Swiping the Dust off Top Issues with Vaccum Cleaners

The Dirt on Vacuums - Fixya Report

Swiping the Dust off Top Issues with Vacuum Cleaners

In this Fixya report, we’ll cover common issues and solutions with vacuums from popular manufacturers Dyson, Hoover, and Bissell. Overall, the Fixya vacuum report discovered consistent issues across all vacuum cleaners with their roller brushes and suction capabilities, while individual brands each had unique problems with their products that couldn’t be found with their competitors.

Purchasing a quality vacuum cleaner is an investment in your home, so you’ll want one that not only does the job well, but can last a long time. The daily accumulation of dirt and dust on your carpets and floors can build up quickly, which means regular cleaning and vacuuming is a priority for those who want to keep their home and belongings as clean as possible. Choosing the right vacuum cleaner and keeping it in working order is an important investment, assuming that you do your research and stay proactive in taking care of your vacuum.

Which is where we come in.

Drawing from unique and proprietary data found on Fixya, this report will cover some of the most common issues and solutions that each brand has with its vacuum offerings.


Dyson Synopsis

Founded in 1991 by James Dyson, this vacuum manufacturer has since become an innovator in the industry. Dyson first revolutionized the market by introducing centripetal separators—instead of the conventional bag used by other devices—in its vacuum, resulting in a better ability to pick up dirt around the house.

As a long-time innovator in the market, Dyson continues to create new products and have since broadened its offerings beyond vacuum cleaners. But for the purpose of this report, we’ll take a closer look at common problems with Dyson vacuum cleaners and recommend some solutions to help you on your way.

Common Problems & Solutions

Issues with the On/Off Button

A common problem found among Fixya Dyson owners was with their vacuum’s On/Off button. Users report the button had a tendency to pop up and turn the vacuum off while it was in use. Along with being an obvious issue while using the vacuum, the problem was compounded when some users were forced to keep their hand atop the On/Off button while they were vacuuming their homes.

If you’re running into issues with your Dyson vacuum’s On/Off button, don’t lose hope. Before you call a repairman or send it back to the manufacturer or warranty repair center, try our suggestions below, one of which is a popular solution from Fixya user Jeff Waltrip.

The Fix

  • First, unplug your Dyson vacuum and sit in front of it.
  • Place your thumb on the On/Off button and push down, slipping your thumb off as quickly as possible.
  • You may hear a relatively loud pop when you do this, which is normal.
  • Repeat this process 10 times, as it acts as a way to reset the vacuum.
  • Once you’ve done it 10 times, plug the vacuum back in and see if it works.
  • Fixya user Jeff Waltrip notes that this issue also acts as a warning that your filters most likely need to be cleaned.
  • If the above suggestion doesn’t fix your vacuum, you can try disassembling it and checking the switch itself.
  • The steps for accessing the switch may vary depending on the model, but some users found the switch to be stuck in between the on and off positions.
  • Manually pushing the switch a few times before reassembling the vacuum and plugging it in fixed the issue for some users.
  • If you find that the switch itself is faulty, you can purchase a replacement one online, which is typically a lot cheaper than a replacement vacuum.
Recommended Products for Dyson Vacuum On (Power) Button Issues:

1. Genuine OEM Dyson Switch
This is a genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) switch that can serve as a replacement. Although the switch itself may look different than what’s in your vacuum, it’ll serve the same function. It is compatible with a variety of Dyson vacuums: DC07, DC11, DC14, DC17, DC18, DC21, DC23, DC24, DC25, DC26, DC27, and DC39. It comes highly recommended by users who have purchased the replacement switch, with an overwhelming number of 5-star reviews.

Product Features

    • Genuine OEM Dyson Switch
    • Compatible with a wide range of Dyson vacuums (DC07, DC11, DC14, DC17, DC18, DC21, DC23, DC24, DC25, DC26, DC27, and DC39)
    • Extremely affordable
    • Highly rated
Buy on Amazon

2. Envirocare Replacement On/Off Switch (Dyson DC07 and DC14)
If you own a Dyson DC07 or DC14 and want a cheaper option, take a look at this replacement switch from Envirocare. It’s a bit cheaper than the one mentioned above and is another popular option among Amazon users. It also has an overwhelming number of positive reviews from buyers.

