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I want to replace a

Disconnect the green wire from the black wires. The green should only be connected to either a green wire in the box or to the box itself.
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50a surface mount, just need

If this is for a 50 amp 250 volt outlet, you should have 1 green screw and two brass screws. The ground/bare wire goes on the green, and the white and black go on the other two. does not matter which one is where
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Can't get my switch to

  • Turn off the power to the receptacle that will be replaced by switching off the circuit breaker in the fuse box. Check that the battery is good in a circuit tester. If not, replace the battery. Place the tester's two ends in one set of the receptacle's slots, then the other set. The light on the tester should not come on. If it does, the correct circuit breaker has not been switched off.

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    Take off the receptacle's face plate by first removing its screw. Detach the two screw securing the receptacle to the box and pull out the receptacle. Loosen the receptacle's terminal screws and pull away all wires from the back of the receptacle. Take out the receptacle (if working properly, it can be reused). If the ends of the wires are chewed up after removing them from the existing receptacle, cut them off with wire cutters. Strip off 1/2 an inch of insulation from the ends, using wire strippers. Bend them into loops with the pliers.

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    Bend the copper ends of all wires into a loop, using a pliers. Connect the white wires to the silver terminal and tighten the screw to the wires. Connect the black wires to the gold terminal and tighten the screw to the wires. Connect the bare ground wires to the ground terminal and tighten the screw to the wires.

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    Push all cables into the back of the box, followed by the receptacle. Attach the receptacle to the box with the two screws. Hold the new faceplate in position and install the screw. Turn on the power at the circuit breaker.

  • HOPE THIS HELPS YOU...Jim...Please leave a comment
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    Leviton 3-way wide view motion

    Some switches are not designed to work with the florescent bulbs. It's a matter of them trying to push a starter for the light. Check the package and see if it's compatible.
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    I bought a leviton combination

    The wiring for the overhead light is the same as for the outlet. I don't know what wires you have in the box where you will be putting this switch, but I will assume the simplest case. The box should have 3 sets of wires. Each set has a white, a black and a ground. One set is hot, coming from the main panel. One set goes to the light. The third set goes to the outlet. Connect all three ground wires together and to the ground lug on the switch. Connect all three white wires together, but not to the switch. Your switch will have 4 terminal screws. On one side of the switch, two of the screws should be connected together with a little metal bar. Connect the hot black wire from the panel to one of the two screws that are connected together. (the other screw is not used). Connect your black wire for the light to one of the screws on the other side of the switch. Connect your black wire for the outlet to the last remaining screw. Be safe. good luck. Let me know if you found this helpful. Al K
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    We are replacing an old

    Leviton T5625 has shutter (tamper resistant) mechanism that blocks access to the contacts unless a two-prong plug is inserted. My understanding is this mechanism prevents child from sticking piece of metal into receptacle and getting shocked. Tamper resistant receptacles are code for new home construction, and receptacle is marked with TR. The light switch part of device works at all times, with or without two-prong plug in receptacle.

    Electricians test, they don't guess.

    Let's test your wires using ordinary two-prong tester.
    Tape wood sticks to tester leads to keep hands away from power. Stand on dry surface or wood boards. Do not shake or sweat.
    Separate wires for testing
    Turn power ON.
    Test each wire to bare ground wire.
    Tester lights up on Hot wire. Hot wire connects to either dark-colored screw, as long as there is a brass connector plate that connects both dark colored screws. If connector plate is missing, add a jumper wire between both dark screws so they are connected together.
    Hot wire is identified.
    Now test Hot wire to each other wire, except bare ground wire.
    Tester lights up on neutral wire. Neutral wire connects to silver screw.
    If neutral wire is white wire, AND both white wires were connected together before, then they both connect to silver screw.
    The last wire is the Load wire that goes to fan, light, motor. Load wire connects to brass colored screw.
    Double check instructions with instructions on new device.
    Add a comment any time.

    You can also take advantage of fixya phone service.
    For a price, fixya expert speaks to you over the phone while you test and wire the device.
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    We are replacing an old

    black to brass colored screws /white to silver screws /green is ground
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    I have a Leviton dimmer

    Yes you secure that GREEN wire to EARTH, that bare wire and screw will do just fine.

