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HOW TO REMOVE seat from a skyjet 125 23

a motorcycle, it is. not a car well most cycles made it tilts out even needing key unlock then the seat hinges are unbolted. but not all. do that. the manual covers that buy one/
5/11/2024 10:04:10 AM • Motorcycles • 23 views • 0 helpful votes

What would cause my 1999 Suzuki Marauder vz800...

Bad connection on the battery supply lead or a bad connection to the ignition switch. Check the wiring under the tank.
5/24/2024 3:35:00 AM • Suzuki... • 19 views • 1 helpful votes

2021 western star truck no ignition power to wipers, stereo or cb radio and turbo timer doesn't work, but leave it till next morning and everything works again

The common power source of the components you've identified is the accessory relay (ACC RELAY). This and the symptoms implicate the start switch as the ACC RELAY control side is powered from a separate switch pole.You can shotgun a new switch but if you want to troubleshoot the circuit, what you need is a relay test jumper so you have easy access to the ACC RELAY pins without disturbing the environment or state of the truck while in active fail.Lisle 56810 Relay Test Jumper Kit ($50 or less eVendor of your choice)The jumper will also allow you to rig in multiple 12V test lamps with tab style electrical connections for safe immediate visual indication of the relay inputs/outputs.
5/20/2024 9:40:19 AM • Power... • 20 views • 1 helpful votes

Do u keep the bike straight to check drive shaft fuild

check/fill it while it's in the straight up position, 99.9% of the dealers do the same thing when they these service bikes. Best to you.
5/16/2024 6:06:00 PM • Motorcycles • 20 views • 0 helpful votes

I have an E-5 error code what does this mean?

You posted to the category 'Motorcycles'? All Questions need full 'make model (what it is)' first 3 words. What is the code E5 on the Mighty Jet? Error Codes: E2: Under Voltage Protection - Input Voltage Under 12V. E3: Over Current Protection - Input Current Over 2.5amp. E4: Dry Run Protection - Pump Out of Water. E5: Impeller Seized - Impeller Not Spinning. Some E5 Jet videos
5/14/2024 7:16:19 AM • Motorcycles • 19 views • 0 helpful votes

I have a 2002 Kawasaki Mean Streak 1500 I'm customizing it can the rectifier be moved so it's not just hanging there.

Absolutely, the rectifier on your Kawasaki Mean Streak 1500 can be repositioned during a customization project. The rectifier is a crucial part of the motorcycle's electrical system, converting alternating current (AC) from the stator into direct current (DC) to charge the battery and power the bike's electrical components. While relocating the rectifier, it's important to consider a few key factors:
  1. Space and Mounting: Assess the available space on the motorcycle to find a suitable location for the rectifier. Ensure that the new position allows for proper mounting and secure attachment without interfering with other components or the bike's functionality.
  2. Heat Dissipation: The rectifier generates heat during operation, so it's essential to relocate it to an area with adequate airflow for cooling. Mounting it in a well-ventilated area helps prevent overheating issues.
  3. Wiring and Connections: When moving the rectifier, ensure that the wiring can be appropriately rerouted to reach its new location. Take care to maintain proper electrical connections and ensure a secure, stable wiring setup.
  4. Protection: Consider adding protective measures, such as shields or guards, to safeguard the relocated rectifier from road debris, water, or other potential hazards.
Modifying the placement of the rectifier may require custom brackets, mounts, or fabrication work to secure it in the desired location. It's crucial to execute the relocation carefully, maintaining proper electrical connections and ensuring the rectifier's safety and functionality. If you're not confident in performing these modifications yourself, consulting a professional motorcycle mechanic or technician with experience in customizations can be highly beneficial. They can offer guidance, expertise, and ensure that the modifications are carried out safely and effectively.
12/15/2023 3:53:13 AM • kawasaki... • 706 views • 3 helpful votes

Need circuit diagram for ARLEC 15e 6-24Volt 15Amp Electronic battery charger OR their later model BC58

I can't find a diagram. The small potentiometer on the control board likely serves as an adjustable component to fine-tune specific parameters. Here are some possibilities: Voltage Regulation: The potentiometer might control the output voltage. By adjusting it, you can set the desired charging voltage for different battery types (e.g., 6V or 12V). Current Limit Adjustment: It could be used to set the maximum charging current. Adjusting the potentiometer allows you to limit the charging current based on the battery's capacity and condition. Sensitivity or Threshold: Some potentiometers act as sensitivity controls. For example, it might adjust the threshold at which the charger switches between charging and maintenance modes. Setting the Potentiometer: Without the specific circuit diagram or detailed information about your charger, I recommend the following general steps: Observe the Potentiometer: Identify the potentiometer on the control board. Note its position and any markings (if present). Consult the User Manual: Check the user manual or operating instructions. It might provide guidance on adjusting the potentiometer. Trial and Error: If no specific instructions are available, start with the potentiometer set to its mid-position. Gradually adjust it while monitoring the charger's behavior (e.g., charging current, voltage). Observe how the charger responds to changes in the potentiometer setting. Fine-tune it based on your specific battery type and desired charging characteristics. Remember that precise adjustments depend on the charger's design and the battery you're charging.
4/9/2024 5:47:52 AM • Motorcycles • 34 views • 2 helpful votes

1997 Kawasaki Vulcan 1500. Firing order for it please?

Question edited for clarity. Question moved to model category. You gave all the information needed 'year make model' and a question. They are fire at the same time. Bookmark the Vulcan Forum.