Product Features:
  • Replacement On/Off switch for Dyson DC07 and DC14
  • Extremely affordable
  • OEM quality
Buy on Amazon

Motorized Brush Bar

Another common issue that Dyson owners experience with their vacuums is with the motorized brush bar. Some users say the bar won’t turn when in use, which means the vacuum isn’t able to pick up any dirt from their carpets or floors. The brush bar, which is found on numerous Dyson vacuums, facilitates the movement of debris into the section of the vacuum where dirt goes. This also ensures that large pieces that could harm the device aren’t able to find their way into the vacuum.

If you’re experiencing issues with the motorized brush bar on your Dyson vacuum, try out our recommendations below.

The Fix

  • If your Dyson vacuum has a ball filter, you’ll want to ensure that it has been installed correctly back into place after washing.
  • To do this, press down firmly while resetting the ball into the vacuum.
  • You should hear an audible “click” if the ball is correctly positioned in the vacuum.
  • If you don’t hear a “click,” check to see if there are any issues with the housing mechanism that holds the ball.
  • If you can’t find any obvious issues with the housing mechanism, you’ll want to contact Dyson for a replacement ball.
  • In other instances, your brush bar may just be jammed or stuck. If that’s the case, start by pulling the debris gently away from the brush bar.
  • If you need to clear a particularly problematic blockage, you can also take the brush bar out of its housing.
  • Steps to remove the brush bar from your vacuum differs depending on the model. You can check Dyson’s website here to see the company’s suggestions on fixing your brush bar.
  • If all else fails, you can purchase a replacement motorized brush bar for your Dyson vacuum.
Recommended Products for Dyson Vacuum Motorized Brush Bar Issues:

1. Genuine Dyson DC50 Brush Roll
Designed to fit the Dyson DC50 upright vacuum, this is a genuine Dyson replacement brush roll. Note that this brush roll won’t fit handheld, cordless models.

Product Features:
  • Genuine Dyson replacement part
  • Fits Dyson DC50 upright vacuums
  • Does not fit handheld, cordless models
Buy on Amazon

2. Genuine Dyson DC41 Brush Roll
This replacement brush roll is designed for the Dyson DC41 vacuums. This is also a genuine Dyson replacement part.

Product Features:
  • Genuine Dyson replacement part
  • Fits Dyson DC41 vacuums
Buy on Amazon

3. Replacement Motor Head
You can also purchase an entire replacement motor head for various Dyson vacuums on Amazon. This particular product is a replacement for the DC59, V6, V7, V8, and V10 models—just choose the right version for your vacuum. This is an OEM part that is made in the U.S.

Product Features:
  • OEM replacement part
  • Fits Dyson DC59, V6, V7, V8, and V10 vacuums
  • Made in the U.S.
Buy on Amazon


Hoover Synopsis

The Hoover brand basically dominated the vacuum cleaner industry during the 1900s, to the point that in Australia and the United Kingdom, the name “Hoover” became synonymous with every vacuum cleaner sold—even if it was manufactured by a different company. With a rich company history that dates back decades, Hoover has since branched into different product segments, including washers, dryers, and kitchen appliances. Its vacuum business however, remains one of its most popular and recognized product lines around the world.

Like many of its competitors in the vacuum market however, Hoover’s vacuums still experience numerous problems despite its recognizable brand name. More of the common issues can be seen below.

Common Problems & Solutions:

Vacuum Shuts Off

As a built-in safety feature, several Hoover vacuums—especially those equipped with WindTunnel and WindTunnel 2 technology—will sometimes shut off to avoid overheating the device and damaging the delicate machinery within the vacuum. While this safety feature does help ensure the vacuum is protected from heat damage, it can be extremely frustrating for users when their vacuum shuts off during light use. In fact, some Fixya users report their Hoover WindTunnel vacuum shutting off within two minutes of use, despite not using the vacuum for an entire day. Fortunately, if your Hoover vacuum is unintentionally shutting off, there are some recommendations if the thermal protector is engaging even though the vacuum hasn’t been used for a long period of time.

