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Top Samsung Galaxy SIII Problems

Top Samsung Galaxy SIII Issues

The Big Issues:

The Samsung Galaxy SIII has been billed as Android's answer to the Apple iPhone, and by and large it delivered. The experience is sleek and fun, adjectives not associated with Android in its infancy, and while the plastic used in the body of the phone may turn some more aesthetically inclined consumers off, there's no doubt that the experience should be considered one of the best Android has to offer

That being said, a big issue has seemed to crop up amongst many device owners following launch— a microphone malfunction which causes users to be unable to hear the person on the other end of the line. Following hanging up the phone, signal strength will deteriorate (and oftentimes disappear) for minutes at a time.

This peculiar bug can obviously cause some significant complications when you're on the line for a call.

The Fix:

  • Restart the phone
  • If the issue persists, connect to a Wi-Fi network to update the firmware
  • Click "Settings"
  • Click "About Device" and then enter "Software Update"
  • If an update is available, tap "Update"

If updating the firmware does not solve the issue, it's time to restore to factory settings.

  • Back up your device's data on your computer
  • Click "Settings"
  • Click "Back Up and Reset"
  • Click "Factory Data Reset" and then "Reset Device"
  • Click on "Erase Everything"

Your phone will be wiped and the microphone malfunctions will stop.

Top iPhone 4s Problems

Top iPhone 4s Issues

The Big Issues:

Much ado was made about the iPhone 4s' battery issues when it was first released in 2011. These issues, stemming from a bug in iOS 5, have been fixed for some users with the release of an update to the operating system. Other FixYa users continue to encounter issues to this day

At its core, the iPhone 4s is a power hungry device that comes with a host of features, which suck up battery life. Even with Apple's update to the iOS, users continue to and issues with the battery when they aren't huddled around electrical outlets.

Compound that with the non-removable battery and you have yourself a problem.

The Fix:

In order to conserve your iPhone's battery life and get as much out of your device as possible, follow these steps:

  • When not using your iPhone keep it at room temperature
  • Do not leave your phone charging at 100% for a prolonged period of time
  • Charge your phone with the provided wall charger, not via USB cable connected to your computer
  • Turn off location services
  • Turn off Siri
  • Turn off push notifications
  • Fetch email manually instead of automatically
  • Turn off WiFi except when you are using it
  • Turn off Bluetooth
  • Turn down your screen brightness

Top Nokia Lumia 900 Problems

Top Nokia Lumia 900 Issues

The Big Issues:

The Nokia Lumia 900 has had some great fanfare since its launch in April 2012. From Apple's Siri calling it the "best smartphone ever" to a YouTube video called "Nokia Lumia Screen 900 Hammer Test" going viral when the phone's extremely durable screen was able to withstand a nail being hammered into it (and, eventually, the phone being used as a hammer on that same nail), the device has significant buzz. It's seen as the first win from former phone giant Nokia in a long time, and might be one of the remaining product lines that could save the company from falling further out of consumers' minds.

Unfortunately, the Nokia Lumia 900 still has some issues with it that should be of concern to users and potential device owners. The first is the screen, which for some users has an awkward purple tint to it that is extremely distracting. The second is the camera button not "waking" up the phone when you launch the camera application from standby mode. The third is the inability of users to and applications that can be found on other devices, an issue that dutiful readers will remember also plagued the HTC Titan II.

The Fix:

As we mentioned in much greater detail during our section on the HTC Titan II, Microsoft Marketplace is at this moment lacking applications that Apple and Android have. For users who absolutely need a specific app or game, make sure to check to see if Microsoft Marketplace supports it.

For the purple screen fix, Nokia actually went ahead and pushed out an update for it earlier this month that solves the issue for the majority of users. To solve the purple screen tint issue, do the following:

  • Plug the Lumina 900 into your computer
  • Run Zune for Windows
  • If Mac: Rune Windows Phone 7 Connector for Mac
  • Grab the update and reboot your device

To make sure your camera wakes up your phone from standby mode, do the following:

  • Turn the device back on (camera mode won't work)
  • Exit any apps currently running
  • Go back to standby mode
  • Hold the camera button it will launch
  • If expected to use camera button to "wake up" the phone in the future, make sure to exit all apps before entering standby mode.

Top HTC Titan II Problems

Top HTC Titan II Issues

The Big Issues:

Windows Phone is relatively new on the smartphone scene, and just like Blackberry before it, faces an uphill battle to usurp Apple and Google from their now lofty perch.

