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How do I remove the seat on a 2012 Honda 700 NT Deauville

bah, just read the operators guide, lost it. it is free, google finds it in 3 seconds flat. no kidding. no need to guess just read the manual.wnklv6nlbpskwaaaabjru5erkjggg==seat-2djqziorymtaslpbuqqi0g1r-d-2.jpg
6/18/2024 12:53:54 PM • Honda... • Answered on Jun 18, 2024

Is a loud whinning sound comming from primary case normal when hot?

Old thread but it's still a common issue.... Experience with Harleys is that there is a range of play tolerance in the chain (5/8" to 7/8") when cold, which changes to (3/8" to 5/8") when warm/hot. There is a "loosest" spot on the chain and a tightest spot on the chain as well as the compensator, which work together to add a little variation as well. Parts such as the compensator, the clutch, the sprockets ... When they heat up they all expand a little and can add up to tighten the tension on the primary chain. That is likely what you're hearing. When adjusting the chain tensioner, make sure to rotate that chain and measure all spots on it and remember you are attempting to have all parts of that chain tensioner within that range. The loosest part of the chain shouldn't be 7/8" and your tightest spot less than 5/8" for example, so you can't just check that one area is within spec and not worry about the rest Tight chains whine or howl, and loose chains slap or grind ... And it seems no chain is completely silent.
6/18/2024 11:35:14 AM • Motorcycles • Answered on Jun 18, 2024

Does Qlink have remote call forwarding

All questions need full 'make model (what it is)' please as first 3 words. QLink is a company that makes many devices. You posted to QLink Motorcycles category?

Lifeline Benefits and Free Mobile Service

Q Link Wireless > lifeline-features Q Link's Find Me Follow Me allows you to forward any calls made to your Q Link phone to another phone number. Now, you can receive calls even if you don't plan ... How do I set up call forwarding?
  1. From the Home screen, tap the Menu key.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap Call settings.
  4. Tap Call forwarding.
  5. Tap Always forward.
  6. Enter the number you want to use for call forwarding.
  7. Tap Enable.

How do I set up call forwarding? ' Q Link Support Center

Q Link Wireless > how-do-i-set-up-call. I hope you found the above helpful...
6/18/2024 3:18:23 AM • Qlink... • Answered on Jun 18, 2024

1983 Honda vt 500 ft ascot spark plug gap

It is 0,8 up to 0,9 milimeter. This is taken from a service manual for a same year "c" model. vt500 plugs-undefined-undefined-0.jpg
6/18/2024 3:13:02 AM • 1983 Honda vt... • Answered on Jun 18, 2024

1984 Honda VT 500 FT Ascot reset odometer

At the housing and down on the right side, there is a square black rubber. Squeeze your thumb down on it. Push the hidden plunger untill it resets completely.
6/18/2024 2:55:04 AM • 1984 Honda vt... • Answered on Jun 18, 2024

How do I hook up my wires to get my bike running

To hook up your wires and get your bike running, you'll need to follow these steps:

1. *Identify the wires*: Locate the wires connected to the battery, starter, ignition, and engine. Typically, they're colored:
- Red: Positive (+) battery wire
- Black: Negative (-) battery wire
- Yellow: Starter wire
- Green: Ignition wire
- Blue: Engine wire (if equipped with an electric start)
2. *Connect the battery wires*:
- Red wire to the positive (+) terminal
- Black wire to the negative (-) terminal
3. *Connect the starter wire*:
- Yellow wire to the starter motor
4. *Connect the ignition wire*:
- Green wire to the ignition coil or electronic control module (ECM)
5. *Connect the engine wire (if applicable)*:
- Blue wire to the engine or ECM
6. *Double-check connections*: Verify all connections are secure and not touching any metal parts.
7. *Start the bike*: Turn the key or press the start button to test the bike.

Remember to consult your bike's repair manual or a professional mechanic if you're unsure about the wiring configuration or have any doubts. Improper connections can damage the electrical system or cause safety issues.
6/17/2024 11:57:57 PM • Motorcycles • Answered on Jun 17, 2024

I need a left rear motor and hex plate for a lil rider model 80-901. where can it be bought?

These units are made in China. And I'm uncertain by what company there. Amazon seems to off the entire "motorcycle" you mention. I wonder if they would disclose the manufacturer.
6/17/2024 3:22:30 AM • Motorcycles • Answered on Jun 17, 2024

I have a 96 Intruder 800 with starting problems. Also need advice on how to remove spark plugs.

Hi, That is in bad luck. The bike must have a blown fuse by now. Check all of those first. Perhaps one for starter. Do not replace before repairs. The main fuse is on the starter relay or next to it. Although it seems that one of the two or three relays in the starter relay must have bend over or has fallen apart and has touched an other (the contact blades are springs. They can also weld together), it is quite possible that you have a life wire touching the "ground" or another cable to ground. Nevertheless inspect the starter relay first, perhaps it is semy transparent and you'll be able to look trough with a flashlight. When not, the service manual should contain directions for the multimeter to diagnose a possible problem. You can always check sparkplugs but I dont know why, because the engine was running right. Motorcycles need a "thin wall socket" because the plugs are mostly surrounded by an aluminium cylinder that rests on a rubber at one side and in slots on the other or being part of the cover. You can damage or displace the aluminium tube when a socket does not fit right, resulting in oil leaks. Now a thick wall pipe wrench is six sided on the inside but round at the outside. The thin wall pipe wrench is both six sided in and out. Bent metal sheet basicaly. When your bike goes for repair and you suspect they look at or replace the sparkplugs, then tie the thin wall pipe wrench to the handlebar. Mishaps are common. I glued a rubber in mine, that cathes the plug's end and asures right handling in this tight spot even more. Doesn't a toolset that comes with any bike not include such thin wall pipe wrench?
6/16/2024 3:51:26 AM • Suzuki... • Answered on Jun 16, 2024