The Fix
  • Start by checking to see if there is anything clogging the hose or the vacuum.
  • If there is nothing clogging the vacuum, you will now want to remove the waste canister at the top of the unit to expose the vacuum’s filter.
  • Remove the filter at the top of your vacuum and wash it thoroughly, letting it completely dry before reinstalling.
  • Most Fixya users found cleaning the filter resolved the issue of their vacuums shutting off prematurely.
  • You’ll want to regularly clean your filter, since it reduces the chance of the vacuum overheating and potentially damaging the motor.
  • You can also purchase a replacement filter for your vacuum to see if that fixes the issue.
Recommended Products for Hoover Vacuum Shut Off Issues:

1. Hoover Replacement Filter
If your filter is extremely dirty or has been used for quite a long time, consider replacing it with one of these affordable options. This product is a genuine Hoover filter and comes in a 2 pack that fits various Hoover models: UH72400, WindTunnel Air Bagless Upright UH70400, UH70935, UH70930, UH70905, UH70931PC, UH72405, UH72400DI, WindTunnel 3 Pro Bagless Upright UH70901PC, UH70403PC, UH70404,UH72409, UH70905DI, UH70401PC, UH70403, UH70402TV, UH70402, UH72405PC, UH70401, UH72401, UH72400RM, UH70406PC.

Product Features:
  • Genuine Hoover filter
  • Sold in 2 pack
  • Fits various Hoover vacuums
Buy on Amazon

2. HEPA Filters for Hoover WindTunnels
If you have a Hoover WindTunnel, Empower, or Savvy bagless vacuum with a Twin Chamber System, you’ll need to purchase these HEPA filters as a replacement. These filters are washable and reusable and is also referred to as a Type 201 filter. They replace the following OEM part numbers: 43611042, 42611049, 40140201, and 40140202.

Product Features:
  • HEPA filters for Hoover WindTunnel, Empower, and Savvy bagless vacuums with Twin Chamber System
  • Washable and reusable
  • Also known as a Type 201 filter
  • Replaces OEM part numbers: 43611042, 42611049, 40140201, and 40140202
Buy on Amazon

3. Genuine Hoover T-Series WindTunnel Filter Kit
These are genuine filters for various Hoover T-Series WindTunnel vacuums (UH30300, UH70100, UH70105, UH70106, UH70107 UH70110, UH70115, UH70116, UH70120, UH70130, UH70200, UH70205, and UH70212). Each order includes 1 primary filter and 1 exhaust HEPA filter for T-Series bagless vacuums. You can also order it in a 2 pack to save a couple dollars.

Product Features:
  • Genuine replacement filters for Hoover T-Series WindTunnel bagless vacuums
  • Includes 1 primary filter and 1 exhaust HEPA filter
  • Can be ordered in pairs
Buy on Amazon

SteamVac Hose

Hoover’s SteamVacs are popular among homeowners who have a lot of carpet in their house. These vacuums feature a hose that injects carpet cleaner directly onto the carpet to help get out pesky spills and stains. These vacuums also work well on hard surfaces thanks to their steam cleaning power. Unfortunately, the SteamVac hose doesn’t always work for some users, leaving water and solution trickling out of the hose and doing little in actually cleaning the surfaces since it doesn’t spray.

If you’re experiencing issues with your Hoover SteamVac, take a look at some of our suggestions below:

The Fix
  • Start by running two tanks of hot water plus vinegar mix to clean out the hose.
  • Take apart the hose valve to ensure it’s clean and nothing is clogging it.
  • If the SteamVac attachment isn’t spraying water, there’s a chance the plastic nozzle tip may be clogged.
  • Remove the plastic nozzle tip from the hose and blow into both ends of the nozzle to clean out any debris.
  • If the nozzle is clear, plug the hose into the shampooer and turn it on. If you see water flowing out of the hose, then you should be good to go. If you don’t, try running a piece of wire through the hose to unclog it.
  • If all the above solutions don’t work, you’ll likely need a replacement pump for your Hoover SteamVac.
Recommended Products for Hoover SteamVac Hose Issues:

1. Replacement Water Pump
If you’re a bit hands-on and willing to try to replace the pump on your own, there are a few options on Amazon. This one is an OEM authorized part and fits various Hoover models (FH50130, FH50140, and FH50150), replacing part number 440005353. You’ll want to ensure this is the correct pump for your specific vacuum prior to purchasing.

