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About 20+ minutes... full tank of hot will take longer.. put ear against tank and listen if it is heating

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April 2015... all water heaters will be larger.
I would go to local supplier, and buy off the shelf water heater that is same gallonage and use flexible water connections to make installation easier



Water Heater Timers Save Money

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check heater element

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check gas pressure coming in

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If tank is rusted out, then that is caused by depleted anode rod, or tank that is not electrically grounded on hot side pipe.
If pipe nipple is rusted out, then that can be caused by improper connection between copper and galvanized pipes, and caused by non-grounded hot water pipes.

If tank is leaking, replace it.
If nipple is leaking, remove with pipe wrench, apply teflon tape or joint compound on threads, and install new nipple. Replace anode rod if possible. Correct copper-galvanized connections. Add ground wire between hot and cold pipes.


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Hi..my name is Keith...you can try to blow air into the drain valve to unclog the debris and see if it will drain..but if it has that much debris i think i would replace the hot water heater..also it has a sacrificial rod inside of it..and if it is melted away then the water will eat at your heaters liner and will eventually eat a hole in it...i hope this has helped

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More information is needed about this heater.

The label located on side of tank should show manufacturer.

Maytag does not manufacture water heaters.
Maytag is a brand name used to market water heaters made by other companies.
Maytag offers a phone number for water heaters:1-866-362-9898

Other resources:
-If the water heater has electronic control box on top, then following American Water Heater Company manual might be suitable:

-Electric water heater instruction manuals can be found on following link:
Each is basically the same, unless there is electronic control box.

-If you have ordinary two-element 240volt water heater and are having problems, or want information on maintaining water heater, then following link is useful:

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There is no reliable test for electric water heater thermostats
Replace thermostats


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RELIANCE... | Answered on Dec 23, 2015

there is a small screw in the control panel that sets the thermostat and by turning it anti clockwise you can lower the temperature of the water
all to the right is around boiling and all to the left is around 55 degrees c
thee is an automatic mixer that you can have fitted to the hot water outlet that is mixed with tap water to control the temperature to prevent scalding accidents
it is preset to a temperature at the tap of around 75 degrees C

RELIANCE... | Answered on Oct 28, 2015

1) Copy following links:

2) There is no reliable way to test electric water heater thermostats.
This is because testing requires rotating the temperature selector, which may cause stuck-thermostat to temporarily unstick. So thermostat appears to work normally.
Moreover, thermostat come out of calibration over time, and the temperature selector might be on 125 but tank temperature at 100, and there is no specific way to measure calibration.

3) I think it easier to replace both upper and lower thermostats to eliminate them as suspects when diagnosing wide-range of electric water heater problems.

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If your electric hot water heater is not working...check out this tip about electric hot water heater problems

Electric Water Heater not Working



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First check that all connections are good. turn off power and take off the cover plates pull out the wires connected with wire nuts and check that they are not loose remove any electrical tape covering the nuts and turn power back on. with a meter check that you have 220 at the connections. if all is good at the incoming service check the upper element if power passes it in parallel check the exiting connections.if good there check the bottom power if you have 220 there either your element is bad or the thermostat. check the element by turning off power again and check the element with a continuity tester. if the element is good then your thermostat is probably defective try turning it up higher and see if you get 220 out of it.

RELIANCE... | Answered on May 04, 2015

Replace thermostats. If problem continues, replace elements
If water heater flooded, replace heater


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Fishing electrical wire down a wall

I do a few measurements to determine where to drill holes,
in the attic I measure from the wall and locate top plate of wall to be fished
the bottom of the wall at the trim is where I need the wire to exit
so I attach a piece of chain to my wire
drop the wire straight down wall
use a retrieving magnet to fish wire out...
I use to try and hook a line and try and look in the hole for the wire?
although with the chain and magnet technique you can do this with your eyes closed, well almost, it just makes it easier!
after the wire is fished I can install....
hope this helps anyone wondering how this is done?
as always Be Safe, and if you are unfamiliar with the potential hazards of electricity, Please do Not attempt this.... Frederick Electrick Google

on Mar 01, 2015 | Electric Electrical Supplies

You have a water leak under the house, but need to know if it's a gas heater or electric. check the Pop off valve on top of the tank it has a short handle and should go threw the floor pull up on the valve and let it sit back down, if it stops the high pressure pop off valve is leaking, you can buy it and replace it for 5 or 10 bucks, if that does not stop it look under the house. Also use a broom stick and put the round end at the wall and the other end near your ear and check the wall and floor for the noise the closer you get the louder the sound. Hope this helps. If you look under the house and see water you know you got a leak in the pipes or the tank itself.

RELIANCE... | Answered on Feb 24, 2015

Hello Rsjohnson164,

I understand that you are having a problem with your hot-water tank not producing any amount of hot-water. I would suggest that you turn off the cold water supply to your hot water tank and drain the tank and see how much water comes out of it.

Flush the tank:
1. Turn off the cold water supply
2. Hook a water hose to the boiler valve (spicket on the bottom of the tank) and turn on the valve
3. Turn on the cold water inlet line and let it run for about 15 minutes or until you get good pressure coming out.

Check the Elements:
1. Turn off the power to the hot-water tank
2. Remove the service panels
3. Remove one wire from the element and use a multi-meter to check continuity
4. If no continuity replace one or both elements

If you do all of this and still have a problem repost to this thread and we will check your thermostats to make sure they are working properly.

Thank you for choosing FIxYa.com


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Short answer: Thermostats may be bad. Replace both thermostats.

Long answer:
1) If water heater has some hot water, then upper element is good and water heater has 240Volts, and best suspect is burned out lower element.

2) If water heater has no hot water because 240volt circuit breaker is tripped on one leg, and only 120Volts is arriving at water heater, then upper part of water heater can appear to have voltage and lower part of water heater can appear to have no voltage.
Open following links for troubleshoot steps:

Add a comment for more help

RELIANCE... | Answered on Jan 16, 2015

the electricity it burns in the water like when u burn trash it stinks becase of the electric

RELIANCE... | Answered on Dec 18, 2014

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