    A dimmer usually goes "IN" the PHASE line, BLACK, and in Series with any "Load" usually there is One Black IN from the Main Power, the Other, an OUT BLACK, still Phase, this side goes to the "Hot" side "Load". The "Other" side of the "Load" is called the "Cold" side, and that goes to neutral.and the circuit is complete.

    It looks like the old one was IN on Black, and OUT on White. White went to hot side of load...the other wire is hooked up to the main Phase wire..supply..
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    2 n2000 dimmers controlling lights

    I am having the same trouble in my church with two nsi/leviton dimmers. Wide horizontal bar created on video screen during dimming. No bar at 100% or off, just anywhere in between.
    12/12/2010 5:35:15 AM • Leviton... • Answered on Dec 12, 2010 • 105 views

    Leviton Digital Dimmer goes off

    Your best bet is to give Leviton a call to help them troubleshoot it. The challenge is that I can think of a number of reasons why this may happen.

    1) Electrical power issues - some lighting control products can respond poorly to electrical noise (if you turn on a hair dryer or motor, sometimes the electrical noise it generates can travel through the power wires and effect the dimmer's performance). I actually kind of doubt its the case because if the device shuts off and STAYS off, usually the dimmer's power failure memory would kick it back into gear, and it sounds like its not doing that, so...

    2) Loose connection in the back. Some of those dimmers have an addition wire (or screw) attached to them to provide multi-location dimming. If that wire/screw is touching another connector (or a grounded backbox), it can fool the dimmer into thinking its supposed to do something (like turn off).

    3) Touch panel environmental issues. Some of their digital dimmers are 'touch' dimmers, and they can be impacted by the environment. There are several ways in which the devices work, but generally speaking, when you hit "a button," you are either affecting the enviornment around the dimmer or the dimmer leaks current through your body, and the dimmer uses that change in its environment to detect the button press. Regardless, if this is an a high-humidity area, or if its near an air-condition, or possibly heater, fan, something like that - its possible that something is "fooling" it.

    But again, these are all guesses. I would call their tech support center for sure.
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    Actually I have 6681, 600w; want to use to

    The dimmer isn't a straight resistor, its an R-C timing circuit, and the caps within that circuit are going to mess up any resistance measurement you're trying to make. The R-C circuit is there as a timing mechanism to determinine the duty cycle on/off time of the dimmer. It is because of that, that I recommend you try to not use a light-dimmer for a soldering iron - the dimmers are not resistive rheostats, they're light switches (on and off @ 120-times a second). Depending upon the nature of the soldering iron, that may cause some harmful problems.
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    I have a Leviton 5634

    Review old switches:
    Two old switches > each has 2 wires
    Old switch 1 > Red and White
    Old switch 2 > Black and White
    The same white wire connects to both switches, so effectively they count as 1 wire
    This means you have 3 wires ... 1 White, 1 Red, 1 Black
    Each switch controls a separate load (light, fan, motor)

    New Leviton double-rocker switch:
    -Leviton has 2 Brass-colored screws on one side, and these screws are connected together by a brass plate >> your Hot wire will connect to brass screw
    -Leviton has 2 Silver-colored screws on other side, and neither of these screws are connected in any way >> the wires going to each load will connect on a different screw on this side of switch.

    Hot wire: Each box in your house has exactly 1 hot wire that is connected back to breaker box. This is true for all boxes (excluding boxes that have a 3-way & 4-way switches).
    We need to identify Hot wire.

    -By code the Hot wire is black for identification purposes ... but your box sounds like maybe the Hot wire is White.
    -If your Hot wire is white, that is NOT an immediate safety issue ... it will not cause a fire or malfunction ... it is a code violation ... because code requires things be uniform so next electrician knows what previous guy did. So some day, electrician working outside grabs wrong color wire, and wow. I say this so you know.

    Moving on.

