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You'll need to contact the MFR on this one. They should have included it in the box. Look for a missing parts phone number.

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I am also looking for a replacement lead. Were you able to locate one since you posted your question? Any information I'm finding one would be helpful.

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if you have registered your toilet with company call 800-288-4002 and they will send replacement parts free. if you didn't register find receipt and register it when you call and they will send you the parts

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Check to see if there is not a clog in the trap. This could keep your bowl from filling up. Also check the flapper and see if it is staying afloat in the tank long enough during the flush. Either of these could be the cause here.

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My sister has a two year old Jacuzzi toilet that worked fine until a few months ago. Then it started to take 10 minutes to shut off after each flush. I lifted the tank cover and immediately saw the problem; at least 90% of the refill water was going into the refill pipe instead of the tank. Upon examination I discovered that the plastic part that holds the flexible refill tube to the vertical refill pipe was broken. This part not only holds the refill tube in place, it also has a small orifice at the end to restrict the flow into the pipe. The part was broken in such a way as to let nearly all the water go into the refill pipe instead of the tank, hence it would run for 10 minutes after the toilet bowl was full and waste all that water. I found a small coarse thread stainless steel screw that fit into the plastic attachment piece to help plug the orifice and cut down the amount of water going to the refill pipe. Now the toilet flushes and refills in less than 2 minutes. I'm in the process of trying to find a replacement for that part but so far no luck.

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here jacuzzi parts, on amazon you can find every single part you need. enjoy

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There is no way to make a toilet fill faster.

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Hi!Maybe the problem of your toilet is in the mechanism inside the tank that's why its always leaking.Kindly check the tanks fittings of your toilet and replace it if necessary.

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6600 token

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sounds like you may have debris in your lines. I was not aware of this until recently but, you should drain your water heater once a year to get rid of sediments that linger and travel through your lines causing possible blockage problems. Try turning your water valve off. Flush toilet so there is no water in the toilet or tank. Unscrew your line to shut off valve to make sure there's no debris. Good Luck!

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A local plumbing suppy may have it or order it for you... worth calling a well known local outfit...and having a chat with a live person.

Otherwise call Guillens Supply 1 800 222 7855

Their website is maddening.. unless you have specific part numbers from the owners manual or can access a parts diagram.. a phone call or email request or even a fax would be better.

Be very clear about what parts you need..

Best of luck

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look inside the reservoir. There is a cylinder sticking up at about water level or above. That cylinder should have a small hose (tube) going into the top of it attached with a small clip. This helps fill the bowl with water. These come off from time to time and just fall down into the water and dont do what they are supposed to do. Hopefully this is the problem.

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you will need to pull the tank off and replace the gasket in between and make sure the nut underneath is tight. careful not to overtighten. Make sure you wear gloves the stain from the old gasket on your hands is hard to get off. Also when reattaching the tank be careful to not overtighten the bolts so you don't crack the tank.

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You need to replace tank valve.
See photo of the product:

Buy this product at hardware store.
Turn off water to toilet.
Flush toilet to empty water from tank.
Under the tank, the tank valve is held with two nuts.
Nut1 seals water line to the valve.
Nut2 seals valve to the tank.

Loosen nut1 and it drops down. You can use same nut for new valve, or use new one that comes with product.
Notice there is a beveled washer stuck in bottom of valve, or stuck inside nut1. Your new valve will have a new beveled washer.
Loosen nut2 and valve come loose and can be lifted out.
When you lift up valve, remaining water will run onto floor so have a pan and towel ready.
Notice on bottom of valve is a rubber washer. This washer seals the valve and tank together so water will not leak.

New valve comes with 2 washers > big one and small one. They are usually attached together, small one inside bigger one, and you have to tear them apart.

Clean opening of sand and dirt.
Supply pipe is sticking up.
Put nut1 and small beveled washer onto the supply pipe, with flat side of washer facing downward and rounded side facing up toward tank.

Put bigger washer on bottom of new valve. Flat part of washer goes to valve, beveled part of washer faces downward to tank.
Set valve in place and notice how washer covers the hole.
Put nut2 on bottom of valve and tighten. As you tighten the nut, valve will rotate inside tank. Make sure float and parts can move freely.
The valve doesn't have to be super tight to seal. Just tighten ia reasonable amount, and you can tighten more later if needed.

Now attach nut1 to bottom of new valve and this will seal supply line going into tank.
This nut has to be fairly tight.
Turn water on.
Valve has adjustments for selecting height of water inside tank.
Use paper towel on bottom of valve to check for leaks.
Leave catch pan under new valve for couple days to make sure there is no dripping.
If water is seeping, then tighten nut1 or nut2 a bit more.
Sometimes the shut off start leaking. Open shut off all the way to see if this solves problem.

Add a comment for more free help.
Also take advantage of fixya phone service.
For a price, fixya expert speaks with you over phone while you work on toilet.

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Hello, W/D here. I always use the wax ring that has the plastic horn molded into it. Rarely, I will place another regular gasket on top of it if the closet flange sits too far above the floor or is cocked. The key to a good seal of a wax ring is to install it properly, and set it several times. What I do is tighten the bolts that bolt the toilet to the flange, and then sit on the seat, putting as much weight as I can on the bowl, and even wiggling a bit. The toilet settles, and I tighten the bolts (carefully) a bit more. I continue to do this several times until the toilet is settled well onto the closet flange and is secure. You have to take your time with this, and be very careful not to over tighten at any one time. You can break the closet flange or at worst, crack the porcelain bowl flange.
Best regards, --W/D--

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you are correct if you overtighten the bolts the tank will crack.
They make rubber spacers that go between the tank and the stool, that can be put in to help the part of rocking or wiggly, try that.

with your toliet making a crunching noise on the tile, my first question is does the toliet rock at all? i would try and tighten the bolts on the base or the next step would be to pull the toliet and put a new wax ring then tighten it down. It makes a crunching sound because part of it is hitting the tile so makes sure it tight to the floor

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did any one run camera threw? This usually means obstruction.If you have really hard water.holes around rim could be restricted.cure is muratic very careful.rarely,a pluged vent stack.once I found a big dip in a long drain line slowing flush.

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Is there a good flow from the small feeder tube going into the center tube the flapper mounts to? It is possible your flush assembly has mineral deposits,rust,calcium,etc. build up and is not allowing sufficient flow through that tube to rinse the sides of the bowl. You could also Try dumping undiluted C L R (calcium,lime,rust) cleaner into that tube and allowing it to clear the passages. If the passages are blocked you will notice the water flooding back out of that central tube in the tank and may be able to use a small inspection mirror and a piece of baling wire to clear the exit ports around the rim of the bowl. You may also be able to clean the entire flush assembly by removing the water line from the bottom of the tank then removing the flush assembly and soaking it in C L R for a half hour - or, just replace the entire assembly. I hope this helps!!

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washer goes on top, between the hinge and the bowl

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The water level in the bowl is determined by the built in trap in the back of the bowl. Water is allowed to enter the toilet and it then "over flows" the p trap in the back when flushed. Once it's flowing, it syphons the water out of the bowl. While the tank is re-filling, a small portion of water should be running down the overflow from the small hose clamped onto the overflow This rinses the inside of the bowl, as well as helps-refill the bowl. Be sure that hose is directed inside the overflow tube. To see what the max water level in the bowl can be, add some water from a cup or glass. Once it's full you can keep adding and it won't get any higher. This will be the max level you can expect.

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