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as long as there is leaks down the beater shaft, or grease drips from the drip ring on the planetary you should be ok. the grease needed for the a-200 series mixer is a -47you can get @ any hobart office. buy 2 quart cans ,use 1.5 cans, there is an absorbtion rate capacity chart on the web for all hobart mixers to see if you are overbatching the mixer. hope this helps,

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A 20 qt "E" dough arm is S-23467. A 12 qt is S-62886.
A 20 qt "S" sweet dough beater is R-8022.

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A 200 means 20 quart. I assume you have no bowl or else you can just measure the volume of the bowl.

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I would say without looking at it a key is sheared or gear teeth are worn on the gear.usually its a sheared key,however if the mixer is older they use a dive key assembly which you would have to replace the shaft.I'm a hobart tech and repair these mixers often,any ? let me know.What is the ml # on the data plate?

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What is the model and ml # on the data plate?I'm a hobart tech and repair these mixers often,let me know.

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Assuming the unit is 120v, single phase, my money is on a bad electronic start switch (not to be confused with the on/off switch) It's not visible without some disassembly. Usually, it is located at the rear of the motor cavity. Take note of all the info on your model data plate then go here to obtain a parts breakdown on your particular mixer. http://www.hobartservice.com/Parts/

I'd suggest replacing the capacitor as well.

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If your mixer is just slowing or bogging down under a heavy load and not coming to a complete stop, your problem, most likely, is NOT in the transmission.

I would suspect 2 things.

1. Depending on the age of the unit, (older mixers contain a armature with brushes as opposed to a rotor) perhaps the motor armature requires cleaning and brush adjustment/replacement.

2. And probably the true reason for your issue (easily fixed, however), your recipe is and has always been more than the mixer is designed to handle. To check this suspicion, calculate the weight of all your ingredients including the water and check it against the capacity chart found here. http://www.primasupply.com/images/hobarta200.pdf

If you find that the batches your mixing are, in fact, too large simply reduce the batch size and you should be fine.

"But it's been mixing that recipe for years", you say. This is a common arguement, to which I've always replied "you've been lucky all those years... it's just not designed to mix that much product."

Hope this is of some use...all the best.

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Check your recipe against the capacity chart found here: http://www.primasupply.com/images/hobarta200.pdf

You may be overloading the unit. Hope this helps.

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Are you stating you have an A200 mixer that is 3 phase 230 volt?
I was under the impression all A200's were single phase. The D300 floor model came 3 phase. In any regard, to change the input voltage to any maching, you would have to replace the rotor, stator, and control group, including wiring. It has to be kept to orgiinal specifications, and tech support would have to authorise the change. As you can imagine, it's not really an option. If you change from 50 to 60 Hz, you would have to change your worm gears also.

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There are several possible causes:1. The blades of the beater/s may be distorted (bent) 2. The beaters are in the wrong way round 3. The bottom tray is not seated down properly - there may be something in the central hole 4. The bowl may be damaged

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Register here and look for a supervisor manual.


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The safety cage kit is not cheap and you may not find a used cage. Why would you want to install used gears? They would have been removed from a mixer that has failed for some reason. Usually broken gears or shafts.

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If you have oil leaking from the attachment hub, the transmission grease has liquified. The transmission will need to be opened so the old lubricant can be removed, by scooping it out. There aren't any seals in the attachment hub, just two torrington needle bearings. The helical gears thrust the pinion gear onto a thrust bearing in the hub to create a seal. The hub has a return hole in it's casting for excess lube to return internally. It's possible the return hole is restricted. On the other hand, if the machine has been filled with oil, it will probably leak like a siv.
The new lube should be 35 OZ of mobil XPH 222,
Hobart part number is 103881-47 for 32OZ.

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With the bowl lowered, and off, hold the hook, push up and rotate counter clockwise as looking from the top. If it is siezed onto the beater shaft, try digging out the buildup, and using penetrating fluid to loosed the blockage.

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I'm a hobart tech and repair these often.I suggest you use jb weld,its a 2 part mix and is very strong if you follow the directions carefully.I would not weld,been there done that with no luck.Any ?

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No, do not use Shell or Chevron grease or oil.
It will damage the gears and the interior of the machine. You must use food grade grease.
If you use industrial heavy duty grease you might have trouble with the local Code Enforcement ( if this machine is used in a restaurant or bakery )
depending on your state's rules, laws.
Here is a website for the grease:
You might want to check out my website too:

About the age, hmm.. sorry but no i don't know anything.

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You have killed it by overloading the bowl. Hobart recomends no more than 65% bowl capacity on doughs & 75% on batters or icings. Replace the motor or the whole unit

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Planetary gears worn from, #1 changing speeds while unit running, #2 over loading the bowl. batter & icing max 75% bowl capacity, Dough max 65% bowl capacity

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You need to take the old grease out and replace it with new and then replace the oil seal
by the way it is messsssssy

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send me your e-mail address and I can send you a parts list
[email protected]

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