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Frequently in the coarse of my day / week / month I have to take various machines apart in an effort to fix what's unfixed. Frequently this means ordering parts once the problem is diagnosed, frequently the wait can be longer than I would like and when it comes time to put the machine back together the nuts and bolts and such have become a puzzle.
My favorite cheap and easy way to deal with this is to use clear packing tape...basically it goes like this. Peel off a good length of tape and place it sticky side up on a flat surface...now place your little bits and pieces on the tape leaving enough on one side to double the tape over and trap the pieces in the tape. Leave enough tape to allow easy writing (use a sharpy for this) of where the parts were or what they are for. In this manner you can group things together that belong together...eg: all nuts, bolts and washers for the exhaust system grouped in the same tape and labeled as such.
This has saved me so much headache as a quick sort thru the tape packages comes up with the labeled and grouped selection required. It can be a pain to extract the pieces from the tape at times but this is MUCH preferable to scratching your head for a half hour trying to remember what went where after it has sat for 2 months.
You could say "well...I just use zip lock baggies".....and so have I but I have since found that a roll of packing tape lasts seemingly forever, costs next to nothing and the tape is handy for regular tape type stuff too so it''s always at hand. I suspect the tape is more friendly in the environmental step as well.
Try it.....you'll like it!

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There is a excessive amount of water collecting in the drip pan, and I need to empty the pan every other day. Before it was once every two weeks or so. I have taken the "unit" apart to clean the screens. I know the O-ring is ok, and could not be leaking from there, since the water is mostly clear (with a small amount of coffee residue). I had this machine for years and use it every day. Any advise is appreciated. With best regards Hans Glauser

Excess water going into the drip tray is usually an indication of the grind being to coarse. If your pucks are not solid but just fall apart this is the case. When the grinder is grinding, turn the big knob in the bean hopper down 2 numbers smaller and see if this changed. If you have a second knob in the bean hopper change the to the plus side, but not all the way to the plus. Do this first before you change the grind setting. Excess air between the grind allows more water in the brew unit and when it is done it goes into the drip tray.

Whirlpool gas dryer model lgr3634jw0 won't start. Dryer is used about once/week during winter months. Was operating properly when last used last week. Think an electrical component has failed but not certain. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

After several days trying to locate the problem, I decided to junk the machine & buy a new product. The machine was 8 years old and I accidentally broke the igniter while trying to dissamble the various pieces of the machine. The igniter wasn't the problem nor was the problem ever definitely diagnosed. With this machiine's relative little usage & unresolved electrical failure, the machine reflected its poor quality of manufacture.

Grind is too coarse and "pucks" are wet and fall apart.

You say " I am getting a weak brew because of not being able to adust the grind to more coarse with the adjustment knob in the bean hopper" By making it more coarse you are making it weaker. Unless you just wrote it wrong. To make it stronger you should lower the grinder number to a smaller number. Usually about 4-6. Be sure you have the grinder grinding when you move it to a lower number. The pump noise could be that in shipping your pump came loose from it's mount. Nothing you can do without sending it to a Authorized Saeco Repair shop.
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