Product Features:
  • OEM replacement pump
  • Replaces OEM part number 440005353
  • Fits various Hoover models (FH50130, FH50140, and FH50150)
Buy on Amazon

2. Replacement Water Pump
If the first replacement water pump doesn’t work for your specific Hoover vacuum, take a look at this one. This pump fits the following Hoover SteamVacs models: F5815, F5857, and FH50044. It replaces OEM part number 43582018.

Product Features:
  • Replacement pump for Hoover SteamVacs
  • Replaces OEM part number 43582018
  • Fits Hoover SteamVac models: F5815, F5857, and FH50044
Buy on Amazon

Cleaning Solution Dispenser

Some Hoover vacuum cleaners are equipped with a cleaning solution dispenser, which helps further clean your floors and carpets. Sometimes however, the cleaning solution dispenser fails to do its job and the vacuum doesn’t dispense any cleaning solution. While this doesn’t affect the vacuum’s ability to get dirt and grime off your carpets and floors, you likely paid additional for the cleaning solution dispenser. If you’re experiencing issues with your Hoover vacuum’s cleaning solution dispenser, try out these recommendations.

The Fix
  • Ensure that the hose and nozzle attached to the cleaning solution dispenser is free of any debris that could clog the dispenser.
  • Make sure the dispenser is seated properly and check that the pin is pushing into the plunger on the water tank so that it can release solution.
  • If there is nothing interfering with the hose and nozzle, remove the liquid dispenser tank from the vacuum and set it aside.
  • Look inside the cavity of the machine where the tank attaches, and locate the plastic “plunger” piece that is surrounded by a black rubber grommet.
  • According to a Fixya user, you can put a small drop of hot glue on the tip of the plastic “plunger” piece and let it harden.
  • Replace the liquid dispenser tank and try the vacuum again.
  • If your cleaning solution dispenser or tank has any cracks or is clogged beyond repair, you can purchase a replacement unit online.

Recommended Products for Hoover Vacuum Cleaning Solution Dispenser Issues:

If you have to purchase a replacement tank for your Hoover vacuum, you’ll obviously have to get the right one for your specific vacuum. Below are some recommendations for various Hoover models, just make sure you’re getting the one you need.

1. Hoover Replacement Tank
This tank is designed to fit the following Hoover vacuum models: F7205-900, F7205-910, F7205-970, F7210-900, F7220-900, F7225-900, F7226-900, F7425-900, F7426-900, F7221-900, F7225-900, F7226-900, F7425-900, F7426-900, F7430-900, F7440-980, F7441-980, F7443-940, F7431-900, and other Hoover SteamVacs. This tank is part number 440006633.

Product Features:
  • One piece construction
  • Replacement for part number 440006633
  • Fits Hoover vacuum models: F7205-900, F7205-910, F7205-970, F7210-900, F7220-900, F7225-900, F7226-900, F7425-900, F7426-900, F7221-900, F7225-900, F7226-900, F7425-900, F7426-900, F7430-900, F7440-980, F7441-980, F7443-940, F7431-900, and other SteamVacs
Buy on Amazon

2. Hoover Replacement Tank
This is another replacement tank that fits various Hoover vacuum models. It can be used as a replacement for part number 440001251 and is made in the U.S. Product Features:
  • Fits various Hoover models
  • Replacement for part number 440001251
  • Made in the U.S.
Buy on Amazon

3. Hoover Replacement Tank
This particular tank fits various Hoover models, including FH50150, and replaces part number 440003501. This is an OEM replacement tank and is made in the U.S.

