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Changing your own tires isn't as duanting of a task as you may think. The first rule is having a nice pair of tire irons or spoons-not screwdrivers or prybars. I prefer spoons, but either can be purchased for 10-20 dollars from any motorcycle parts outlet. After you get your irons or spoons, don't use them for prybars or any other use other than changing tires. It's important that they stay free from nicks and scratches so they don't damage tire beads or rims and puncture tubes.
A five gallon pail makes a good tire changing stand. Place the rim and tire on top and remove the valve stem to release the air if it isn't already flat. Remove the retaining nut from the valve stem and push it into the rim. Loosen the bead locks if you have them and push them into the rim as well. Sometime these get stuck, if you need a hammer be sure not to damage the threads. Leave the nut on the top, it's not necessary to remove the rim locks just get them off the bead of the tire.Break the bead down around the entire rim and apply soapy water with a brush or I keep a spray bottle in the shop.Use plenty, it won't hurt anything. Pry the bead over the top of the rim, hold it with the spoon and move 2-6 inches around the rim and do the same thing with the other spoon. Keep repeating until you have the entire bead off one side. Flip the tire and rim and repeat the process. On the second side, once you get about 1/2 way you should have enough slack to pull the rim into the open side of the tire, grab the other side of the tire and pull it over the rim by hand, tube and all.Take soapy water and a scrub brush and clean all the dirt from the inside of the rim. Be sure to realign the rim liner so the holes line up with the valve stem.
Installing the tire and tube goes like this. Put the tube in the tire and put enough air in the tube just to give it it's proper shape and fill the tire. Remove the lock nut off the valve stem, if it has 2, leave the bottom one on. Apply plenty of soapy water to the inside of the tire ,tube and both beads.Open both sides of the tire beads at the valve stem, insert it thru the hole in the rim and install the lock nut, then lay the tire over the top of the rim. Apply more soapy water to the rim and start to pry the bottom bead over the rim from the valve stem in both directions. When you get to the rim lock, you'll need to flip it over and carefully pull the bead past it and then push it in the tire so it's in between the beads. Flip back over to the side you started on and finish the bottom bead. If it dried out apply more soapy water and start the top bead from the valve stem around in both directions.Only put the spoons in far enough to catch the edge of the rim to prevent puncturing the tube. As you start to get about 1/2 way around, compress the section of tire that's already mounted so the beads can move towards the center of the rim; that will give you some slack and make installation of the last 1/2 of the tire easier.When you get to a rim lock, you'll need to push it into the tire so the bead can get in between it and the rim.Finish the top bead, inflate it to insure the beads seat and then tighten the rim lock. Be sure not to exceed any bead seating pressure maximums listed on the tire. Let air out of the tire until the recommended pressure is achieved. Good luck!

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You can look up videos on changing tires. I changed 4 go kart tires in my garage with a few flat screwdrivers and a pair of vice trips. You dont even need to take them all the way off to get the tube inside.
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How to Replace a Blown Bike Tire Inner Tube?

unbolt wheel and using tire spoons or the handle of flat ware [as long as its strong enough to not bend ]place inbetween the tire bead and rim and pry up and over rim now either use another to pry again next to spoon or slide spoon under and slide around rim removing tire reach in and remove tube check inner tire for debris fix or replace tube install
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changing a 15 x 6.00 6nhs tire on a garden wagon

remove valve with valve tool dont replace yet
lay tire on side and have 2 people stand on tire side not on rim
this breaks the bead
using tire spoons work the bead over the rim
repeat for other bead
reverse to install
Easier way is get a tire monkey to do it

how, and what tools do I need to shange thr front

Tire spoons and irons and a air tank.Thanks for asking and I hope this helps out.Please leave me 4 thumbs up.

How do you remove the front tire from a Honda crf 150 cc dirt bike?

The axel has a nut on one end and two bolts or one pinching the shaft on the other. Jack the wheel off the grond unscrew the nut loosen the pinch blots pull out the axel and the wheel falls out Watch wher the spacers go as they have to go back turned the right way. the brake rotor has to be lined up with the caliper to put it back in as you don't push the brake with the wheel off as the pads will have tobe pried open to get the rotor back in. Tring to fix a flat? same as a bicycle except use soapy water don't forget to use water to cheak for leaks then put on the powder on the tube before it all goes back good tire irons come from bike dealers and bike parts suppliers. Screw drivers cause more troble than thier worth. Road going bikes chage the tube patches are Illegal DOT
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