How much oil goes in

It holds 32 ounces
6/15/2024 5:10:28 AM • Harley Davidson... • Answered on Jun 15, 2024

2003 BMW K1200LT Motorcycle. Can I get a Manual please?

Question edited for clarity, add CAPS. Question moved to make model category. This is a 10 year old question that has been resurrected by an AI Answer that has been deleted. Let's answer it properly and get it squared away. Any 10 amp 2 amp charger is fine for charging. Fast charge on 10 amps for an hour and then down to 2 amps for 6 hours. For Battery Maintaining during the winter months when you don't ride, use a 500 Milliamp Battery Tender. Or you can just use a Smart Charger. They will charge, discharge and really look after the battery. Owner Manuals and Service Manual

Repair Manual K1200LT

BMW Motorrad Club Washington DC > tech > BMW-K1200LT PDF This repair manual will help you to perform all the main maintenance and repair work correctly and efficient- ly. If it is consulted regularly by workshop ... 452 pages

Owner manual

BMW Motorrad > manuals > rider-manual Owner's Handbook. ... You will normally receive a manual with your vehicle. If you do not have access to this for any reason, you can also download it as a PDF.

K1200LT Manuals (Owner, Feature/Function, ...) Where can I ... > ... > BMW Bikes > K1200LT Mar 17, 2015 - Hi, Just got my 2003 K1200LT and so far so good. It has some issues ... I have a 2000 K1200lt BMW CD of the maintenance manual plus I have ... K1200LT Riders manual - from BMW!!! Jul 11, 2012 K1200LT Fuse Boxes - BMW Luxury Touring Community May 24, 2008 More results from

BMW K 1200 LT MANUAL Pdf Download

ManualsLib > ... > K 1200 LT View and Download BMW K 1200 LT manual online. K 1200 LT motorcycle pdf manual download. ..
6/15/2024 3:14:23 AM • 2003 BMW K 1200... • Answered on Jun 15, 2024

1975 Honda MT250 Elsinore head torque specs

The 1975 Honda MT250 Elsinore featured a 248cc air-cooled 2-stroke single engine with a bore and stroke of 70mm x 64.4mm. The advertised power was 16.9 kW (23 hp) at 6,500rpm, and the torque was 25.5 Nm (19 lb-ft)1. As for the head bolt torque specs, here's the procedure: Tighten the cylinder head retaining bolts in numerical sequence in three steps: 20 Nm (15 lb-ft) 40 Nm (30 lb-ft) 50 Nm (37 lb-ft) Loosen the retaining bolts one at a time, rotating them two to three revolutions, and then retighten as follows: Long bolts: Tighten to 40-50 Nm (30-37 lb-ft) and rotate an additional 175-185 degrees. Short bolts: Tighten to 20-30 Nm (15-22 lb-ft) and rotate an additional 175-185 degrees. Remember to use new head bolts when replacing the head or head gasket for accurate torque values.
6/13/2024 5:54:47 PM • Honda... • Answered on Jun 13, 2024

2003 Honda CRF 450 R misfires

Check the fuel filter and distributor cap.
6/13/2024 4:50:12 PM • 2003 Honda CRF... • Answered on Jun 13, 2024

2010 Peugeot Vivacity 3 125 front compartment will not stay shut

Look for the latch mechanism and verify that the latch is properly moving to the lock position. It may be sticky because it's dirty or needs lubrication, or the spring has failed. Graphite or a very light lubricating spray are best for this application. I don't know exactly what you are dealing with here - if the latch is just a tab of spring metal that's supposed to catch the frame of the compartment, it may be bent so it doesn't hold or the frame may be worn. If that's the case, remove it and carefully bend it so it's more likely to hold, then reinstall and test (it's much easier to do it this way than to try to bend it in place, and there isn't the risk of cosmetic damage to the vehicle). Repeat as necessary, but don't go too far because that will cause wear problems, make the compartment hard to open, or even break the tab.
6/13/2024 4:35:45 PM • 2010 Peugeot... • Answered on Jun 13, 2024

2006 Honda VTX 1300 C shoots smoke out the tailpipe when I start it

Usually when an engine starts doing this there is significant wear in the valve seals or rings, Oil is getting into the cylinder(s) and exhaust is contaminating the oil. Do a compression check on the cylinders. If you have good compression, it's a valve seal. If you have poor compression, it could still be a valve seal, but a bad ring or scored cylinder may also be present.
6/13/2024 4:16:05 PM • 2006 Honda VTX... • Answered on Jun 13, 2024

2006 Suzuki Boulevard C50 ignition coil test

Disconnect it and flash 12volts across the primary, it should produce a spark on a spark plug.
6/12/2024 6:53:17 PM • 2006 Suzuki... • Answered on Jun 12, 2024

Will the exhaust of a 2008 Nightster fit in a 2003 Sportster?@

Probably not as the fixings will be in the wrong possition.
6/12/2024 6:49:38 PM • Harley Davidson... • Answered on Jun 12, 2024

2005 Qianjiang QJ125T-12C need parts

There will be a VIN number on the frame, usually near the headstock. Google that information for a model number or type.
6/12/2024 6:47:49 PM • 2005 Qianjiang... • Answered on Jun 12, 2024
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