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Il suffit de supprimer les anciens fichiers, vous devriez ?tre en mesure de ctrl et cliquez sur les doublons et les supprimer

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Aug 26, 2019

Sounds more like you have some power cords from other devices that could be causing electromagnetic interference on the HDMI cable. I've never head of anyone experiencing this from something like HDMI 1.1 to a HDMI higher version, but have heard some won't work at all.

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Jul 03, 2017

clean dust if there inside enter key ? try external key board is it working enter key ? if yes laptop key board need to replace..

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Jul 29, 2015

have you tryed starting in safe mode to try and fix from there.

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Apr 12, 2015

is it bleeping?try ram?is the fan running?if not clean it could be over heating.
could be prosser over heating try new heat paste.

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Mar 31, 2015

press the F8 key repeatedly at start-up. That will take you to a menu choice.. choose what you want there

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Jun 17, 2013

No exact guides. Using experience, and one video I found.

Three styles are generally used to fasten a Keyboard to a laptop;

1) Screws come from the Bottom of the laptop, up into the Keyboard.
Not always, but most of the time; there is a marking near the screw hole.
KB, or Keyboard, or a Keyboard symbol; and an arrow pointing from it, at the screw hole.

Screws removed there may be Keyboard Cover screws to remove, and remove the Keyboard Cover also.

2) Keyboard Cover. Cover is above the Keyboard, and below the LCD screen.
Once removed, there are generally 2 to 3 screws, to remove at the Top of the Keyboard; or screws come up from the Bottom of the laptop.

3) Detent Latches.
Spring loaded little latches, immediately above the top edge of the Keyboard.
Usually 3 to 5 latches.

Generally start at the Left side, depress the first latch.
Let's say it is the 3 latch design.

One clip to depress, may be above; and in-between the F2 and F3 keys.
The next clip at the top in-between the F7 and F8 keys.
The last clip at the top in-between the F12 and Insert (Etc), keys.

This is the style I think you have. Amount of spring loaded latches,
I do not know. I base it off of this disassembly video,


I base it on 10:53 through 10:58 in the video.
He's holding the Top Cover (Palm Rest Cover) in his hand, and the Keyboard is still attached.

(Nope. Never removes Keyboard, lol!)

1) Suggest lay a soft Static free cloth, on the table you're working on.
Helps prevent scratching the table, and laptop.
(DO not perform this on a bed, couch, or directly on a carpet floor.
HIGH areas of Static electricity)

2) Remove ALL power. Remove the AC adapter (Charger), and Battery.

3) http://www.insidemylaptop.com/disassemble-dell-inspiron-n5110-inspiron-15r-laptop/

Linked for specifically showing the spring latch design.
Go to Steps 5 through 11.

Steps 5 through 8 for the spring latch info;
9 and 10 for the Keyboard Cable removal, from the ZIF motherboard connector.

A) Keyboard Cable STAYS with Keyboard. It disconnects FROM the motherboard connector.

B) The Keyboard Cable is an FFC. Flat Flex Cable.
It has NO plug connector on the cable, for the motherboard connector.

Just a flat cable with flat terminal contact strips on the end,


It MUST go back in the motherboard connector, the SAME way it came out.
For this reason, you may wish to make a mark on one side of the cable, and a matching mark on the same side of the motherboard connector. (Sharpee?)

Then when installing new Keyboard (If this is what you are after), you compare the two; and line the Keyboard Cable up off of the old one.

The bottom rectangular part, that is white in this example; is the BODY.
It is Stationary to the motherboard.

The upper part, that is Black in this example; is the Locking Bar.
When closed, the Locking Bar wedges the Keyboard Cable, in the Body. Can also be stated as when Locked.

I call this style the Flip-Up style. (Pretty technical, huh? lol!)
You may also have this style, the Slide style,

Closed (Locked),


Open (Unlocked)


All you can see of the Locking Bar here, are two 'Tabs' on either side of the Keyboard Cable.
The 'Tabs' are eased up with your Thumbnails.

Use a metal tool, and you can slip. Possibly break the motherboard connector, and could stab the motherboard.

It ONLY moves about 2mm. That is a little more than 1/16th of an Inch, or about the width of this capital letter -> O <-

Being detailed because IF you BREAK the motherboard connector, you are looking at MOTHERBOARD REPLACEMENT.

Be careful, go slow.


Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Mar 11, 2013

try loading function key driver software or os hotfix

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Feb 15, 2013

First of all, you need to make sure your power adapter is providing enough power to both run the laptop & charge the battery. A very good way to do this is to compare your laptop voltage & ampere requirements (written on a sticker on the bottom of the laptop) with the voltage & ampere ratings of the power adapter. Voltages should be the same, or the power adapter's voltage about up to 0.5 volts more than the laptop's voltage rating. Amperage of the power adapter should be at least equal to or greater than the laptop's rating. It should never be less than the laptop's rating, or else the power adapter will be providing insufficient amperes to charge the battery. Of course, the power adapter's nominal amperage might be ok, but it degraded on usage. You can verify this by testing using a good or new power adapter.
If the battery did not charge using the new power adapter, take the battery off the laptop, & using a dry tooth brush, scrub in between the fins of the battery connector on the motherboard & on the battery it self, then put the battery back into the laptop & try again.
If this still did not resolve the problem, then the battery itself could be bad. Try it on another laptop, or try a good or new battery in your laptop.
If this did not work, there might be a possibility that the charging circuitry on the laptop's motherboard is defective & needs servicing. In order to do this, the laptop needs to be disassembled & the motherboard checked for defective/burned out components in the area near the DC jack. Any defective/burned out components found should be replaced, or you might need to replace the laptop's motherboard altogether.

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Jan 06, 2012

your USB keyboard may not work because your laptop has not got to the point of initiating USB at the point of booting to password.
You could try using ascii codes to eneter the key
at the point where you need to enter the key that doesnt work press your numlock button this will turn some of your letters into numbers...they should be written on the keys in a different colur...the laptop Im looking at at the moment has 4 on U, 5 on I 6 on O, 1 on J etc...
hopefully these are not the broken key..
if you look here you will see the chart that says A=65 B=66 etc in order

find the letter you need eg v=118 in lower case
type in your password till you get to the v (if thats the broken letter)
press and hold [ALT] button with num lock on and on your newley formed number pad type in the number thet represent the letter in this case 118 when you release the [ALT] key it will insert that letter.
however this only works with an extended keypad (like a full size keyboard) where the numbers are seperate not your top row numbers which is why you need your numlock on.
Richard www.2pages.co.uk
if it does then work maybe you could go into your bios and turn USB legacy support on...which may then help your full size keyboard to work too.

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Jul 28, 2011

Hi there.
Here is an in depth guide on how to separate the layers from the screen, it's imperative that you take extra special care while you do this repair because if you damage the screen it can be costly!!!!


Good luck

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Dec 09, 2010

The beep code means a problem with the display adapter (aka video card). But since the "card" is integrated into the motherboard, the only way to fix it would be to have the entire board replaced. If the laptop isn't under warranty, it would probably be more cost effective to just replace the laptop.

Thank you and good luck!

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Dec 06, 2010


Try resetting your "Internet Explorer" settings.

Right-click on "Internet Explorer" icon ---> Properties ---> Click on "Advanced" tab

---> Click on "Reset" button.

Good Luck.

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Nov 09, 2010

You will need to boot into safe mode - by pressing the F8 key once every second during bootup until you get an option menu and select "safe mode with networking support". Once it starts your touchpad should work - then you will be able to go into your Control Panel to re-install the drivers for the touchpad - Then reboot.

The other way is to use your "Start" key (bottom left on your keyboard between the ctl and alt keys) then TAB key to your control panel - and the space key in place of a mouse click.

Good Luck

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Aug 24, 2010

Purchase it on-line by following the instructions in the expiration pop-up - OR 

1)go to http://sourceforge.net/projects/wordit/ for an open source (free) efficient word processor.

2) go to http://www.openoffice.org/ and download another open source (Free) Office Suite - which can open word documents - allowing you to continue your work.

In my opinion, along with many others, these two beat out anything Microsoft's Bloat-ware can do.

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Aug 24, 2010

Your kids have just damaged the screen and that needs to be replaced, the black ink like substance is the liquid crystal which has run, there is now way of repairing that kind of damage apart from replacing the screen. Its doubtful that there is any other damage as you have said in your post that the machine still works fine, i would however check the screen bezel (plastic screen surround) for any cracks that may have developed by slamming it shut.


Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Aug 21, 2010


In your samsung laptop you'll be able to see a Fn key on the left to windows key and space bar, press that along with the any keys from F1 to F12 and it will function normally.

eg-- Fn key + F1 key will open up windows help (as it happens in normal systems when we press F1 key)

Daniel Scott

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Jun 24, 2010

You have lost either the system files could have been a virus in the windows folder OR your Hard Drive has failed, goto the BIOS see if it sees the HDD if it does then you will need to reinstall the operating system from the cabinet files most laptop manuals have a key press sequence to do this , NB> you will loose all documents and application files so you might need to slave the drive if it still works to take off the documents that you need.

Samsung R610-64G... | Answered on Jun 13, 2010

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