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This action is called governor hunting which generally means the carburetor needs resetting ,a complete internal cleaning or a rebuild
then adjust the high speed and low speed settings by the adjusting screws on the governor spring system (manual may be required for these settings)

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In the process of using diesel generator set, soft rubber pipe is easy to rub with the parts around it, and it is easy to wear and tear oil leakage in the long run. However, most of the fuel supply system of diesel generator set uses soft rubber tube, so it is not easy to find the oil leakage point. Below are instructions provided by Starlight Power small make up to teach you a few diesel generator unit pipeline leak spot check method.

Method one: exhaust the air from the diesel generator unit, then start the unit to find out the leak point.

Method two: release the gas screw of the unit injection pump and release the oil from the hand oil pump. If it is found that the discharge screw starts to discharge a large amount of bubble oil, and the bubble still does not disappear after the repeated hand pump, it can be determined that there is a leak point in the low pressure oil pipeline from the oil tank to the oil pump section. The pipeline should be removed, pressure gas and placed in water, to find out where the bubble is the leak point.

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I would check spark arrester and clean it and the muffler could be the inverter unit. If you have a meter determine the output voltage, and freq. You would need a scope to look at waveform the repair should be lest to a repair center. suggest you call Honda for more guidance.
You could spend a lot of money on maybe parts./

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Hi there dirty plugs or fuel system

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Residual magnetism of the rotor out. Lift one brush off the slip rings and flash a 12 volt battery on the rings. Reconnect brushes and start engine no output? Repeat then seek help as I need to put my grippers on it to check

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insure the wires from the magneto are not cracked or shaved as this would discharge to earth and the ht lead from the magneto to the plug is not perished as this would create leakage to earth

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Try Googling (Honda)(GA-6HZR)(manual) without parens.

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Of course you can, just use the correct weight.

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Give us a call when you are with the Generator and we will run through it with you. Call your local office and speak to an engineer:
Generator Guru

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No, as with most small equipment engines, the culprit is the carburetor. You'll need to soak it in carb cleaner overnight in a sea;ed container and install the rebuilt kit for it.

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how to reset the valves on a honda 3000 generator

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Make sure that the exhaust is not clogged.

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New battery for Honda eu3000is can be found on amazon. take a look here Charge your devices with guaranteed safety and chose the best one. P.S. watch out on seller reviews. I hope this was helpful. cheers

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I assume you refer to a 6500 watt Honda, if it's electric start/and manual(pull cord) First supply a 12 volt battery /if you haven't put fresh gas in it do the best you can to remove all the old gas from the tank and you should find drain screws and small hoses on the lower part of the carburetor. After completing this step add about 1 gallon or so of fresh gas, remove the air filter system from the face of the carburetor ,with a small squirt bottle put a tea spoon or so of gas into the of the carb, close the choke and turn the key, if it fires let it run with the choke closed for only a few seconds then slowly open the choke fully, if the engine stalls close the choke and start the engine again do not leave the choke closed for extended periods as this will cause engine flooding and spark plug failure. Also be sure you have inspected the existing spark plug to be sure it's clean if there is any question about the plug change it.


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On a honda part, I would check with Honda directly. Their customer relations folks are good to deal with:
Customer Relations
Tel: 770-497-6400
Fax: 678-339-2519
Mon. - Fri. 8:30 - 7:00 EST
I did find that part on EBay for sale. I have to admit, I don't recall seeing that part on a Honda eu3000.

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By fire I assume you mean spark at the plug. When turning the engine over with the key and the oil alert light comes on the spark is interrupted by grounding the system thus the engine cannot start.
First, look at the obvious things, check oil level if it is at the recommended level smell the dipstick if it has a strong smell of gas
change the oil and try to start it again. Be sure the plug is not soaked with raw fuel before you try the restart. I the problem persists you can disconnect the wire from the top of the low oil sensor.Try to start the gen. if it starts change the low oil sensor.
I hope this all makes sense to you , good luck with it.


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If the plug isn't fouled and looks all right, it could be the resistor cap on the plug wire. It could also be a warning from the CDI that it is giving up the ghost.

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Never heard of an etq Honda generator,if is a Honda generator any Honda dealer should be able to help you. If its a Honda knock off ,some Honda springs will work.

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