spammed by Microsoft....as ur Sound Control IRQ is being frozen by a recent update from Microsoft....

No file update or any sound driver update can fix it, neither Microsoft is issuing any patch to fix it…or giving any help on this.
Full solution is available in my website (Support page)...it's quite simple process to fix it, and I am not charging any money, just doing FREE service to help everyone affected by this stupidity from Microsoft.
visit my Support Page.

many of us are victim of this “stupid” update, my office has 24 PC/Notebooks and almost all of them got this issue one by one in 4 months time period, I head the tech dept here.
all the best...

Toshiba... | Answered on Dec 17, 2012

Try reinstalling the audio driver.
You can download theaudio and device drivers for your model laptop from the Toshiba WEB site from theirdownload page. Make sure you enter the model of your laptop so you can get thecorrect drivers. Please click on this link: - http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/support/jsp/home.jsp http://blitware.com/adpages/driverfetch/manufacturer/?manufacturer=Toshiba&gclid=CMOVxNCBx6ACFSgnawodoHNGbA

Toshiba... | Answered on Aug 26, 2011


if you go to ur device manager
then go to the top of that box
and hover your mouse over the icon on top
one of those will say scan for hardware changes

if that don't find it
try plugging the device in and restart the laptop
hopefully windows will recognize the device

hope this helps

Toshiba... | Answered on Feb 02, 2011

You need to install hd audio driver. You can use the automatic update (in the control panel) to check and download the latest version of audio driver.

Please rate the answer. Thanks for using FixYa.

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 14, 2011

1.Insert the Windows XP CD-ROM into the CD drive, and then restart the computer.
2.Click to select any options that are required to start the computer from the CD drive if you are prompted.
3.When the "Welcome to Setup" screen appears, press R to start the Recovery Console.
4.Press 1 (One) to select windows XP and then hit enter.
5.When you are prompted, type the Administrator password. If the administrator password is blank, just press ENTER.
6.At the command prompt, Type Bootrec /RebuildBcd and then press ENTER.
7.If the Bootrec.exe tool runs successfully, it presents you with an installation path of a Windows directory. To add the entry to the BCD store, type yes. A confirmation message appears that indicates the entry was added successfully. 8.If the Bootrec.exe tool cannot locate any missing Windows installations, you must remove the BCD store, and then you must re-create it. To do this, type the following commands in the order in which they are presented. Press ENTER after each command.
Bcdedit /export C:\BCD_Backup

ren c:\boot\bcd bcd.old

Bootrec /rebuildbcd

1.Restart the computer

Toshiba... | Answered on Dec 24, 2010

You should go to the Microsoft website and search for Windows 7 updates. MS releases updates regularly, so it's a good idea to check there frequently. You can also set your laptop to accept automatic updates from MS.

Toshiba... | Answered on Nov 01, 2010

with what operating system?

There are two ways...

(1) take the hard drive out and connect it to another computer, right click on the drive, and click format

(2) You need a windows or other operating system disk....just start it like you were going to install windows, and select advanced disk options (it's a link, easy to overlook but it's always there)

You can not format a disk with a running operating system on it.

There are other "bootable" disks you can also format the hard drive with...an Acronis Backup boot disk, probably a Norton Ghost boot disk....things like that...not all bootable CDs, but usually a backup or disk imaging program will allow you to format a hard drive

Toshiba... | Answered on Jun 15, 2010

Can you please try downloading and installing the sound driver that corresponds with your operating system.

Use the latest Realtek driver from the link below.


Robert from Blitware

Toshiba... | Answered on May 28, 2010

Try to reinstall its audio driver. Feel free to download it from this location.
Hope you are able to sort your problems out.
Regards, Carlos

Toshiba... | Answered on May 27, 2010

The blue screen is typical error for clash of a hardware device with the windows. Please contact your internat service provider and consult them what can be done. It is possible that they will have the appropriate driver to match windows 7.

Toshiba... | Answered on Apr 14, 2010

While the main specs of this notebook are good, the graphics card is fairly entry-level and designed more for applications than games.
Unfortunately you're not going to be able to push it's performance much for games. You can try running the games at lower resolution or on lower graphics settings for a smoother performance.

Toshiba... | Answered on Apr 05, 2010

if you want to format to whole hard drive you can simply put the windws/linux cd in the drive and instal the O.S. and when is asking in whitch drive you want just format all and partition haow you want(or if you made a back up just restore the O.S.)
if you want to format just a partition for example d:/(that is not O.S. on it) go to my computer -click on the drive -right click -format. 

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 31, 2010

May be there was a virus in your sound drivers files, so norton automaticly removed it, try reinstalling your sound card drivers, also be sure to check their compatibitlity with your windows edition.

