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Boat motor has no power

boating season is coming again. if your boat motor will not start and it has a shifter box here is your most common problems.
1. the shifter cable has stretched and the neutral position on your shifter doesn't match the neutral position on the motor. this will make the boat think it's in gear which will keep your motor from starting. adjust your cable so it lines up again or replace it if it's too far out.
2. steering is stiff... always grease the rear grease nippers on your motor.. second get a cable sprayer attachment and a can of wd40 .. the attachment slips over the end of the cable and forces the wd40 down the casing.. spray until the fluid coming out of the far end comes out clean . then rehook the cable. do this for your shifter and acceleration cable if you have the duel type. bike shops carry the required tool.
3. replace the leg oil and if it is a 4 stroke the engine oil.
4. replace the spark plugs and carry a spare set +tools required to remove them.
5. check your batteries and make sure they are topped up. a small 40 watt trickle charger is an excellent addition. while your there check to see if the connections are tight and clean on both the motor end and the engine end.
check your bilge pump to ensure it is working.
6 make sure you carry a few spare fuses... I keep a package of mixed on board.
7. make sure your water pump is spitting out a good steady stream. you do this by getting water muffs and supplying water from a garden hose. once water is present and running passed the muffs at a good rate fire up the engine. the stream coming out in the back below the motor should be as steady as a fellow having a bathroom break. if it isn't get that pump replaced.. your motor is expensive.
8. put some spare fuel in a container on your boat.. I lost count of all the guys I towed back.
9. always carry a manual bailer , paddle, whistle , and flashlight with fresh batteries. and let some one know where your going and when you expect to be back.( I also carry dry clothes in a sealed vacuum bag , rain gear and most important 2 jugs of freshwater)
have fun and be respectful.

on Apr 06, 2019 | Light Outboard Motor Boat Bass...

Your motor is fine. It needs to put out more than 12 volts or the battery will not charge. Most alternators put out between 13 - 17 volts, so this is well within the range.

Light Outboard... | Answered on Jun 26, 2018

Sounds like you need to change the charger coil. You need to pull flywheel. Iyt will be a small coil with yellow and yellow with red trace.

Light Outboard... | Answered on Jan 11, 2018

Please Check Your Voltage regulator.
You May Be able To See Visually If It has Overheated Inspect It.
Check All Earth Connections

Light Outboard... | Answered on Jan 08, 2018


Electric fuel pump will not turn

The motor has been sitting for a while and you try and start it... everything clicks but the electric fuel pump doesn't spin the whirl sound... first take your fuel system apart and clean it with sea foam a.d never carb cleaner as it is ******* seals and rubber, plastic etc. the boat mechanic will tell you you need a new 400$ pump... try this soak the fuel pump almost 3/4 submerged in an non aggressive cleaner like sea foam for 3 days... dry it, pull out the old heat gun and heat the side to a point where it is almost too hot to hold by hand.. Remember to keep waving the heat gun and rotating the pump. Then attach two small wires to the top of the pump where the electric powers it up... I use the red and black were from a electric tester ( the one with the dial . The end that hooks to the tester will fit perfectly over the blade on the fuel pump. And the probe end can easily touch the posts on a 12v battery.... so have this wire ready cause you have to move fairly fast. Once the heating is done place the wires on the fuel pump, and begin to touch the post of a 12v car battery with the two probes.. one on positive one on the negative side for 1 second then reverse the probes to the opposite post... for 1 second until the pump frees.. or 1 min passes... if it breaks free run some fuel through until it stops spitting out debris, if it doesn't tap the sides sharply with with a hard plastic hammer ( not steel) you must not hit it hard enough to dent it... re heat and try again.. it sounds like it's trying to spin but will not... soaked it again for 3 days and repeat. I haven't had that trick fail yet. .. ps.. if your seals are not quite fitting properly.. place them on a flat piece of white paper and let them dry for a day or two.. they will shrink.


on Oct 23, 2017 | Light Outboard Motor Boat Bass...

Three more seals. One on the shift shaft, another under the water pump and one more at the bottom of the engine on the main drive shaft. There is also a large o - ring on the carrier. Chances are the shift shaft seal is leaking.

Light Outboard... | Answered on Apr 14, 2017

you can download this manual from here.

Light Outboard... | Answered on Apr 11, 2017

If the engine is revving up but not increasing drive, my thoughts are it is probably a prop drive problem.

Light Outboard... | Answered on Mar 16, 2017

have you changed the impeller inside the lower unit.

There is copper pipe to redirect water up into the engine.

When you replaced the impeller make the copper pipe is insert onto the engine.

Light Outboard... | Answered on Nov 08, 2016

Check plugs had the same problem with 25hpJjohnson changed to hotter NGK plug and started using 89 obtain gas problem solved this is a ethanol gas problem

Light Outboard... | Answered on Oct 03, 2016

Do you have the serial number of the motor? Reason I ask is twofold. Evinrude started using this model number layout as of 1980. Having said this, something is not making sense with the location of the "N" in your model number. Those last two letters as of 1980 are the year. Here is the chart. Letter on top with corresponding year below it.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0

So... Example
1980= CS
1990= ES
2000= SS
2010= IS

You have E8RLNR which breaks down as:
E= Evinrude
8= 8hp
R= Rope start tiller steering
L= 20" shaft
N= 2nd year
R= 4th year

I would expect to see the N in the last spot:
1982= CN
1992= EN

Serial number is another way to identify the year.
This may hep point you in the right direction. Hope it helps.



Light Outboard... | Answered on Sep 29, 2016

Many things you could check.

Engine to small for the boat.

Not enough fuel deliver when in full throttle.

Gas pump.

Engines compression test.

Light Outboard... | Answered on Sep 13, 2016

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