Product Features:
  • Fits various Hoover models including FH50150
  • Replacement for part number 440003501
  • Made in the U.S.
Buy on Amazon

4. Hoover Replacement Tank for V2 SteamVacs
If you own a Hoover V2 SteamVac, this is the replacement tank for you. This replaces part number 44000663 and features an improved design that is more durable with new valves. There is no separate solution bottle with this tank. Product Features:
  • Designed for Hoover V2 SteamVacs
  • Replaces part number 440006633
  • Molded tank solution bottle (no separate solution bottle)
  • Improved, redesigned and more durable
  • New and improved valves
Buy on Amazon


Bissell Synopsis

Bissell may not be as globally well known as competitors Hoover and Dyson, but it is a significant player in the floor care industry. In fact, Bissell is the top manufacturer of floor care products in North America, in terms of sales, capturing 20-percent market share.

The company was originally founded in 1883 by Melville Bissell, when he developed mechanical sweepers in his home to help clean a store that he owned. With the success of that product, the Bissell company began to develop and manufacture vacuum cleaners. Since then, the popularity of its vacuum and other floor care products has led them to overtake Hoover’s previous dominance of the North American market in 2009.

Although it’s the best-selling floor care brand in North America, Bissell’s vacuum cleaners aren’t free of issues. Below, you’ll find the most common problems experienced by Bissell owners, as well as some solutions for them.

Common Problems & Solutions:

Solution Sprayer

Much like various Hoover vacuums, some of Bissell’s offerings have a useful feature that allows owners to spray solution onto carpets and hard surfaces to aid in the cleaning process. These solution sprayers help facilitate the pickup of dirt and grime from those hard to reach locations in a home. Based on Fixya users’ complaints however, the solution sprayer on Bissell’s products pose the greatest amount of problems, accounting for nearly 22 percent of the top issues with Bissell vacuum cleaners. If you’re experiencing issues with your solution sprayer, it’s likely frustrating while using your vacuum cleaner. Here are some recommendations.

The Fix
  • Start by removing the water container from the bottom unit.
  • Locate two red plastic endings on the bottom unit.
  • Use your fingers to clip the sides of a plastic ending, carefully removing it from its slot.
  • Using pliers, release the clamp from the plastic ending and remove the red plastic ending from the hose.
  • Thoroughly clean and dry the ending.
  • Put the ending back onto the hose, slide the clamp back onto the ending.
  • Insert the ending back into its slot.
  • Repeat the process for the other ending.
  • Replace the water container and test the vacuum cleaner.
  • If your machine has reduced or no spray, you can also try some suggestions straight from Bissell.
  • Check to see if your nozzle is clogged by removing the tool on the end and turn the unit on and press the trigger.
  • If the tool doesn’t spray, clean the spray nozzle using an unfolded paper clip.
  • If it does spray, attach the tool and press the trigger again. If there is no spray coming out, clean the tool’s spray trip itself with a small brush.
  • Make sure to check that the water solution tank is not empty.
  • The insert for the water solution tank could be clogged. Remove the tank and push on the insert at the bottom to see if water is flowing.
  • If water isn’t flowing, you may need to purchase a replacement tank.
  • You can also prime the pump by gently lifting the water tank while depressing the spray trigger.
Recommended Products for Bissell Vacuum Solution Sprayer Issues:

Like Hoover vacuums, you can purchase a replacement tank for your Bissell vacuum if that’ll fix your issue. Again, there is a variety of replacement tanks available online, so make sure you’re getting the right one for your specific vacuum.

1. Bissell Replacement Tank
This replacement tank is designed to fit the Premier Series Upright Carpet Cleaners (17N4 Series) from Bissell. It replaces OEM part number 160-0092.

Product Features:
  • Replacement tank for Premier Series Upright Carpet Cleaners (17N4 Series)
  • Replaces OEM part number 160-0092
Buy on Amazon

2. Bissell Replacement Tank
Designed to fit various DeepClean Lift-Off model carpet cleaners, this replacement tank replaces OEM part number 160-0813. It is compatible with the following models: DeepClean Lift-Off Carpet Cleaner 30K7, 66E14, DeepClean Lift-Off Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner 24A4, DeepClean Lift-Off Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner Plus Bonus 1365, 1367, DeepClean Lift-Off Pet Carpet Cleaner 66E12, DeepClean Lift-Off Pet Carpet Cleaner Bundle B0020, DeepClean Lift-Off Pet Carpet Cleaner Plus Bonus 1366, 1369, and SpotClean Pro 3624.

