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Hi. Your mixer should still be under warranty. Call Kitchenaid Customer Service and tell them your story. If you tell them that you tried to fix it by spreading the arms, your warranty will be deemed void. Kitchenaid is usually very good at replacing under warranty. If you found this solution helpfull, pleas rate it Good luck! ricardok45

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It sounds like you need open your mixer up and undo the screw slightly which will make it easier to slide. I have added a video below called "Replacing your speed lever" If you watch this video it will show you how to get to the speed lever and then you can loosen the screw.

I hope this helps :-)

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Hi REDLACQUER. Sorry to hear about the metal shavings. This is probably not to best way to take iron in your diet... My first thought would be to ask if your mixer is still under warranty. If you’ve had the machine less than one year, then I’d let KA replace your mixer with a new one. However, I suspect like many who seek assistance from FIXYA.com, your mixer is out of warranty, so what can you do?
Have you been able to find exactly where the metal shavings are originating? From the symptoms you describe, it appears that the planetary/agitator shaft assembly may be rubbing against its housing and generating the metal shavings at higher speeds. Have you noticed any increased noise levels/squeaking/screeching when the planetary rotates? It’s also possible that the planetary is out of alignment and not rotating true. Could the agitator shaft been jarred or hit hard during set up or moving in or out of you storage cabinet? Or the shavings could be symptomatic of other internal gear problems, but that would be the least likely scenario as the mixers internal gears are pretty much self-contained.
The good news is that this can be troubleshot and fixed quite easily (OK, maybe with a little effort) by yourself if you are a DITY type person, and feel adventurous. However, before you start to disassemble your mixer, be sure you have the Parts List manual on hand. If you're lacking one, you can download a PDF version from the KA website at: http://www.kitchenaid.com/flash.cmd?/#/page/home.
Click on Customer Care>Locate Manuals & Guides> Enter the 6 character model number, in your case, KP2671, and select the last file, KP2671XWH3.pdf (325.07 KB) listed under Parts List (24) (check to verify that it matches your mixer model).
Turn to pages 4 & 5, titled “Case, Gearing and Planetary Unit”, which provides and exploded view for the disassembly and reassembly of your mixer, along with all the parts. I suspect your Planetary Assembly, Illus No. 15, is rubbing somewhere against its housing, Lower Gearcase, Illus. No. 24.
To gain access to these pieces you’ll need the following tools: a regular or Phillips screw driver, retaining clip pliers, and a small drift pin punch and a small hammer. You need to remove the Transmission Housing (Illus No. 7) and remove all the lubricating grease from the transmission housing and gears (when removing the grease be on the lookout for shavings in the grease which would indicate excessive gear wear). This will allow you to remove Illus No. 25, 21, 18 & 19, Retaining Clip, Bevel Gear, Retaining Pin and Worm Gear Follower, respectively.
Once you remove the Retaining Pin (Illus. No. 18) the Planetary Assembly can be tapped down through the Lower Gearcase Assembly (Illus. No 24). With the Planetary removed, you can inspect it and the inside of the Lower Gearcase to determine where the shavings originated. Be sure to look closely at the Planetary Gear in the lower gearcase as well as the Agitator Shaft Pinion Gear (Illus. No. 12). That will also identify what parts need to be replaced, which you can order online.
You’ll need to replace the grease you removed with new grease. You should use a food-grade grease that you can order online (although I’ve seen automotive bearing grease used too – your call). Do not try to reuse any original grease as it may have ‘debris’ in it.
Here are five potential vendors in no particular order: RepairClinic.com; mendingshed.com; searspartsdirect.com; partstore.com; and Grainger.com (for grease). You should search for ‘food grade grease’. Prices can vary widely between vendors, so do your comparison shopping.
It can be messy but quite gratifying to diagnose and repair your mixer yourself.
Finally, here are some links to several excellent websites that detail the disassembling/reassembly of a KA Mixer. The mixers displayed in the links are different KA models, but the principles are the same.
Between these three websites and their excellent pictures and descriptions and your Parts List manual, you should now be able to completely disassemble and reassemble your mixer.
I hope this helps. Howard, Burke, VA
If this solution was helpful, please rate it, thanks! – hslincoln

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You can buy the food-grade grease and get the free service manual from the following website. They also have a Kitchenaid mixer repair person to ask questions of.


