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There are two possible causes. One is easy the other is hard. So try the easy one first. Remove the grinds tray completely, and place you hand in the cavity that it normally takes up. moving you hand slowly in, feel towards the top. you will find a little flap, past that flap there is the tamper and coffee filter at a slight angle. This may be blocked, so clean with a cloth.
If that does not solve the problem (and 90% of the time it does) then you may have a small spec of dust that is stuck in the water system, this needs to be flushed and cleaned. The best place to do that is with a Jura approved center. Unless you are technically minded. Your local Jura chaps sound like they need a k!$k up their behind

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Check to see if there is a lever that may need pushed in as you put the tray bad in...not sure as many of the machines are different...but it's worth a try! :)

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I have 3 different coffee machines and all 3 are descaling like you said using only the froter so that is normal .... Unless you misstyped the question

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If you want us to localize the cleaning lady, I suggest to ask for her at the nearest employment office. Probably she is looking for a new job. As an option, you can get a new cleaning lady.

Now, if you want to find a site to get parts for your coffee maker, look for it at

Jura Parts Jura Capresso Parts and Repairs

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Hi, I made a video how to fix your Jura step by step, good luck... http://fixandparts.wix.com/nicknicoloudis#!jura-coffee-machine/c15gy

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Open the whole machine and you'll find the spout. Tighten up the nut there, the washer is like a tap thats dripping

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yeah, you have to find out why...here is the manual to assist you: http://www.partsguru.com/SaecoViennaPlus.html

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Sound's like you have a crack somewhere in the tray,
You could try locating it and sealing it.

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The message 'FAULT 5' on the Jura Impressa F7, appears when there is a problem with the heating sensor. Normally it needs service or replacement. You can try to unplug it from the power supply for an hour and then open it again. See if it works.

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First you need to be sure that the cleaning program is completed, if you cancel the program before it`s completed the machine will keep asking for cleaning. If you have tried to run the program several times and the alarm still lights up, then there`s a software problem. The only way to reset this is then to change the Main electronic board, that is very expencive and you should really concider to live with the alarm

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First you have to turn the machine off and then press and hold rinse buttom until you read empty tray and then follow the rest of the instructions. Good luck

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Clearly, the drip tray is not aligned right, or there is a manufacturing flaw. Simple answer would be to examine the part of the tray that you believe is supposed to engage the switch when it is in place, and try to figure out why it is not doing this.
Personally, if you are like me and don't mind voiding a warranty, I'd suggest removing the switch so the machine always thinks the tray is in place.

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We had this error when it asked is to remove the tray during the cleaning cycle. The fix was to just finish the cleaning cycle without the tray in and at the end the flap was back in place and we could fit the tray in again.

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The water can come from several places, it could be coming from a leak in one of the pipe joints or the overflow system.
It is possible you have a blockage in the pipe work.
The machine will have to be taken apart to investigate.
Depends if you are happy to do that or not as it is is a little tricky and depending on cover has mains voltage present.


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This is the result of a bad "O" ring around your tamper. That's the part inside the machine that has all the little holes in it and has a screw in the middle. Often times this unit needs to be cleaned because of the grounds that can collect on it. It is possible to replace the "O" ring yourself but it is extremely difficult to get to. I've replaced mine on a C-1500 and was able to find the proper size and guage (It's a thick ring) at an auto parts store. The hard part is getting the old one off. Make sure power is disconnected before doing anything. Unplug the machine. Then feel up around that tamper I mentioned and see if you can feel the broken end of the "O" ring. If you can, you are in luck! Pull it off, take it to the parts store and buy several different sizes, but all the same thickness (same guage). They go back on MUCH easier than they come off. I ended up making a small probe with a hook on one end to get my "O" ring off...because the broken end was not accessible. I also used a flashlight and a mirror to get a look at what I was doing. Don't try to disassemble the machine! That will cause huge problems. If this fails the only recourse is to send the the unit in for service.

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Mar 31, 2010 | 415 views

I have had this happen when trying to change filters and go through the rinse procedure. For me the problem was that the little hole on the frothing wand was plugged. Once I cleared the little chuck of dried milk everything started working again.

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Mar 11, 2010 | 1,094 views

The steam-frother valve have scale or dirt. You have to clean and descale the valve inside the machine.

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Feb 17, 2010 | 497 views

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