Product Features:
  • Replacement tank for various DeepClean Lift-Off model carpet cleaners: DeepClean Lift-Off Carpet Cleaner 30K7, 66E14, DeepClean Lift-Off Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner 24A4, DeepClean Lift-Off Deluxe Pet Carpet Cleaner Plus Bonus 1365, 1367, DeepClean Lift-Off Pet Carpet Cleaner 66E12, DeepClean Lift-Off Pet Carpet Cleaner Bundle B0020, DeepClean Lift-Off Pet Carpet Cleaner Plus Bonus 1366, 1369, and SpotClean Pro 3624
  • Replaces OEM part number 160-0813
Buy on Amazon

3. Bissell Replacement Lid
This is a replacement lid for popular Bissell carpet cleaners and fits various models, replacing OEM part number 203-6641. This replacement lid is made in the U.S. Product Features:
  • OEM replacement lid for part number 203-6641
  • Made in the U.S.
Buy on Amazon

Suction Issues

In addition to issues with the sprayer not pumping out solution, some Bissell vacuum owners also experience suction issues with the solution sprayer. This means the vacuum isn’t able to bring water and cleaning solution back into the device, leaving carpets, floors, and other surface areas wet. That’s not ideal, since wet surfaces attract dirt and other grime, which is the opposite of what you want to be doing with your vacuum.

If you’re running into suction issues with your Bissell vacuum’s solution sprayer, check out some recommendations below.

The Fix
  • Start by removing the plastic top that snaps to the part that holds the water bladder.
  • Inside that top piece, you’ll find a compartment that protects the air filter.
  • Extensively clean the air filter, making sure to remove any and all debris that is stuck to it.
  • Once you’re done cleaning the air filter, check to make sure there is no debris or other materials blocking the main line where the water is sucked into.
  • Lastly, check the water bladder to see if there is any blockage that could prevent water from being pulled into it.
  • Here is a video you can also watch to see how to repair suction issues with your Bissell vacuum.
  • If your issue is related to your tank being faulty, you can always purchase a replacement.
Recommended Products for Bissell Vacuum Suction Issues:

1. Bissell Replacement Lid
This is the same lid you’ll see in the video above, causing a suction issue with the Bissell carpet cleaner. If cleaning out your current lid doesn’t fix the problem, try purchasing a replacement. This replacement lid is OEM part number 203-6641 and fits various Bissell vacuums.

Product Features:
  • OEM replacement lid for part number 203-6641
  • Made in the U.S.
Buy on Amazon

Roller Brush

Some Bissell owners have also experienced issues with the roller brush on their vacuums, which sometimes fails to spin when the vacuum is turned on. This happens even when the ends of the brush are properly placed into the grooves that hold the brush, as well as when the motor pulley still turns and the vacuum is still running. Naturally, this issue makes vacuuming your carpet all but impossible, making it extremely frustrating, especially when it appears the rest of the vacuum is functioning properly. If you’re dealing with roller brush issues with your Bissell vacuum, try the suggestions below.

The Fix
  • Start by removing the roller brush from the vacuum.
  • Remove as much hair and debris by hand as possible, then use a comb to brush the bristles out.
  • Clean the track with a small amount of kitchen cleaner and a washcloth. Just a small amount of kitchen cleaner will do the trick nicely.
  • Replace the brush and belt, then give the brush the same treatment with the cleaner.
  • If that doesn’t work, stand the roller brush up on its end and prepare to take it apart.
  • Tap it softly with a small hard surface so that it separates the two parts of the roller brush.
  • Clean any debris or material that is stuck to the middle of the roller brush.
  • Put the roller brush back together and reinstall it into your vacuum.
  • If your roller brush is particularly clogged or full of debris, you can always purchase a replacement one.
Recommended Products for Bissell Vacuum Roller Brush Issues: Below are several different replacement roller brushes for various Bissell vacuum cleaners. Make sure you select the right one for your vacuum if you’re shopping for a replacement roller brush.

