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Hi, I made some videos how to fix your Jura step by step, good luck... http://fixandparts.wix.com/nicknicoloudis#!jura-coffee-machine/c15gy

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Hi Alan
Try Manual & Instruction Books On Line
The Books & manuals are more than likely on the manufacturers site.
They usually can be downloaded for currently available devices.
Search their support area for your specific model of device.
Try Google Search for a Manual or PDF File for the specific brand & model number.
Also check these Sites:
www.retrevo.com .... Manuals

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The "sensor" is most likely a micro-switch. When the tray is in it actuates the switch and closes a circuit indicating to the controller that the tray is in place. Sorry to tell you this but it will have to be disassembled to replace the switch if it has failed as the micro-switches are usually sealed items that are not normally cleaned.

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If the drawer is stuck and cannot be put back in then put everything back except for the coffee grind bucket. That works for me. Press the power button to switch it off and then back on again and you can removed the drawer and put the bucket part back in again.

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After making approximately 200 coffees, the internal brewing chamber and the
brewing unit must be cleaned (of coffee oils, etc.). The display will show
CLEAN UNIT alternating with the regular message. This indicates that it is time
to run the tablet cleaning cycle

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Jul 01, 2012 | 226 views

Have you tablet cleaned it?

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Dec 12, 2011 | 743 views

take a closer look at the answers in this fixya thread :


I hope this will help you solve the problem


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I'm working on the same problem, I need someone who reads technical swiss-german to help. There is a pump on the bottom right that drives cold water into the boiler. The connector on the bottom of the boiler (brass to vinyl plastic) came apart on mine. On a german language expresso maker website there are several parts that address this problem, the difficulty I'm having is figuring out which part fits tthe boiler I have as apparently this is a problem on serveral version and there have been re-designed connectors (mine doesn't look exactly like the one in the picture

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Click on the link below to contact Jura and they can provide you with the owners manual and instructions on how to reset your C1500 espresso and coffee machine:


CUSTOMER SERVICE 1-800-767-3554
Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm E.S.T. and Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm E.S.T.

P.O. Box 775, 81 Ruckman Road, Closter, NJ 07624
Phone : (800)767-3554, Fax : (201)-767-9684
email :
[email protected]

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check your solenoid valve and security valve of boiler of the machine. make sure they are clean and work good, than you will have perfect espresso again.
if pump runs without your comand check up the swich of brewing coffee.

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If you are still out there looking I posted a solution to this elsewhere on the site. Good luck!

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Used to get the Service 8 with increasing frequency until it almost froze up. Luckily I figured out an easy solution and my 5 year old refurbished C1500 with over 4000 coffees runs like brand new. Here's how:
Take out the grounds tray and reach in to pull back the flap up above where the grounds fall. There is a piston and cylinder thingy behind the flap kind of like a car piston. Take a wad of wet paper towel and shove it up there to clean it out. Then use a dry towel to dry it. Now the secret solution: Take a can of spray pam and point it at the piston and cylinder with the flap pulled back. Give it a couple good shots. Now you just need to get the machine to work that in between the piston and cylinder walls by running the rinse cycle until it frees up. You may have to run it a few times then unplug and let it cool for a couple hours and run it again. The motor overheats if the piston is really stuck so you need to let it cool down. Apparently this is lubricated at the factory with a FDA approved food grease from Dow Corning that needs to be replenished but hey no one is going to die from a little vegetable oil. Some day if it even hints at happening again (It has been 3 months now) I know what to do. Cheers!

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Oct 29, 2016 | 4,206 views

I have tis same trouble now no water at all I need help fast

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Mar 31, 2010 | 546 views

Hi, wondering if you found the solution, my S9 is doing the same thing. Thanks

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Mar 30, 2010 | 703 views

I recommend that you call Capresso and ask how much it will cost you. If there`s nothing else wrong with your machine it will always pay to repair instead of buying a new one

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Basing on personal experience (you can find more on Google probably), solutions are:

On percolated (filter) coffee machines:

Check water temp, if water temp is insufficient , most common is scale heating element , faulty element, faulty thermostat.
Check if water is dripping right at the center of the filter, if it is dripping on one side because the orifice is clogged, that can result in weak coffee.
Coffee blend not well distributed on filter basket.

On Espresso machines:

Check water temp, same as filter coffee machines (thermostat element, scale on heating chamber).
Ensure that coffee is filled correctly in the filter cup (fill at level), and well pressed.
Ensure that the coffee mixture that you are using is not too coarse, buy the apposite one for espresso.
Ensure that you are not leaving the machine brewing for a time that is too long, and Italian coffee cup is very small, approximately one regular shot.

On the hob moka pots (espresso, Moka and Bialetti type):

This are the trickiest ones, you need art and practice to get a good espresso with a Moka, but when you learn, the result is better than what you may get with an home electrical espresso maker.
The frame on the hob must be not too strong, and the mixture coarse but well pressed, with water at level tag, or you will get a weak coffee.
On Mokas a good strategy is keeping hob at minimum, and turning up the flame at top when coffee starts coming out.

French and turkish cafetieres:

Ensure that you put enough coffee, water hot enough, and that you left the infusion enough time to get a strong coffee.

Note: insufficient pressure and clogged lines on electric machines never give you a weak coffee, exactly the opposite.
Not pressed mixture always gives weak coffee, but too much pressed mixture may give you coffee with bad taste.

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The first thing to check is the seating of your water tank. Just a few grains of coffee grounds or dirt underneath the tank are enough to break the watertight seal. Make sure the area under the tank is absolutely clean.

That's always worked for me when I've had the leaking problem.

Jura Capresso... | Answered on Sep 02, 2017 | 292 views

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