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 28, 2010

Hi Beautiful, The freezing problem is usually caused by bad memory modules on your laptop, Have it look up by a tech, and clean the contacts on your memory modules, give him instructions to clean the contacts with an eraser and brush the memory slot terminals with a clean paint brush. IF still the problem persists, clean the memory module contacts with a very fine sand paper, around no. 600. If the problem persists again, reinstall your VISTA. call your friend, if they have copies of your softwares.

Toshiba... | Answered on Jan 23, 2010

SMART is the system that monitors the health of a hard disk, in your case  it's close to complete failure. Follow immediately what that warning message says - copy all your data to some DVD's, replace the hd and reinstall.

Toshiba... | Answered on Oct 31, 2009

Some missing data or corrupetd data, that is the cause, try to re-install your OS.

Toshiba... | Answered on Oct 31, 2009

I scoured the interweb and couldn't find one :( but don't be afraid! You can tackle this without a manual. Here's how I would do it (and I have disassembled MANY laptops)
1. Unplug and remove battery
2. Search the bottom for tiny screws and unscrew them. You can keep track of these by either drawing a picture of the bottom of the laptop on a piece of paper and placing the screws where they came from, or you can set them up in a row on your coffee table so you at know what order they came out in and can recall which location they will go. All together you will probably end up with 15 tiny screws.
3. Search for more screws on the bottom, check the battery slot, check little panels, and run your fingers across the stickers to see if you can feel any hidden screws. 4. When you think you got all the screws, turn the laptop right side up and lift up the screen (as you would to use it so it's out of the way) and, with a precision flathead screwdriver, search the perimeter of the keyboard for tiny spring-loaded holders that hold the keyboard in place. Some laptops have these, some don't. If you don't find any, move on. Keep in mind that if you miss any screws, holders, or whatever -- it isn't the end of the world. As long as you take it slow, you will feel spots of resistance where you forgot to remove something and can go to take it out.
5. This part is a little scary the first time: starting from the bottom right corner, slowly start popping out the case, separating the bottom of the laptop from the 'top' of the laptop where your wrists rest while typing. It can be intimidating hearing your laptop 'pop' the way it does, but don't worry! They are just clamps that are SUPPOSED to do that! Again, go slow in case you forgot a screw. Your resistance should be coming from the edges where you are separating, NOT from the middle of the computer. Slowly work your way around until the two parts are completely separated, and those screws you missed earlier are removed.
6. Slowly lift up on the side holding the keyboard (if you found little springed clamps in step 4 you only have to lift up on the keyboard) until you can see the underside of the keyboard and the ribbon connecting it to the motherboard (along with a connector for the touchpad and perhaps another miscellaneous connection). All of which have ends to disconnect, nothing is soldered at both ends. The ribbon will be connected to the motherboard with a small 'door' that you can swing up to release the ribbon. Don't be afraid to use a little force, my first two laptops I ever disassembled i merely pulled the ribbon out without opening the door(!) The ribbons were fine, but i do NOT recommend risking that :P
7. With the keyboard disconnected and the other small cables disconnected you may now separate the 'top' holding the keyboard and the bottom of the laptop. Usually you can do this without removing the screen, but if the screen is a problem simply disconnects its cables and take it off. Note: no two cables in the laptop will be identical in either size or connection, so hooking everything back up is as simple as putting square pegs into square holes.
8. Behold the motherboard aka logicboard in all of its glory. She is delicate, but not too terribly delicate. Don't be afraid to touch her, just, be gentle. If you cannot see the battery, the holy grail, of your quest, then it must be on the other side. Start searching for screws holding the logic board to the bottom of the laptop, and remove them.
9. Remove the logicboard from its nest. It will probably put up a small fight with things poking through holes on the sides (headphone jack, VGA connector, etc). Just work them out. Like i said before, she isn't that delicate; don't be afraid to use a little force. Expect a wire here and there to get snagged. Turn the logicboard over and replace your battery!
10. Because your logic board is out of its hole, plug it into the wall set on rubber or something and fire it up once, for the adventure, to see a naked computer run. Take pictures, post online, lie to her when she sees them in the morning.
11. Reassemble the same way you disassembled, but in reverse. It is that simple!
To get an idea of what you will undergo, I recommend searching around reading a couple laptop disassembly guides. the Acer A150 and Macbook Pro should give you a good idea of the different spectrums, and a google search should benefit (Hint: google aspireoneuser and ifixit). And take a look at this picture to familiarize yourself with enemy territory before exiting friendly lines: http://cdn-write.demandstudios.com/upload//8000/800/00/3/28803.jpg
Good luck! You will learn much by tackling this beast head on. Trust me, you won't need a guide. They are only useful for pesky hidden screws that just take a little extra time to hunt down. When you start taking it apart, if you had a guide, you wouldn't hardly look at it once you started getting it open. It is pretty straight-forward.

Toshiba... | Answered on Jul 15, 2009

and most likey your cpu is shot over heated and burned up need a new cpu and or mother board 
lala linda 

Toshiba... | Answered on Jun 15, 2009

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