1. Replacement 15” Bissell Roller Brush for Cleanview Helix, PowerForce, Revolution

This is a 15” authentic Bissell roller brush and replaces legacy part numbers 203-6729, 203-6756, 203-6726 203-1195, and 203-2013. This brush assembly includes the brush roll and brush end caps. It will fit the following vacuum models: CleanView Helix Deluxe Vacuum 21K3, 21K31, 21K32, 21K35, 71V9, 71V92; CleanView Helix Plus Vacuum 22C1, 22C12, 32Y7; CleanView Revolution Deluxe 3596-1, 3595, 35951, 35952, 35957, 3595R, 3595X, 3596; CleanView II Bagless Vacuum 20Q9 (Base), 73G8; CleanView II Plus Bagless Vacuum 3576-6, 3576M; CleanView II Special Edition Vacuum 3576-2, 35762, 35747, 3575, 3576, 35761, 3576P, 3576R, 53F8; PowerClean Rewind Vacuum 62X5; PowerForce Bagless 6594, 6594F, 6594G, 6594J, 6594R, 6594W, 6596R; PowerGlide Platinum Vacuum 35452, 3545, 3545D; PowerGlide Pet Bagged Rewind Vacuum 38631; PowerTrak Revolution Upright Vacuum 6591, 1491, 14911, 3593F, 3593G, 3593J, 3594, 6390, 6591X, 6592, 6592X, 82G7C; Rewind CleanView Pet Vacuum 18M9W, 18M9X; Rewind PowerHelix Plus 26T5; Rewind Premier Pet 67F8, 44M3, 44M3P, 44M3R, 67F82; Rewind SmartClean 58F8, 58F83, 18M9, 18M9P, 18M9V, 26T55, 58F8, 58F8R; Velocity Bagged Rewind Vacuum 3863, 38632; Zoinks Pet Hair Vacuum 44M3P.

Product Features:
  • Authentic 15” Bissell roller brush
  • Includes brush roll and brush end caps
  • Compatible with various Bissell vacuum cleaners
Buy on Amazon

2. Replacement 13.5” Bissell Cleanview Triple Action Roller Brush Assembly
This replacement roller brush fits the following Bissell vacuums: Bissell CleanView Deluxe Rewind Triple Action Pet Vacuum Model 14522 Bissell CleanView Pet Rewind Vacuum Models 1328, 1328V Bissell PowerLifter Rewind Upright Vacuum Model 1413, 1413W Bissell CleanView Deluxe Rewind Upright Vacuum Model 1322, 1329 Bissell CleanView Plus Rewind Vacuum Models 1332, 1332, 1320, 13202, 1320A, 1327, 13321, 1332R, 1333, 13335. The product comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Product Features:
  • 13.5” replacement brush roll assembly
  • Fits various Bissell CleanView vacuums
  • 30-day money back guarantee
Buy on Amazon

3. Replacement 13” Bissell Roller Brush
This is an OEM Bissell 13” roller brush with part number 203-1289. It fits the following Bissell vacuum models: PowerForce Bagless Vacuum 6582, 6579, 65793, 65823, 6582R, 6583, 65831, 65832, 65833, 65834, 6583F, 6583G, 6583R, 6583W, 6583X; PowerGroom Upright Vacuum 3530; PowerForce Bagged Upright Vacuum 3537, 3522, 35221, 35223, 35224, 35225, 35226, 3522R, 3522X, 3525, 35252, 3525R, 3530D, 3530R, 46E5; PowerForce Bagged Vacuum 1398, 1398R, 71Y7, 71Y71, 71Y72, 71Y73, 71Y7R, 71Y7V, 71Y7W, 71Y7Y.

Product Features:
  • OEM 13” replacement roller brush
  • Fits various Bissell PowerForce vacuum models
Buy on Amazon

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