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I am not familiar with that cartridge, but most hardware stores and plumbing supply houses should have Moen parts. #'s 1224, 1225, 1200 and 1222 are the cartridges I'm familiar with.Bring the part with you.

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remove it and carefully inspect it, you might have scuff'd up the rubber's on the cartridge when you inserted new one.clean out,look in hous'ing for any foriegn mat.etc .you may need another new cart.

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Not sure about your particular valve, but most newer shower valves have an anti-scald limiter that stops the handle from turning too far to the hot water side. Check for a ring or a pin under the handle that can be set in different positions. It will need to be moved clockwise to allow the handle to rotate farther to hot.

Hope that helps. If you have trouble finding it, try looking up a diagram for the valve model.

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Take a look on amazon for it: Amazon com moen cartridge 4000. I hope this helped. Have a nice day

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Sure, take a look on amazon: Amazon com moen 12801 cartridge. I hope this was helpful. Cheers

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yes, there is... go to amazon here Amazon com moen cartridge 12801 and take a look. enjoy

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You might try a drop of penetrating oil from a car parts store. Ask for their best penetrating oil. Let it sit for about 5 minutes then try to back out hex screw.

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It may be in upside down. Remove cartridge and spin 180 degrees.

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First you must determine if your shower faucet is posi-temp or if it has a separate balancing spool. The posi-temp takes a 1222 cartridge and the other type takes a 1225 cartridge. Remove the handle. There is a horse shoe clip which is removed from the top of the cartridge. A cartridge puller is highly reccomended. There are two different kinds. On the brass stem inside the cart. there is a notch. Make note of its position as this determines which side hot and cold are on. Pull the cartridge by twisting back and forth while pulling. Lubricate the inside of the cartridge barrel with faucet grease. No motor oil, vaseline or WD-40! They all eat rubber. Insert cart. and retainer clip. Install handle.

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Since your question is so vague (is it a shower, tub/shower, lavatory, kit. sink or laundry tub faucet) I'd have to say that the flow restrictor in the aerators or showerhead is clogged up. Just unscrew and remove and either clean aerator or sh.head out and/or remove flow restrictor permanently. If that doesn't work turn off water and disconnect supply tubes from faucet and run them into a bucket and turn water back on to check for volume. If you have plenty of water at supplies then remove faucet and take defective faucet back to where it was bought and get another one!

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its not wanting to come out easy but after the retainer clip is removed don't be gentle it will come out good luck

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Alan, I'm a certified plumber for over 30 years specializing in service. I hate telling you this but what you have is a Moen posi-temp and there is no tricks or easy way to remove it other than a cartridge puller which won't help in your case since it's already broken. Just break out your drill and carefully have at it, BUT don't leave the water on it won't help and may be dangerous and/or ruin your drill. For some reason on all Moens cartridges the rubber grommet tend to adhere themselves to the brass valve body's. Sorry, wish I had better news...

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Moen cartidges are supposed to be guaranteed for life, so take the bad one back for a refund!! Once the handle is off there is a metal u clip that you pry up to take off. You'll probably need to purchase a Moen cartridge removal tool, because simply pulling on the cartridge stem often is not enough force to remove the old one. Look at the way the ears are positioned with the clip (prior to removal) and replace in the same position.

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remove cart. grease it up with plumbers grease check seals on cart.

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change the diverter

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Should be coming out if head not stripped or threads inside at set screw aren't stripped. Can you tell at all with perhaps flashlight if set screw is turning at all? Look like it backing out?

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The instruction sheet (pictures, no useful explanatory text) is at

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I have moen kitchen faucet # 7560 and water pressure very low. What should I do? We check water flow in pipe it is ok. I changed cartridge as well as pipe nothing help. Please let me know. thanks

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That was exactly the solution I needed for my Jacuzi bath tub with the two handle faucet. The use of the screw in the top of the cartridge was needed to be able to get a strong enough hold on the cartridge stem. Mine is all recessed about 2 1/2 inches so I grabbed the screw head and stem with long nose pliers, and then clamped down on the pliers with a set of adjustable pliers, and then used a 1/2 block of wood as a lever to get pressure on. That got the cartridge to pop out! Thanks!

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