So park plug order on 1500 classic

Kawasaki Vulcan Forum > ... > Vulcan 1500 Jan 16, 2015 - I'm pretty sure the plugs in each cylinder fire simultaneously, which is why the book does not list a firing order other than coil to cylinder. Front cylinder not firing on 1500 ' Kawasaki Vulcan Forum Feb 19, 2011 Spark plug wire routing for 98 vn1500? Nov 4, 2022 random spark loss on 1997 vn1500 - Kawasaki Vulcan Forum Jun 7, 2013 spark on only 1 cylinder ' Kawasaki Vulcan Forum May 24, 2011 More results from Service Manuals ..
5/3/2024 8:34:07 PM • 1997 kawasaki VN... • 21 views • 0 helpful votes

What wires goes where on a right handlebar control switch on a 99 Harley 1200 evolution

Indicators, Engine stop switch, Headlamp flasher and maybe more depending upon your switch type.
5/23/2024 11:15:39 PM • Harley Davidson... • 16 views • 0 helpful votes

Bypass imoblizer I have a 2004 Ducati 1000 S I bought it used and it came with no code card what can I do ?

  • If you have access to the original owner or dealership where the bike was purchased, try reaching out to them. They might have the code card on file.
  • Check the bike's documentation, including the owner's manual or service records. Sometimes the code is written down there.
  • Some Ducati models allow you to retrieve the code directly from the dashboard.
  • Use a bypass.
  • If you suspect any irregularities, consider contacting local authorities or a professional to verify the bike's legitimacy.
4/30/2024 8:17:21 AM • Ducati... • 21 views • 0 helpful votes

Problem get clutch to engage an disengage on 1985 Honda VT 1000 Shadow

Several issues could be causing problems with engaging and disengaging the clutch on your 1985 Honda VT 1000 Shadow. Here's a breakdown of possible culprits and troubleshooting steps: Hydraulic System Issues:
  • Low clutch fluid: Check the clutch fluid reservoir window on the left handlebar. If the fluid level is low, it indicates a leak or air in the system. Refill with the recommended clutch fluid specified in your owner's manual. Warning: Don't use brake fluid, which can damage the clutch system.
  • Leaking clutch master cylinder: A faulty master cylinder might not create enough pressure to fully disengage the clutch. Look for signs of leakage around the master cylinder near the handlebar. If there's a leak, the master cylinder needs replacement.
  • Air in the hydraulic line: Air bubbles in the clutch line can prevent proper pressure buildup, causing clutch slipping or incomplete disengagement. Bleeding the clutch line is necessary to remove air. Refer to your manual or a mechanic for the proper bleeding procedure.
Mechanical Issues:
  • Worn clutch plates: Over time, friction material on the clutch plates wears down, reducing their ability to grip. This can lead to slipping and difficulty disengaging the clutch. Replacing the clutch plates might be necessary.
  • Weak clutch springs: Clutch springs apply pressure to the clutch plates. Worn springs might not provide enough clamping force, causing the clutch to slip. Replacing the clutch springs might be needed if the plates themselves appear to be in good condition.
  • Faulty clutch cable (if applicable): Earlier Shadow models might use a cable-operated clutch system instead of hydraulic. A frayed or broken cable can prevent the clutch from fully engaging or disengaging. Inspect the cable for damage and replace it if necessary.
Troubleshooting Steps:
  1. Consult your owner's manual: Refer to the manual for specific instructions on checking clutch fluid levels, bleeding the clutch line (if hydraulic), or any clutch cable adjustments (if applicable).
  2. Visual inspection: Look for signs of leakage around the clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder (mounted on the engine case), and clutch cable (if applicable).
  3. Basic checks: Before attempting any complex repairs, ensure the clutch lever moves freely on the handlebar and the clutch release arm near the engine case moves when the lever is pulled.
Important Considerations:
  • Complexity of repairs: Replacing clutch plates and springs or bleeding the clutch line can be moderately complex tasks. If you're not comfortable with these repairs, consult a qualified motorcycle mechanic.
  • Safety: A properly functioning clutch is crucial for safe motorcycle operation. If you're unsure about the cause of the clutch problem, it's best to get it checked by a mechanic to avoid potential safety hazards.
By following these steps and considering the potential causes, you should be able to diagnose the reason behind the clutch engagement/disengagement issue on your 1985 Honda VT 1000 Shadow. If you're unsure about any procedures, prioritize safety and seek professional help from a mechanic.
5/24/2024 1:31:44 AM • Honda... • 15 views • 0 helpful votes

Linhai mc 300cc. How do I keep it from killing the battery?

