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this is a diagram of the drip tray & drip tray contacts for the Jura S-Series S Series Impressa S7, S7 Avantgarde, S8, S9, S9 Avantgarde, S90, S95, C3000 capresso 153, X70, X90, and XS90 One Touch Models.

"EMPTY TRAY" or "EMPTY GROUNDS" (on other machines) is activated when the 2 metal contacts can complete an low volt electrical circuit through high waste water or wet caked-on coffee grounds. the area is marked in RED. careful examine this area and observe the obstruction and gunk and compare with bare clean black abs plastic. the gunk is dull and rough. use soft tools (toothpick, bamboo skewer) to scratch through the gunk. use warm water and soap and a low bristle height brush to thoroughly remove all buildup from this area. dry the metal contact and contacts area with a high percentage alcohol. visualize the insertion slots deep inside the machine (for the metal contacts marked 414) with a flashlight and verify that the female contact point pads have not been bent and are separate and distinct.

the GREEN arrow indicates a thin black plastic finger-like protrusion. this finger (when the tray is inserted) will press against the "TRAY MISSING" small white relay switch deep inside the machine. use a flashlight to visualize the small switch. verify that the switch is securely mounted and clicks when depressed (up) using a soft tool (bamboo skewer) and note the sound. verify the finger is not damaged or chipped off. listen for the sound very carefully when the tray is fully inserted into the machine. if it is not these preliminary factors, the relay switch should be replaced.

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Hi all, I have the exactly same problem on my Gaggenau CM470 however the drip tray is clean and the contacts in the back is also 100% clean.. I wonder if its possible to disable the sensor/switch on a CM470 ?



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i have uploaded the parts breakout under the "guides" section

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I had one that set for 6 months that had that problem. Air had gotten into the water lines. Opened the hot water tap a few times and then removed the end of the water line that runs from the solenoid to heater block to at the solenoid end to bleed air out. It could also have been some calcium deposits that blew out with the air blocking the line. Then I replaced the end of the line, powered the machine up and it worked normally. Note: Jura Capresso and Capresso machines are complicated and it takes some mechanical know how to open them up and service them. They also have four special screws on the back that requires a special tool to open

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Cleaning instructions for that machine can be found in the user guide at the link below:


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User guide found at the below link has cleaning instructions:


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It could be a setting that casues this instant brew function that accidently got set. Look at the user manual?

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I found out where it goes, thanks to Juergen, who pointed me toward his excellent page on Jura cleaning: see figure 7d, copied here
which shows the yellow clip helping to hold on the tea pipe. I'm guessing that if you don't use the tea pipe, you will be okay. Otherwise you can just put that clip back on next time you clean the machine.

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You need to go into program mode, which is done by either pressing the "P" button or pressing and holding the circular dial until it says filter with a tick or minus. Then you tick or untick it, or both and it will ask you to install the filter.

Depending on the model you may need a filter extender that plugs on to the top of the filter then you install the filter into the holder that is just below the circular monthly reminder that is in the tank.

There is a document for the F50 here: http://www.quaffee.co.za/Pages/guides/ImpressaF50_QuickRefMaintGuide.pdf

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You should run the decalcify program with the JURA decal tablets or DURGOL. Do not use other agents.
See page 25 of user manual.


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I have the same problem for the second time, it's the damn switch at the end of tray slot, but it's unaccessible, either from the front or from the back of machine. It appears that casues a program error and the controler unit. First time I end up paying the $250 flat fee to repair it.
My machine is 7 years old, and it's been good so far, but I'm not in the mood to pay another $250.

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No, your damn right, theres no tool on the market for tohse screws.
I did it with a fine end point pliers, it cause litle damage to the screws head, but worked.

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I have a Capresso fo 7 years now, had few problems, but always solve them.
If youe machine does all the functions properly, but doesn't give you coffee, you should check if everytnhig goes into the grounds tray. If that's the case you may only have a broken "O ring" inside the pressing element. It makes the coffe, but throws it away instead of filling the cup. I had that problem, and it was the "O ring".
If the grounds dunped on the tray are dry, you're looosing the water in the back, probably on the relief valve.
Hope this helps!

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We had the same problem. We unplugged the unit from the wall and then plugged it back in again. For us, it was as simple as that.

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There are to oval screws on the backpanel. After removing the panel, unscrew the powerboard and check the flowmeter behind it

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The first thing to check is the seating of your water tank. Just a few grains of coffee grounds or dirt underneath the tank are enough to break the watertight seal. Make sure the area under the tank is absolutely clean.

That's always worked for me when I've had the leaking problem.

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