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Ebay sometimes has used hobart manuals. maybe check Amazon.com?

There is no other source for hobart manuals other than the internet.

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Shell Darina 2 grease, is now called Shell Gadus S2 U1000 https://www.mil-specproducts.com/Documents/1525_gadus_s2_u1000_2.pdf

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There does not appear to be one listed in the service manual. The manual is here Hobart 50 Service Manual

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Before doing anything else, make sure the hole in the whisk is perfectly clean by taking a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol and removing any remaining residue. It does not take very much residue to make fitting difficult.

If that does not work, the hole can carefully be enlarged using a round file or sandpaper wrapped around a pencil. Do this a little bit at a time and test fitting. You will want to do the minimum necessary to get the whisk to fit.

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Is the planetary still off before the taper pin is in place?

It's a shot in the dark but if everything lines up, I can think of two possibilities:

1. The taper pin in backwards, and
2. The shaft hole in the planetary is out of round.

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The gear has not really changed. It is a fail-safe gear designed to break before the motor is damaged by the transmission being jammed.

As to whether it will last, I can't say. I know of no other sources for the gear other than keeping a watch of Ebay.

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Same as on my N50. Perfectly normal,

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The frequency is the same in all gears.
disconnect the power and invert the mixer and remove the planetary after driving out the taper pin, then you can access the transmission. It may be a rotor shaft bearing in the motor or no grease on the worm gears.
Nice touch with the video.
If you need parts:

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Are you still having an issue with your HOBART N50. Let me know and I can walk you through it.

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You should be able to purchase the manual. I know that Hobart abandoned that policy a few years back -- unless they re-instated it. Call Mother Hobart and ask. 937-332-3000

There is a few tricks to these units, it would be tough to convey here. But here goes...

Remove back cover. Loosen 6 or 7 screws around outside of motor windings. Thump the nose of the mixer downward to break the seal. Watch for spacer washers where shafts go into motor case. Remove spring. Remove idler. Remove shifting guide. Remove gear assy. Leave beveled gears in place if possible. Clean. Use Darina II grease. (20 oz) Clean and permatex "seal". Tighten mounting bolts. Adjust set screw at back of planetary. (Double set screw. The first one is to lock the adjustment.) Test in 1st and then 3rd while turning the set screw. You just make it quiet for a proper adjustment.

Good luck -- Mike

Hobart N50 Stand... | Answered on Nov 25, 2013 | 513 views

What is the model number?

Hobart N50 Stand... | Answered on Dec 23, 2012 | 275 views

Check www.hobartservice.com for your local Hobart office.

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The N50 is a heavy duty / commercial counter top mixer. It is available in several different versions for different power sources. Make sure yours is the model for use with the power available at your location. The power versions are:

100-120/60/1, 100/50/1, 230/50/1, 220/60/1 and 230/60/1

This lists the information in the following format: voltage/frequency/phase. If used in the US or Canada (and many other parts of the world) you would most likely want the 100-120/60/1 or the 230/60/1 version. All are single phase, so this shouldn't be an issue to worry about. Use of any of the other versions could result in shortened life expectancy of the mixer or immediate, catastrophic failure of the mixer and possibility of burns, shock or electrocution if connection is attempted.

If the mixer matches the power available, check for proper wiring at the source point of connection and in the mixer. You may need an electrician to change the power at the connection point from 100-120/60/1 to 230/60/1 (or vice-versa since BOTH are available in North America). Also check to be sure that fuses or circuit breakers in the electrical panel are intact and on. Do not overlook GFI outlets if using the 100 to 120/60/1 version. Reset any tripped GFI outlet. If still unable to operate, verify that power is present at the connection point. If unable to operate, contact an electrician to check the power and wiring of the mixer.

The mixer data sheet is available here.

Hobart N50 Stand... | Answered on Jul 12, 2011 | 192 views

Hello Ldl,

I understand that you are having a problem with you 5 quart commercial mixer by hobart. The 1 and 2 are the same speed and you are not getting 3. You also would like to know what oil to use in your machine and how to fill the unit.

To answer you speed question first. The speed is adjusted by the bolt located in the middle of the planetary (the part that turns underneath of the head the attachments hook to). If this bolt is tightened all the way up or to lose it will not allow you to achieve all of the speeds. You will have to adjust this screw many times and turn the machine on to check you speeds. Eventually you will achieve all three speeds.

Before I answer how you lube the machine you need to know what kind of lube to use. The gear box uses a 90 weight gear oil and the planetary uses 140 weight gear oil (grease).

Lubing the gear box with top cover:
1. Remove the top of the gear box (the cover)
2. There is a Round plate with three bolts (do not remove) in this plate there is a disc (looks like a cap seal) use a small screw driver to pry this disc out carefully you will have to put it back once you are done lubing the unit.
Lubing with out a top cover:
1. Remove the switch and gear selector (remember position of gear selector)
2. Fill thru whole in side behind plate removed

Lubing planitary:
1. Remove drip ring
2. Remove the planetary (unscrew bolt in middle)
3. Remove key located in the side of shaft
4. Lube and put back together

Thank you for choosing Fixya.com


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These machines are still in great use today and are not cheap at all.

Hobart N50 Stand... | Answered on Mar 08, 2011 | 339 views

The best solution I can give you is to become a member at the Hobart Corp. website and use there schematics to find where the pin goes. It is free to use the parts catologues have a parts blowup.
Follow the link below:

Thank you for using FixYa, I hope this helps.

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If the ground pin on the cord is missing, you can put a new plug on the end of the cord -- hardware stores have them.


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Assuming the mixer is overheating (and not the transformer), first check (with a multimeter) the voltage being supplied to the mixer from the transformer and ensure it is near 120V. Next, do you know the powerline frequency in the country you're in? The mixer (assuming it came from US) was designed for 60Hz US power. Many other countries use 50Hz, which could cause overheating if the mixer is used heavily. When 60Hz equipment is used on 50Hz power, it normally must be "derated" meaning it must be "underworked" as compared to its original capabilities.

Be sure to test the voltage going to the mixer, from the transformer, not only when the mixer is off, but be certain to test it in use, mixing whatever it is you are mixing -bottom line is to be sure the transformer continues to output 120V under load, with the mixer loading the transformer.

If all is OK with the power going to the mixer, then the problem is either in the mixer or the problem is how it is being used. What are you mixing with it - are you overworking the mixer? Does the mixer always overheat or only with particularly demanding jobs (cut down batch size in this case). What gear are you mixing in? If overheating in second gear, try mixing the same batch in first gear. If you have or can find a user's manual, it probably gives reccommended batch sizes for various typical products you might mix, be sure to follow these recommendations and "derate" for 50Hz if necessary.

It's possible the motor is weak from a long life spent working hard. A weak motor will draw excessive current and overheat. Where is the mixer hottest? The front at the gearbox/transmission or the rear where the motor is located? Maybe the transmission is lacking lubracation and needs a grease change. There a many possibilities for your mixer to overheat, and I hope this helps.

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A lot of times while using the mixer, the ingredients can work their way up the beaters and make their way into the gear section where the beaters attach. This can happen especially when mixing bread dough, cookie batter or any dense or heavy ingredients and this could slow down the speed of the mixer.

Refer to owner's manuals when fixing an electric mixer.. it could be that the appliance isn't getting the proper voltage. Test the mixer using a voltmeter. If the mixer is getting the proper voltage, it could be that one of the gears are worn out mixers have additional gears around the motor that need to be repaired before touching the motor.

Finally check the motor for faults,If the motor is faulty it has to be completely replaced.

Hobart N50 Stand... | Answered on Oct 17, 2010 | 56 views

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