Released less than six months after the original HTC Titan, the Titan II was an attempt to hasten Windows' emergence into the smartphone marketplace and introduce a bigger screen, which provides consumers with an option that other competitors (Apple speci?cally) do not have.

Unfortunately for HTC and the Titan II, the screen resolution does not deliver. FixYa users far and wide have complained about the appearance of videos and applications on the big Titan II screen, claiming that the quality is not up to par with the $200 price tag. Furthermore, users are unable to and applications they've seen in the Android and Apple Marketplace.

The question then becomes this— is there even a fix?

The Fix:

Unfortunately, there isn't one. The biggest issues with the HTC Titan II aren't software or usability issues. They are hardware issues, caused by the engineering of the phone itself.

Since Microsoft requires all phones made on the network to have a 800x480 resolution, screen size can be just as much a drawback as it is a benefit. That is most definitely the case with the HTC Titan II. The display isn't a disaster of course, but isn't a phone that is going to wow you with it's picture quality. This is a phone made for non-media heavy users who aren't going to be watching videos on the device.

The same problem goes for the fact that users can't ?nd popular applications from Zynga or other developers. While more are coming in the future, the Windows Marketplace is still in its infancy and does not have the momentum or inventory that Apple and Android do.

Top Galaxy Nexus Problems

Top Galaxy Nexus Issues

The Big Issues:

Two main issues plague FixYa users who own the Galaxy Nexus.

The first is something called the "lost microphone". This occurs when a device owner places or receives a phone call. The microphone you speak into during the call will inexplicably, and without warning, cut out at random intervals. Obviously this poses a big issue with the phone as it restricts you from using its primary function.

Making phone calls of course.

The second issue is a common one for all mobile device owners—battery life. Although other devices have a host of battery issues that should not be downplayed, the complaints from Nexus' owners in this realm are some of the most vocal and desperate out there.

The Fix:

In order to fix your lost microphone issues follow these steps:

  • Do a hard reset of your device. Please keep in mind that will remove all of your phone's data, including apps you've downloaded and your account data. Make sure to backup your information before proceeding.
  • Go to Apps
  • Go to Settings
  • From the "Personal" section, click on "Backup & Reset"
  • Click on "Factory Data Reset". This will perform a hard reset

If you still experience issues:

  • Download Android 4.0.4 IMM76K radios. Along with potentially fixing the lost microphone issue, it will help improve your 3G or 4G connectivity and improve signal strength.
  • The second option is to download AXIOM CMPLX 4.0.4. Since this is a custom ROM, following the download it is required that you flash your drive.

In order to improve your battery life, follow these steps:

  • Download the free app "JuiceDefender", which helps you to manage your battery life
  • Shut off your phone and charge it overnight
  • Disable all background app check-ins
  • When you have the choice, always surf the internet via Wi-Fi instead of 4G
  • Turn down the brightness of your screen
  • Automatically have your phone go to sleep as quick as possible when not in use (we recommend somewhere in the 1 minute range)
  • Disable Bluetooth
  • Disable auto-synch for applications
  • Turn off location settings

Top Blackberry Curve Problems

Top Blackberry Curve Issues

The Big Issues:

After being the top dog in the smartphone sector five years ago, the advent of Google's Android and Apple's iOS has wreaked havoc on Blackberry's market share. The company has experienced a lot of problems in the sales sector over the course of the past two years, with questions about their viability continuing to be posed to this day.

Part of that has to do with their competition. A even bigger part of that has to do with their product.

The Blackberry Curve has a multitude of issues with it, the biggest being the fact that the device continuously reboots for no apparent reason at all. Along with being an annoyance to consumers, it can be a game changer if you are using it to conduct business or writing important emails throughout the day.

The Fix:

The memory card appears to be the biggest cause of this rebooting problem, and luckily for consumers there seems to be a way to solve the issue.

Complete the following steps in order to either completely solve or greatly reduce the number of restarts your device automatically undergoes:

  • Remove the memory card
  • Remove the battery
  • Wait 30 seconds and reinsert the battery
  • Insert the memory card into a computer or a reader connected to your computer
  • From your computer, open the memory card folder
  • Backup all memory card data to your computer
  • From your computer, right click the memory card folder
  • Select "Format" and then "Start"
  • Following the formatting, turn off your Curve
  • Insert the memory card back into your phone
  • Enjoy a Blackberry Curve that doesn't randomly restart

If this does not solve the issue, you will have to purchase a new memory card for your phone.

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