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I don't know which type of KitchenAid mixer you have, so here are the links for the Service Manual for the two types:

Professional 5/6 quart:

4.5/5 quart:

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b68be83b-c0cb-45d6-8d74-337f1cf098bd.jpgThe part you see is called the planetary, it has two shafts, the long one is called the center shaft and if it is falling off you need a new planetary, the second shaft (shorter) is called the agitator shaft (the beater attaches to it, if this is the culprit then1 you are not attaching the beater correctly2 the locking pin that the beater attaches to to hold it in place is missing3 you have way too much "gunk" build up on the agitator shaft and the beater is not attaching correctly4 if the beater falls into the bowl with the agitator shaft still attached you have three additional problems a) the snap ring a top the agitator shaft has broken off or come off which in turn means that
b) the gear at the top of the shaft has come off and may very well been knocked around and possibly damaged beyond future use which means that you will need a new one and also
c) the shaft pin that holds the agitator gear in place has come out or been broken also
the fix is easy and your parts cost $ will be from $30.00 to $80.00 dollars depending on which parts you need. Now before you get palpitations, cost are listed as a possible need
1 new planetary $30.00, you may not need
2 new agitator shaft and gear assembly $27.00, pretty sure that you need but maybe not
3 new gasket $6.00
4 new gear grease $6.00 KA says 2 oz. (don't buy a 2lb (26.00 bucks) can when you only need 2 oz).

Without more clarity or a picture I can't help further. but before you start tearing you machine apart go to the KA website and get a parts list for your mixer

let us know how you fare on this or better yet get us a little more info and we can help more.

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There is only one pin on the beater shaft to hold the beater in place.
There is no spring or washer on the shaft.

To Attach Flat Beater,Wire Whip, or Spiral Dough Hook, simply
1. Slip flat beater on beater shaft.

2. Turn beater to right, hooking beater over the pin on shaft.

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they should be a tight fit as the clip is just to help retain position
if they are ment to be loose replace the clip and inspect the groove for the clip as the edges may be worn to a taper rather than a sharp edge which will allow it to be moved out under load

KitchenAid... | Answered on May 18, 2017

go buy a bottle of lock tight also called thread locker (red bottle) and apply some then press it in place while still wet , let dry and it should stay on

KitchenAid... | Answered on Mar 20, 2017

there could be a thermal over load switch that you may have to press
if there isn't,take it in to an appliance repair shop for a look and quote

KitchenAid... | Answered on Jun 26, 2016

Without being there and looking at the part I would have no idea what to tell you about repair that would assist you.

KitchenAid... | Answered on May 24, 2016

You will need to describe in what way it does not work correctly, your question is far too vague to give any meaningful answer.

KitchenAid... | Answered on Feb 02, 2016

I haven't seen enough of that model to remember, look up a local service agent and ask them is probably your best option. Whoever does the warranty repairs for Kitchen Aid would be the best person.

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Interesting thing about Kitchenaid stand mixer brushes, they go in four different ways but they only work one way. now that sounds simple but you have two brushes so there are ... what... 9 different ways to put the brushes back in. There is a beveled edge on the brushes, they must go into the brush holder the right way or they will not make contact with the commutator on the armature and therefore the mixer will not work. Now get a flash light with a very narrow beam. Look into the brush holder opening and you will see that there is a metal notch in one corner of the holder. The new brushes have to be put in with the beveled edge going in the notched corner, you see the beveled edge will pass the notched metal. If you put them in wrongly then the brush gets stopped by the little metal notch and never makes contact with commutator and then there is no electric current or a complete circuit. So get the light and a magnifying glass if you need to, turn the machine on it's side look inside and find that notch. Hope this helps you, if not get back to us so we can FixYa.

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That's not the sort of problem you are likely to solve at home. There is a speed control pcb and a speed sensor involved, it's not mechanical like the other old models. Best you contact Kitchen Aid and find out where your closest authorised service agent is.

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Hi - I've been searching for general info on KitchenAid stand mixers and ran across this so I'm throwing my $.02 in... Since KA stand mixer bases are essentially made of cast metal parts, there is a very slim chance that there is a lateral misalignment (side-side) unless it got dropped...eek! Sounds like a head height adjustment issue. Check out this from KitchenAid Conversations:


Good luck.


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It's most certainly a stripped gear. There are numerous how-to videos regarding Gear replacement.

KitchenAid... | Answered on Oct 18, 2014

It could possibly need a new circuit board, new power cord or the motor could be burnt out. These newer style bowl-lift mixers have cheap motors.

KitchenAid... | Answered on Oct 18, 2014

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