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Check any user friendly ports, filters, screens. It appears that the washer is trying to tell you something. See your manual for troubleshooting. BLEEP BLOOP

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Sometimes I see a cars' left turn blinker light on while they are driving for miles but I don't feel It necessary to have to post it on a website. Do you have a question??
If so, please include what you did before this event to get his poor machine to send this cryptic message.

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That is most likely related to debris in the lower are or diverter. The pump is the same for both. Most likely food in the area or pipe to the lower arm.

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If the temp limiter shows no continuity, there will be no voltage reaching the element contacts. The high limit is connected in series with the heating element. If the hi limit is open the element will not get power. Any technician will tell you the same. Unless the temp limiter blows again you do not even need testing the other two thermostats. Temp limit may blow because of occasional overheating. If it blows more than once there is either a shorted thermostat, a defective CCU(control module), or an heating element that stays always on because of a short.

Here how it works- CCU is control module powering the element in the mid part of the cycle:

C-------------Temp limit---TS---TS-----\

Replace the defective high limiter. That will do the job. If it doesn't, test and replace the other two thermostats located at the bottom side of the appliance. A shorted thermostat will read zero Ohms or very low impedance (


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You can print the manual from the link below.

If tat is not your model then please give the make and model #

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Check the small sensor along the rim of the door/door jam. It may be stuck. Free the machnism an start washing. Another common problem that cuase those symtoms is a bad door gasket.

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You have either a faulty element or thermostat. Your timer is controlled by the temperature, it wont click on until it reaches the correct temperature. If you want to try and fix then SWITCH POWER OFF and pull machine out.
1) Remove all water from inside
2) Put machine on left hand side and remove bottom panel if possible. Normally 2 or 4 screws. If not then remove front kick plate and panel behind.
3) Locate thermostat, should be a small round device attached to the bottom of the tank and will have 2 wires connected to it, there may also be a high limit stat beside it if so then you will need to replace both of these. You can get them from online spares sites and inputing your make and model and selecting the stat set.
3) If this doesn't help then you will need to replace the element.

Hope this helps.

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you maybe right but before doing machine reset button, you need to clean the machine be sure there's no jam in mechanical parts. also not all machine have reset button outside, some are hide and inside the power supply module so look for it and be careful.

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You need to clean the filter that is in the tube
that gets water in the dishwasher
in case you can not find it pls ask me to send you a diagram

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I was just signing off for the night when I saw this. You can download your user manual free from here:

Click the link and the manual will open in a new window, you can then print it or save it to your PC for future reference by clicking "File" in the top left corner of the browser window and then clicking on "Print" or "Save As...". If you are unable to open the file, you will also need to download the latest version of Adobe Reader:


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Hi, Make sure you have power to the water solenoid valve. You should hear it click/energize when you turn the dial or push the fill button to start the fill cycle. Check this. If there is power, and it does energize, kill power, shut the water off, and take the water line loose and off at the solenoid. There is a screen there to catch water sediment, check to see if it is plugged or clean. Get back to me after you have done these things and let me know where you stand.If I solved your problem, please be kind when rating me as being helpful as I know you will. Keep me posted if you need more help. If you hear no click when you touch it to feel if it is energized and you feel nothing, you need to check across the 2 terminals with the wires on, and pulled back for 120 volts. If you have power, you will need to replace the solenoid valve. You will need to get one at a appliance parts house.

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1)If cycles not complete before opens(it will splash)
2)check any block in rinse arm.

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The two lights are not an error code, but they are telling that the machine is in failure mode.

The error code is retrieved performing a water/service test.

The water/service test is a special function initiated from the power failure mode or idle mode.

While in power failure or idlemode - simultaneously press the DRY/AIR DRY and START/CANCEL pads for 3 seconds.

The dishwasher will then step through the test cycle per the chart.
Pushing the START/CANCEL pad will advance the dishwasher to the next step.

Here table to understand fault from the diagnostic cycle:


Another way two proceed is testing components that can cause the faults.

Components to be tested are inlet valve, door lock, two pressure switches, floater switch, pump, thermostat and timer board.

That will also tell you what the problem is.

Please do not forget to leave feedback.


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how do i get to the hoses on maytag portable dishwasher

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Are you blowing a fuse or throwing a breaker? Either way there is a chance that no outlet you have chosen to test with yet is on a circuit with sufficient amperage-I had this with a microwave I recently had installed. If you have the manual, check for requirements regarding amperage. You then need to be sure you are using an outlet with amperage comparable to the requirements-this is on your fuse or breaker. If your requirement is, say, 20 amps, a 15-amp or less breaker or fuse is going to fail. I had to go to a 'clean' circuit from my garage with nothing on it to find out I did not have enough amps in my circuit. My solution was a dedicated breaker. Another option is to use my second option (which I did not need), to plug it into a gas generator with sufficient wattage/amperage. This ensures nothing else is on the circuit.

Failing all that, it could be the power supply for the washer, a circuit board issue, etc. Don't mess around if you don't understand electricity, though-it's not worth frying yourself.

Finally, if it worked ok before and this has just begun to happen, I'd tend to think it's an issue with the washer itself. Hope this helps.

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Hello, W/D here.

The easiest way to get your DW back up and running is to buy a heavy duty plug that is designed as a replacement plug. You can purchase this type of plug at Lowe's/similer. Basically, you cut your old plug end off, and strip the sheathing back. Then you strip some of the insulation from each wire and the wires then screw to terminals in the plug. It will have you up and running quickly.

Best regards, --W/D--

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Not sure of the background on your fault, but this may help:
I have an HDW202. I accidentally opened the door while it was running - a no-no, but there is no lock preventing opening the door while it is running - not idiot-proof at all, disappointing, really. Anyway, closed the door, the washer kept running, then water started to leak out the front door. I quickly turned it off, mopped up the water, and turned it back on. It pumped out the remaining water visible in the bottom, then started flashing lights and doing 10 beeps in a row, pausing for a minute, 10 beeps in a row again, etc. - it was stuck in this cycle. I tilted the unit forward, backwards, and side to side, while turning it on and off periodically to check for results. More water came out of the unit, and it started to behave normally while tilted, but not level. Eventually, after more tilting, it returned to normal behaviour when level. It seems it did not pump all of the water out initially, and this was causing it to malfunction until all of the residual water inside had drained onto the floor from tilting the unit.

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You have to buy an adapter for the faucet that allows the hose to hook up. You an get it at any hardware store. It's easier to get a dishwasher installation kit and just hook it up permanently.

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