They all have year of manufacture and they all have model names. All questions need full 'year make model', and preferably '(what is is)' as well with something that is just stated as a 300cc engine, because they have a number of products with them. You have parasitic draw and it can be difficult to diagnose. You have to connect an ammeter to the battery and then start disconnecting items until you see the draw drop. On a car, it is easier, because you can just remove fuses. If the mystery device has a fuse block, you can try that. also check that the battery is actually charging. These are cheap Chinese junk and a cheaply made. ..
5/3/2024 8:30:12 AM • Linhai... • 19 views • 0 helpful votes

1983 Suzuki GR650 Tempter. Where is the idle screw on it please?

Question edited for clarity.Question moved to model category.Various help here. One says a knob on the bottom of the carburetor body. Manuals
5/4/2024 12:22:32 AM • 1983 Suzuki... • 18 views • 1 helpful votes

99 honda cbr 900rr fireblade won't shift in gear or slips out of every gear

Follow the Clymer manual or Haynes manual for detailed instructions. Here are some potential causes and steps to address the problem: Worn Second Gear Dogs: If your bike jumps out of second gear, it could be due to worn gear dogs. These are the teeth on the gears that engage with each other. Inspect the gear dogs by removing the oil pan and examining the forks and shift drum. If they're worn, you may need to replace them. Undercutting the gears is not necessary in this case. Bent Shift Fork: A bent shift fork can also cause gear-slipping issues. Inspect the forks carefully. If you find a bent fork, you'll need to separate the engine cases to replace it. While doing this, consider changing the oil seal behind the front sprocket. Transmission Gears: If both gear dogs and shift forks are fine, the issue might be with the transmission gears. Replacing the gears involves splitting the engine cases, which is a significant job. Side Stand Switch: In some cases, a faulty side stand switch can cause gear-related problems. Ensure the side stand is up before starting the bike in gear. If the switch is malfunctioning, it could shut off the engine when in gear. 99 CBR900RR JUMPING OUT OF SECOND GEAR, HELP! ' Honda Motorcycles - CBR 929 shifting problems ' Honda Motorcycles - 99 cbr 900 second gear problems ' Honda Motorcycles -
5/13/2024 2:08:34 AM • Honda... • 16 views • 0 helpful votes

What is the length of lift cables on a 1993 model 2693 hilo camper and any info on what after market part to use ? thanks

The lift cables on a 1993 model 2693 Hilo camper are 30 feet,2 3/4 inches long and fit the standard height lift of 11 feet 8 inches high to the top of the overhead. The lift uses two cables. According to a Hi- Lo camper travel trailer forum, cable replacement is basically the same on all years and models, with the main difference being the length of the cables from model to model. You can use a cable cut chart to find what cable length you need for your camper, and you'll need to know your year, model name, and box (body) length: Lift cables typically wear out after three to five years, so it's important to replace them as needed and keep them regularly maintained.
4/11/2024 2:06:02 PM • Motorcycles • 24 views • 1 helpful votes

2008 QLINK Commuter 250 Scooter. Why is my starter turning backwards after I changed the starter clutch bearing on my bike.

Questions edited for clarity. All the reasons why starters run backwards. Did you remove and then wire the starter in reverse polarity? ..
5/5/2024 1:03:29 AM • Qlink... • 17 views • 0 helpful votes

1999 Yamaha Venture for sale that’s knocking. Should I buy it?

If it is really cheap and you can replace the worn bearings and maybe pistons, yes.
5/9/2024 7:12:23 PM • Yamaha... • 16 views • 0 helpful votes

Schwinn S-500 Electric Scooter. Looking for the year of manufacturing for shwinn s 500 electric scooter please?

Question edited for clarity and correct spelling of maker in title. Question moved from 'Electric Health and Beauty' category. 2005 to 2011 Kathy. One mentioned here with 2008 quality assurance sticker.

Schwinn Bicycle Company

Wikipedia > wiki > Schwinn_Bicycle_Co... The company was originally founded by Ignaz Schwinn (1860-1948) in Chicago in 1895. It became the dominant manufacturer of American bicycles through most of the ... ..
5/9/2024 1:51:51 PM • Transport... • 16 views • 0 helpful votes

I have a 2002 Yamaha SR125 and my original Speedometer has packed in. Everything works apart from the mileage. Does anyone know how to wind the Clock back?

This is a highly ill - eagle act to do. In the old days we would put an electric drill on the drive cable, but now they make them tamper proof so they only go one way. The bezels are crimped on so you can't get inside them. I expect modern one may be electronic. How will your insurance company know what mileage you have done? I have never known an insurance cancel or fine due to mileage. You should have just disconnected it when you got close to the limit. Buy a used one and use them for 6 months in turns. There are two or three here 23K and one with 36k ..
4/17/2024 9:58:09 AM • Yamaha... • 20 views • 1 helpful votes
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