    Identify Hot wire:
    -Pull 3 wires up so they can be tested
    -Turn on power
    -Use ordinary tester, or old lamp with plug cut off and wires stripped back
    -Tape tester lead to sticks so hands are away from voltage
    -Power is on. Don't stand in water or touch metal pipes, and you're fine.
    -You have 3 wires in box + ground wire
    -Test all 3 wires to bare ground wire >> when tester lights up, that is Hot wire ... testing is complete

    Connect wires to Leviton double-rocker:
    -Power is OFF.
    -You have 3 wires - 1 White, 1 Black, 1 Red >> one is Hot wire, the other two wires go to load
    -Hot wire connects to Brass-colored screws on new Leviton.
    -Brass colored screws are connected together by a brass plate so the Hot does not need to connect to both brass screws.
    -The other two wires connect to Silver screws on other side of new Leviton switch
    -One wire goes to each silver screw
    -Connect bare ground wire to green screw.
    -Push wires back into box. Use eraser end of pencil if needed.
    -Make sure ground wire is back and away from screws on switch
    -That's it.
    9/30/2010 8:55:24 AM • Leviton... • Answered on Sep 30, 2010 • 940 views

    My dimmer is not working

    Everything I have ever seen about this is that the Q2010LT is similar enough to be used as a replacement for the X25783.

    3/16/2011 4:44:09 AM • Leviton... • Answered on Mar 16, 2011 • 1,367 views

    When my dimmer switch is turned on, the light

    what type of dimmer switch is it.
    1/9/2010 7:07:59 AM • Leviton... • Answered on Jan 09, 2010 • 199 views

    Have a switch from ceiling light cat # 573, very

    If there is an electrical specialty store in your area, i would remove the switch and take it there. They may be able to help in either replacing or rebuilding it. That sort of control is not difficult to recreate, but it is an uncommon feature. A good electronics tech can show you how and get you the parts to do it. i am NOT talking about Radio Shack. i mean a mom and pop shop that specializes in electrical and electronics.

    i hope this helps
    11/19/2009 6:15:26 PM • Leviton... • Answered on Nov 19, 2009 • 489 views

    Dimmer turns on/off 3 spotlights but they wont dim

    Questions to answer so I can answer/resolve your problem:

    1) Is this a rotary style dimmer?
    2) Is it a toggle or slider type?
    3) Is this on a 3-way circuit (that has 2 or more switches that can turn the lights on or off)
    4) Is this on a single switch circuit?
    5) Is this a brand new dimmer switch?
    6) Is this an old dimmer switch?
    7) Are the light bulbs in the spots regular incandesant or halogen bulbs?
    8) Are the light bulbs in the spots CFL (compact flouresent lamps)?

    With this information, I can tell you what the problem is:

    If you answer "YES" to #1, and or #6 then the dimmer is faulty and should be replaced.

    If you answer "YES" to #8, then you have the wrong dimmer for the bulb type, as CFL's require a specific dimmer type in order to dim them.

    Please provide some more info and maybe we can help you figure out what's wrong.

    Hope you find this Very Helpful and best regards!
    8/22/2009 4:39:28 AM • Leviton... • Answered on Aug 22, 2009 • 459 views

    I am replacing a double switch which controlled

    One side of the switch has Brass screws, and the other has nickle screws. there is usually a small brass bridge between the upper, and lower switch screws on the brass screw side. if you are feeding both from a common power source leave the little brass bridge in place, and screw on of the screws in all the way. Put the energised wire under the other brass screw. Bare copper wire goes to the green screw. The power will be transferred to the nickle screws through the corresponding switch. put the wire to the fan on one, and the light on the other. Presto.
    8/17/2009 4:13:29 PM • Leviton... • Answered on Aug 17, 2009 • 172 views

    I have installed a set of Vizia vz106-1l dimmer

    not familier with this model but yes sounds like its wired incorrectly, usually on a 2 way switch you will only have 1 live comming in, it will feed common in, the bottom 2 will connect too the bottom 2 on the other switch in opposite order then the common on the other switch will fed the light.
    8/15/2009 8:22:08 AM • Leviton... • Answered on Aug 15, 2009 • 399 views

    Wiring diagram for Grounding switch with a pilot

    8/4/2009 6:01:23 AM • Leviton... • Answered on Aug 04, 2009 • 1,973 views

    On the combination Two Switches #5224 do I break

    No need to break the tab... that' on the power IN side of the switch..
    You only need one power in (in most cases).
    The power outs are separated already.. one goes to your first load and the other will go to the second.
    The white wires are your common and are hooked together with the other whites in the box... don't hook them to the switch.
    Hope this get's ya all connected... let me know if you need more assistance.
    6/19/2009 12:27:42 AM • Leviton... • Answered on Jun 19, 2009 • 868 views
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